Sunday, September 30, 2007

CVS Spreadsheet Posted

Hi Everyone:

Since I got a few request about my spreadsheets... I've opened up a portion of my forum so you can pull some of the spreadsheets.

To the left you will see the "spreadsheet forum" link. In there you will find a xls file for the Sept 30th deals. If you save that spreadsheet to your desktop you can edit it to your likings... :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reminder: CVS September Monthly Deal

Just a reminder to you gals that the September monthly deals are up this sunday!!! So you better squeeze in what you can.

I still have one ultramini coupon to redeem and a few bottles of St.Ives and I'm officially done for September.

October is looking promising and the Sept 30th-Oct 6th deal is looking awesome!!!

Things to work into your scenarios...
$2ecb WYB 2 bags of Mars fun size candies 9.5-13.3 oz (this will be close to free with your coupon from 2 weeks ago?)
$5ecb WYB $20 P&G (Charmin, Bounty, Puffs, Tide, Duracell, Pampers, Pantene, Dawn, Prilosec OTC, Always)
$10ecb WYB $20 J&J McNeil (HUGE Variety of Tylenol, Motrin, Mylanta, etc.)
$10ecb WYB $20 Mucinex, Delsym, Halls Naturals, Halls ProHealth, Triaminic, Theraflu, Zicam
$10ecb WYB $20 Advil, Robitussin, Dimetapp, Ny/DayQuil, ColdMD, Airborne

Summary of things I'm aiming for...
22 bottles of Dawn for less than $2
10 bags of Mars fun sized candies for less than $1
Stocking up on dimetapp, robitussin, tylenol!!!

I'll work up scenarios later in the week...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

CVS Shopping Trip

Well yesterday was a good run. There were a few things I wanted to get that I couldnt find. But overall it was good and I got to finish up this weeks transaction. So probably no more CVS till Saturday/Sunday.

Transaction 1
1.00 Spiderman Applique (90% off)
4.87 Pepcid Maximum Strength
5.98 two colgates
8.00 four 6' Tilt Beach Umbrellas (90% off)
1.00 two rocket blaster toy (90% off)
10.58 two st.ives lotion

Coupons Used
$4/20 cvs email cpn
$2 St. Ives CRT
$20 ECB
$2 St. Ives $1/1 Lotion
$2 colgate cpns $1/1

OOP 1.46 and got back $15.85 ECBS... overall this is a good deal eventhough I lost 4.15 on ecbs for buying stuff. But it's okay cause the umbrellas were worth it! :)

Transaction #2
4.87 Pecid Maximum Strength
2.99 Colgate

Cpns Used
5.00 ECB
1.00 colgate
1.00 pepcid

OOP $.86 and got back 7.86 ECB!

Transaction #3
6 Instant Quaker Oatmeal ($2.50 each)
1 pepcid 8ct
1 advil 24ct
1 snickers bar

Cpns Used
$4/20 CVS Email
.75 mft advil
1.00 pepcid printable
3 - 1.35/2 instant quaker oatmeal
13.98 ECB

OOP .71 cents!!! and got back $13.87 ECBS. Pretty good... it was pretty much break even on this transaction. :)

Transaction #4
6 - instant oatmeal
1 - snack pack pudding (tyler made me get it!!!)
1 - pepcid 8ct
1 - advil 24ct
1 - m&m mega tube (tyler made me get this one too)

Cpns Used
$4/20 CVS Email
.75 mft advil
1.00 pepcid printable
3 - 1.35/2 instant quaker oatmeal
15.00 ECB

Total OOP 1.32 and got back 13.87 ECBs. This one I lost a few dollars on because of Tyler but it's okay. He was a good boy throughout the shopping trip. LOL

Monday, September 24, 2007

Superfresh - Triple Coupon Madness

Well Superfresh had their triple coupon sale again and this time I took forever to go. I wasn't really in the mood but I finally dragged my butt out the house.

Well I purchased $56 worth of groceries and only paid $18.28. Not too bad but wish I could have kept it below $10! LOL

This is what I bought...
3- eggo waffles
4 - newmans lemonade
4- silk soy organic milk
1- gallon milk
4- hotpocket calzones
4- superpretzel pretzelfils

I think that's it... I'm going by memory and it's late. LOL... i'll edit it in the morning if I actually had other stuff in my cart.

Things I wanted to get but was wiped clean...
Aquafresh toothpaste
Ziplock Baggies with Zippers
Asian Sensation Appetizers
Windex Antibacterial Surface Cleaner

CVS... 12 transaction over 3 days...

Well I haven't posted in a while what I have been buying at cvs... but I just wanted to tell you all that over the course of 3 days and 12 transaction later... I have accumulated $722.83 worth of stuff. The best part is what I actually spent out of pocket.... For those transactions my total OOP was $21.38!!! I didn't calculate my ECBs that I earned but it should be in the ballpark of $650 to $700 bucks (of course most of it is used up purchasing the said stuff above - rolling my ecbs)! I'm pretty excited and I never really took the time to calculate my totals. I should, heck we all should to track how much we are spending!!! LOL...

I calculated my percentage and I have saved roughly 97% over retail! Isn't that crazy! If you are wondering... I do not stack CVS coupons. I usually use one $/$$, one mft cpn per item and a bunch of ecbs that I need to roll to the following week.

As for this week's promos... I haven't started yet. I'm kinda pooped but I will get something in before the week is out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

$15 off at "The Limited" no minimum required

I came across this coupon on slickdeals and it's for $15 off at The Limited with no minimum purchase or you can do $30 off $100.

Here is the link to the page where the coupon was found.

Friday, September 14, 2007

CVS Shopping Spree- Trying to get my hands on airwick freshmatic kits!!!

Did 3 CVS transactions last night and they were all good!

Transaction #1
2 airwick freshmatic kits
1 adidas deo
2 speedstick 24/7 deo
1 aquafresh adv. clean

Cpns used
2 - $5/1 airwick freshmatic kits
1 - $1/1 adidas deo
1 - $1/2 speedstick deo
1- $1/1 aquafresh adv. clean
1- $2/1 CRT aquafresh adv. clean
1 - $5 CVS email
$10 ECB

Total OOP $1.43 and had $9 ecb print. I sorta messed up and forgot to get another adidas deo to cover what I paid upfront. LOL... oh well...

Transaction #2
1 colgate adv. clean
2 airwick freshmatic kits
1 adidas deo
2 speedstick 24/7 deo
1 aquafresh adv. clean

Cpns used
1 - $1/1 colgate
2 - $5/1 airwick freshmatic kits
1 - $1/1 adidas deo
1 - $1/2 speedstick deo
1- $1/1 aquafresh adv. clean
1- $2/1 CRT aquafresh adv. clean
1 - $5 CVS email
$12.49 ECB

Total OOP $1.96 and got $11.99 in ecbs

Transaction #3
3 excedrins
1 airwick freshmatic kits
3 clips
2 adidas deo

Cpns used
1 - $5/1 airwick freshmatic kits
2 - $1/1 adidas deo
3 - $2/1 excedrin
1 - $4 CVS email
$4 ECB

Total OOP $.91 cents with $6 ECB back

Safeway Complaint Update

So I got a call early yesterday morning from the safeway manager from that particular store I was having trouble with. It was another lady and I thought... "UH OHHH I'm going to have issues with this lady too" but to my surprise... NO... she was very understanding.

I asked her if she realized what I was calling about? and she said yes about the incident last night with her ass't store manager and a email from corporate saying that I wanted to talk to her. I said yes but it was a complaint that I filed lastnight about "Melody" and that I wanted to talk to the store manager directly about the incident last night. I asked her if anyone explained to her what transpired last night and she said yes that melody called her last night to basically go over what happened. I said yes but I'm not sure if she would tell you the whole truth.

So I proceeded to tell her what had happened and I also stressed the points that melody kept throwing back in my face. I also told the manager that I wasn't sure why Melody could not understand her own stores promotion and why she was so unwilling to listen to me when I was trying to explain it to her...

I asked the manager ... what would it cost the customer if I bought 20 cans of progresso soup for $20 and these same cans qualify for another promotion that belongs to the "$20 off of 20 items instantly"? The manager took less than a minute to reply and say... "it would be free if all the items qualified". I said EXACTLY. Thank you for understanding your promotion. I said it took Melody and I almost 2 hours to explain this to her but still at the end of everything she still did not understand and she kept saying what my problem was when I was already paying $.50 cents a can. I said my issue is that I would be getting the can's free under the promotion and the sale so why would I have to pay $.50 cent a can? The manager said that is correct. Melody should have honored it and not wasted your time there. I said that she not only wasted my time but her attitude/customer service skills were all lacking. I said I was very disappointed in her. I said the only reason why I invested 2 hours there was basically to make her understand that the pr0motion you have running does benefit the customer and that she should have honored it from the get go. But no, she decided to be "short, rude, not nice, unfriendly" towards me when I was nice and patient with her. The manager said... yes you were patient if you spent 2 hours there. I said yes I had so much time invested there that I had to get it across to her. But ultimately when she had to honor the price via the supervisor from customer service corp told her to, she still was not a happy camper.

The manager then told me that Melody was a new ass't manager in training at her store. She has worked there for 2 weeks now and that she may have been a little stressed. I said well... If she can't handle the pressure then she needs to relieve herself from the floor because she directly reflects safeway and she will offend customers when issues arise. I said to the manager that she better think twice about having Melody as a manager. She really did not handle herself well at all that night and she was not at all friendly (she does not fit safeways profile). I said if I was you, I would hire a secret shopper to test her skills at handling difficult situations. I said my situation was not at all difficult. I was not a "nasty shopper". I was nice and pleasant but did not get that in return. I said I could have pulled out coupons for my order as well but you know what that would probably drive her insane!!! The manager laughed and said yes, that would have problably sent her head spinning. LOL...

I then proceeded to tell her as a customer what I did and what I have said to melody and we both exchanged some other things and to find out that melody never did tell the manager the whole truth!!! I told the manager that if she needs me to come in and confront melody with regards to what I had to say that I would. I stand by everythign I said. I said other people heard me to that was safeway staff.

The manager apologized again and she said that she will really have a good talk with melody and tell her that her attitude and the way she handled me was not appropriate at all. No matter what, she should have honored it. I said thank you.

The manager said she was going to send me something in the mail. I said that wasn't my purpose at all. After 2 hours with Melody. I just want her to know what she did wrong.

I'm a happy camper now. I've gotten responses from this and some have said to go back to the store and see how Melody treats me. LOL... hmmm.. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back to that store just yet. She might pull out a machette and hack me to death! LOL

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Safeway Shopping - Good and BAD!!!

LOL... so I did the safeway progresso soup deal quite a bit yesterday since I knew it would be pulled soon with price retractions...

First safeway run (posted earlier in thread)
two transactions of 20 cans of soup, gallon milk, one caprisun... a few coupons and total OOP $1.09. This is the safeway I always go to since it's right down the street from my house. They were totally awesome about it. The cashier was adjusting the price of the soup as we go and she was very pleasant. She said it was an awesome deal and would do it herself as well! :)

Second safeway run (early evening)
four transaction of 20 cans of soup and one caprisun... one coupon and total OOP was $1.09. This time the store manager had to come and check it out because the cashier had to tell him that the soups weren't ringing up correctly. Well the manager said that's fine to adjust the price but then he notice that the soup was discounting $5 to make the soup $1 each. He said it was adjusting... I said that's fine but is it adjusting for the $20 off 20 items, which the soup qualifies for... and he said well let me count... so he counts out $20 worth of deductions... and I said yes that is correct but the initial $5 and $5 deduction was to make the soup $1 but the $10 was incorrect and should be $20 because the promotion is take $20 off 20 items. The store manager scratched his head and thought about it and said I was right and asked me if my major in school was statistics! LOL.. I said nope it was Business Administration! LOL... he laughed too and started small talk with me... hahaha.. He was pleasant but told me next time he can only do one 25 like item per transaction per customer... I said okie but that was WEIRD! LOL... but I'll abide by that...

Third Safeway Trasaction (later in the evening)
This is were it went BAD... I guess I pressed my luck one too many times? Nah, I dont think so... I was just dealing with a very STUPID ass't manager that did not want to see that I was getting free soup legitely... she was one DUMB lady or one SUPER SMART lady that thought I would just walk away.... Well if you know me, I can't walk away from something that is legite and I wasn't doing anything wrong. Yes I was taking advantage of a promo but HEY! They printed it, so they should honor it... LONG STORY SHORT, I spent 1 hour 30 minutes there arguing with her and then had to take it up a level and ended up speaking to customer service over the phone about it and at that point I had so much time invested and being mistreated that it was the principal of getting the point across more so than buying those darn soups! Somehow I ended up with a dumb customer service lady on the phone and so I had to override her and speak to her manager and you know what.... the manager knew what I was talking about and he was speechless why the retarded store ass't manager "MELODY" wouldnt honor the price. I said I was speechless too after wasting an hour and a half of my time being spoken to in a tone that I did not appreciate. Dealing with Melody and her condescencing tone of voice while being very unfriendly and not at all customer friendly. I laid it out for the supervisor on the phone and I said I'm not sure how Melody can be a manager with the attitude she has and the fact that she has no customer service skills what so ever!!! The customer service manager even spoke to Melody and she was very unfriendly and rude to him (RON) as well. After all said and done, I told Ron I would be calling back to speak to him about this and filing a complaint. I told Ron straight out that I did not like the way Melody handled this entire situation and wasting an hour and a half of my time while insinuating that I was stealing because she was offering the soups to me for $.50 a can already. I told her yes, $.50 a can is a great deal but according to your ad it should be FREE and Melody was not having it at all. She just shut me out. I told Ron that if she did not like her job that she should not be there because customers like me will have to deal with her and I said I was not rude to her, I was very patient with her, I even explained to her their own safeway deal and all she was to me was rude, unfriendly, not nice, condescending and outright a horrible manager. I thanked Ron for being understanding and knowing his own safeway deal. I asked Ron to file a complaint for me and I also asked Ron to have Melody's manager call me because I needed to speak to that person about HER. I'm just sitting here wondering how many people this "Melody" chic has pissed off and no one voiced their complaint.

At this point I could care less about the soup. I want justice and I want an apology from this Melody chic. There was more that transpired and more things said to me that I did not type but I just want to tell you that I did nothing wrong and I was a "VERY GOOD AND PATIENT CUSTOMER". I said thank you melody after each time she handed me the phone or when she had to go check something regarding this deal for me... not once did she say please, thank you, sorry. She was very short, not nice, total b-tch towards me. One other thing, as she was ringing me up, she kept saying to me that the register was right and I was wrong and that she doesnt know why I was so adament about the $10 that I had to pay. You know, she still does not get the deal at all. NOT AT ALL. I even laid it out to her in plain easy to understand english and math...

If you have an ad that says "buy 1o progresso soup for $10 dollars" and another ad that says "buy 20 items and get $20 off instantly (and the soups qualified)" wouldnt that be free for the consumer if I buy 20 cans of soup for $20 and then an additional $20 should come off the total because it falls under the "$20 off 20 item promo"? hahaha... she responded no. She said the register says it's $10. I told her that I'm not sure how she passed math cause her math is messed up! $20 -$20 = $0 not $10....

can you see my frustration and my very very fun night? Well be sure to follow up on this because I will voice my complaint all the way up the chain. I've shopped at Safeway for many many years and this is the first time I ran into an UNFRIENDLY person at safeway. All safeway has a store culture that is very friendly and customer is right attitude... but NO NOT AT THIS SAFEWAY I WENT TO. Melody messed with the wrong chinese chic. I'm not one to take crap laying down. I do not walk away from a fight. I will continue this until she apologies or she gets demoted. Yes I'm a b-tch about things like this but I'm not the one that told her to get a career in the customer service field. she did that to herself and now she has to live with her career choice unless she decides to find another job doing something else.

I'm usually a vary fair and reasonable person. If I'm doing something within my bounds, I will stick to my guns. If I'm wrong, I will walk apologize and walk away. That's me and most of you know how I am. I'm not a pushover and I will stand up for myself. So we'll see who I end up dealing with at the store level when they call me about this.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update on the $20 off 20 Progresso Soup Deal - AWESOME

I went back to my safeway to see if they put up the signs for the progresso since they didnt have any signs yesterday and to my amazement they did today and it's even sweeter than yesterday because this week the progresso soups are onsale for $1 each!!!!!!!

I did two transactions of soup..

20 - progresso soup $1.50 each but they were suppose to be $1
1 - gallon milk $3.99
1- Caprisun $2.00

5 - $1/4 progresso soup
$20 safeway promo off 20 items
$10 adjustment for not counting the soup as $1

OOP $1.09!!!!

SWEET!!! I just ordered more progresso coupons and hopefully I can load up on things I need with the extra $5 I have from the coupons... :)

Free $50 Coupon to after survey

Free $50 coupon to online ordering only after completing short survey... seems like there are no restrictions... One per email address.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Safeway: $20 off of 20 items - Progresso Soup, 20 for $5

Update: Total bust!!! My safeway didnt include the progresso soups in the deal. BOO HOO...

Well I ran across this scenario at HCW and I'm hoping it works. If it does, I'll stock up on some soup. :)

$1.50 cost of one can of progresso soup
x 20 quantity
-20 Safeway $20 off 20 item promo
-5 mft cpn from sunday post $1/4 progresso soup
$5 for 20 cans of soup!

That's 25 cents for one can of soup! Pretty cheap...

now i have to figure out if my Safeway includes the progresso soup in their $20 off 20 item promo. I think it's different from region to region but I hope it includes it. If so I will stock up on tomato soup! MY FAV!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Free StarKist Tuna Pouches after coupon

Giant Foods has a sale this week on Starkist Tuna Pouches 3oz. They are 10 for $10. Today's paper has mft coupons that are $1/1 pouch! So this is free tuna!!! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yardsale RESULTS are in!!!!

OMG I'm so excited! Today's yardsale was fun and exciting. I was totally scared that we weren't going to sell anything but as the day went on, my confidence grew and we made a killing!!!

here are the pictures from the yardsale and all the stuff that I have accumulated since I started couponing!!!

Scroll down to see how much we made!!!

Todays profit (minus setup fees, lunch, misc, costs for products)....

$600 Profit!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Safeway $20 off 20 item deal...

Okay... so I got to thinking about how I can use cpns to make this deal even sweeter... So here is a few scenarios (had to go the ebay route for these cpns)...

6 - caprisun (roarin water, sports or 100% fruit) $2.25each
14 - betty crocker cookie mix $1.25

cpns to use
2 - $1/3 any caprisun mft cpns
7 - $1/2 betty crocker cookie mix mft cpn
$20 - Safeway PROMO $20 off of 20 items (limited items)

Total OOP $2.00 and you get a $4 catalina back (caprisun drinks promo ends 9/9)

CVS - BOGO Free Colgate Total Adv - GOT MY ECBS!

Okie... it took me awhile to post this.. .mainly because I totally forgot about all the deals I did on Saturday 9/1. LOL...

One of the deals was to double dip the weekly sale to the ECB monthly deals. This was on the Colgate total advance. For the week of 8/26 certain colgates were onsale for BOGO free. Then Saturday was the begining of the new ECB deals for September and guess what? Colgate total advance was on there and the limit was 5. You pay 2.99 and get 2.99 back in ECBS!!! GREAT so my mind was realing and I was trying to figure out how I could make this work. I read the fine prints and yes, the colgate total advance was on both the weekly sale and the new september ecb deal.

I had $1/1 mft coupons to make this deal even sweeter. Well long story short... my ecb didn't print out on saturday (TOTAL BUMMER) and I though oh well... $1.49 for two tubes of toothpaste wasn't bad. I had to use them as fillers to reach my $/$$ amounts anyways... so i gave up...

Then when I got home (after 13 CVS transaction over 5 cvs stores), HCW stated that the ecbs should print! hehehehe... YES!!!

I called on Tuesday and Wednesday to tell them that my ECBS didnt print and they saw what happened and said next time I go into CVS, my $15 ECBS will print per card. and I have 5 cards!!! hehehehe... talk about SWEET!

Safeway Cookie Mix Deal - $5 for 20 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix!!!

Just got back from my safeway run and boy was it exhausting... a 15 minute run became 45 minutes! :( But it was a deal so had to jump on it... lol

20 betty crocker cookie mix (chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar, p&b, oatmeal chocolate chip) @ $1.25each
4 honey bunches of oats (4 for $6 promo again this week!!!)
2 half gallon milk

OOP $3 (or $9 if no catalina)

used 2 - $3 catalina from post deal from last time
2 - $1/2 post cereal
2 - free milk wyb post cereal
$20 off 20 items promo for the cookie mix

ehehe... now I have TONS of cookie mix for the upcoming cold weather! The mix doesnt expire till June 2008!!!

BTW, you can mix and match the 20 items for $20 promo. Good ones to use are Betty Crocker cookie mix, cake mix, frosting and brownie (2 for $4)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

UPDATED - Safeway - Cereal Deal

Cereals are onsale at safeway (post, kellogs, etc..) for 4 for $6!!! Only good till tuesday! This would go great with the $1/2 post mft coupons and the free half gallon milk coupon! If you dont have the milk coupon, the deal is still good. $1 for a box of cereal is CHEAP! :)

$6 - 4 post cereal
$2.30 half gallon milk
$2.30 half gallon milk
-$2 - two $1/2 cpns
-$2.30 - free 1/2 gallon milk wyb 2 post cereal
-$2.30 - free 1/2 gallon milk wyb 2 post cereal
$4 OOP for 4 cereal and 2 milks!!!!

UPDATE: better than above post!!!
I just got back from safeway with a really great deal!

4 - honey bunches of oats
2 - half gallon milk
1 - capri sun 10 pk drink
12 - nestle crunch bars (buy 3 get 3 free)

Cpns Used
2 - $1/2 post cereal
2 - half gallon milk free tearpad when you buy 2 post cereal
1 - safeway cpn for caprisun $.99
6 - BOGO free nestle crunch bar mft cpns
1 - $3 post catalina from last time (these print out till the 9th)

Total OOP $2.45 and another $3 catalina printed out for next time from the post cereal!

I did the same transaction above and got another $3 to use next time! :)


Regarding the catalina... the print out coupon deal will expire September 9th. So from now till the 9th you can buy the following to get the catalina's to print...

Buy any 3 post cereal - get $2 catalina
Buy any 4 post cereal - get $3 catalina
Buy any 5 post cereal - get $5 catalina

These all have to be in one transaction for the catalina to print.

9/2 CVS Kudos Deal - $.50 after coupons

So I just wanted to give you a heads up... Kudos are onsale at cvs this week for 2 for $4. There was a coupon out a few weeks ago for $1.50 off any kudos box.

I grabbed 8 boxes last night as fillers for my CVS shopping spree and paid $.50 for each box. They are big boxes too! :) I dont eat kudos but needed a cheap filler. LOL... Now I am wondering what in the world will I do with all these kudos!

Target: Glade Flameless Candle $.99 after cpn and GC!

Starting Sunday, 9/2, get a $5 gift card at Target when you purchase the Glade Flameless Candle.

$9.99 Target's price on Glade Flameless Candle
-4.00 Printable Manufacturer's Coupon
-5.00 Target Gift Card w/ purchase for next purchase
$.99 for the candle

This is pretty cool. You can print 2 coupons per computer so if you have more computers at home, start printing your coupons! ALso there was a mft coupon that came out in the papers last week that is useable for this deal.

UPDATED: I purchased 30 of these candles in sets of 2. Had 15 transaction total. LOL... My total oop was around $45. Retail for all 30 of these candles would have been over $300 (including tax of course)!!! I'm going to sell these at the yardsale this weekend as well.

I'm so excited and nervous!!!


Thanks for visiting my site!!!!