Monday, July 30, 2007

Almost a coupon tragedy!!

Almost a coupon tragedy!!

But DH redeemed himself !!! After our Kmart Duracell run today, I handed DH my coupon accordian book that holds all my "current must use coupons" while I was checking out in the kmart line.

DH wanders off and I paid him no mind cause I was on a bargain high from the duracell deal....

Fast forward 3 hours... we get home... I asked him where did he put my coupon book? I wanted to sort my old coupons out and put my new ones in... He goes... I gave it to you at Kmart! I said WHAT? no you didn't... I gave it to you and you wandered off with it when I was checking out.. He gets this blank look on his face and then he goes searching for my coupon book in the car ...

5 minutes later he said... i think I left it at kmart!!!

OMG I almost had a heart attack! I just walked away cause I didnt want to get mad and say something I didn't mean. I was pretty upset and he knows how much couponing means to me at this point (new SAHM of 3 boys, bored out of my mind and couponing helps me have fun-total rush!!!).

He comes over and says he's sorry and rushes out the door....

30minutes later he calls me from his cell phone and says he found my coupon booklet!!!! He said someone turned it into the customer service desk at Kmart!!!

I was jumping for JOY!!! DH said he will never touch any of my coupon books again! hahahah...

Thanks for listening to my story!

Kmart and Walmart Shopping Spree!

To everyone that emailed me for the Kmart Coupons: I've mailed each of you 5 coupons to use. :) Have fun!!!


OMG I hit the motherload! :) The kmart I found let me do as many transaction as I wanted to. I was so pysched. The cashier I had was the nicest girl. She couldn't believe how much money I was getting back and ontop of that everything I purchased was basically free!!! I ended up giving her 10 coupons so she could do the transaction too. LOL... It was kinda like "Hush" coupon money. I didn't want her to get agitated with me... She helped me with 20 transaction! Yes 20~~~!! I left plenty of ivory soaps on the shelf for others to do as well. :) I'm still in shocked at how much money I got back on the giftcard. I currently have a giftcard that has $150 on it (cummulative transaction from the past few days)!! Can you believe that? It's so awesome...

picked up 12 of the Huggies Cleanteam Wipes and 10 J&J buddies soap. Paid $2.98 OOP ($1.47 was TAX!!)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

CVS - Free Blood Glucose Monitor plus $10 ECB for next time!

UPDATE: The limit is 5 on a card. That is $50 in ECBs!!! OMG that is so awesome... This is definately worth it to buy. If you don't need these, you can always donate them to your OBGYN since the preggo women can use them if they test positive for high glucose. :) I'm debating now if I should order more of these or see if I can trade one of the nice ladies from the boards I chat on. I will try a trade first. If that doesn't work, I'll buy them. LOL... BTW... I bought 11 earlier and it only cost me $3.09 and from that I will turn around and get 11 glucose monitors and $110 dollars to use at CVS. The $3.09 is well worth it!! I just wished I bought all 20 this morning... :( I didn't because one of the boards said the limit was 3 per card and that was not true. Someone tried 5 and it worked. It gave them back $50 in ECBs!!! I tried one today since I had one coupon in hand and it did give me back $10 in ECBs! :) SOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS DEAL!!!

$19.99 Glucose Mini
$3.89 Gallon of milk
$1.00 emergency first aid kit
Coupons Used
$4/20 CVS email coupon
$20.00 Glucose mini coupon
Paid $.89 OOP and received $10 ECB


This deal is pretty sweet. I read it on babycenters forum first and then followed up at Hotcouponworld. So it's true and the limit on ECBs for this is $30!!! That is pretty sweet!!!

Here's the deal... At CVS they sell the OneTouch UltraMini Blood Glucose monitor for $19.99. In the washington post a few weeks ago there was a coupon for $20 off!!! So this monitor is free and ontop of that you can earn $10 ECB (CVS Money) for each monitor you buy. Hotcouponworld said the limit is 3 so that means you can earn up to $30 ECBs on each card!!!!

I just ordered my coupons from ebay for $.20 each!!! Check it out there are tons left and well worth it for this deal. :) You may want to hurry because these will sell out pretty quick when the couponers find out about the ECBs!!!

I'm going to buy 3 on each of my CVS cards. I have 4 cards total. hehehe... It was a mistake I was only suppose to have 2 cards but they sent me 2 more cards in the mail. It's okay. You can actually sign up for as many cards as you like... The problem is keeping track of them all!

Here is how the coupon looks like. Don't buy the wrong one. You want the UltraMini and not the Ultra2.

CVS Shopping!

This was an okay run I had today. Overal the olay's deal was pretty good but paying $1.00 in taxes wasn't fun. I didn't calculate correctly when I first posted the deal but never did realize to calculate the tax. LOL... So I guess I'm done running the olay's deal unless I go to target. :)

Transaction 1
6 Olay Ribbons ($3.99)
Coupons Used
$4/20 cvs email
$6/3 Olay coupon
3 WYB olay coupon
Total OOP $2.97 (paid $1 in tax or it would have been $1.97!)

Transaction 2 - is anyone else's milk $3.90 a gallon?
4 cacao reserve
1 Gallon milk
Coupons Used
4 - cacao coupons
$3/15 CVS email
Total OOP $1.60

Transaction 3
3 Johnson Buddy Bars
4 Covergirl Wetslicks
Coupons Used
3 - Johnson Buddy Cpn
2 - BOGO free Covergirl Lip product
$4/20 email CVS coupon
Total OOP $2.80 and $5 ECB

Transaction 4 = same transaction but on Hubby's card
3 Johnson Buddy Bars
4 Covergirl Wetslicks
Coupons Used
3 - Johnson Buddy Cpn
2 - BOGO free Covergirl Lip product
$4/20 email CVS coupon
Total OOP $2.80 and $5 ECB

Friday, July 27, 2007

CVS Shopping Spree! My Colgate Run

So my normal CVS that's right around the corner from me still didn't have any of the BOGO free colgates in and so I ventured a few miles down the street to the other CVS. They had tons but I knew I had to get my spending limit to $50 to get this to work... So that meant I had to use up all my free cacao coupons. Oh well... so here goes...

Transaction 1
10 Colgate Total 7.8oz
11 Hersey Cacao Truffles
1 Johnson Johnson Soothing Natural Shampoo

Used the following coupons
$10/$50 CVS email coupon
10 - $1/1 colgate total coupon
11 - Free Hersey Cacao Coupon
2 - $2/1 Johnson Johnson Soothing Natural Coupon

Total OOP $1.89 CASH!!!

Transaction 2
10 Colgate Total 7.8oz
10 Hersey Cacao Truffles
1 Hersey Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar
1 Johnson Johnson Soothing Natural Shampoo

Used the following coupons
$10/$50 CVS email coupon
1 - $2.50/2 Colgate Total Coupon
8 - $1/1 colgate total coupon
11 - Free Hersey Cacao Coupon
2 - $2/1 Johnson Johnson Soothing Natural Coupon

Total OOP $1.19 CASH!!!

I spent a little over $3 for all this!!! I'm sooo loving this coupon shopping!!!

Kmart Shopping Spree Part 2

OMG... I'm on such a high right now it's crazy... Hubby finally got home and so I dashed out the door to finish up my coupon shopping. hehehe...

I did 4 single set transaction to include 1 battery and 2 sets of 3pk ivory soap. Then my cashier got smarter and my next transaction was 7 batteries and 14 sets of 3pk ivory soap and then my last transaction was 15 batteries, 10 cheer detergent, 8 always panty liners, 22 sets of 3pk ivory soap!!!!


I have about 6 of these coupons left but I have 65 more coming!!! I purchased them seperatly and did some trading of my current coupons to get these coupons. I know many people are having issues redeeming these coupons at certain kmarts but so far I have lucked out.

If you want me to ROAK a few to you, I will! Just post on this thread and I'll ROAK some your way!!! I will share the wealth even if I had to pay for them. :)

Kmart Shopping Spree!!!!

My coupons are here and I'm soooo excited! I had to take all three boys out with me to try this deal and it totally works!!! My kmart did try to say it's one per person per day but I told them that the coupon does not state that and there's no limit. So the manager walks away. I'm soo excited!

I did 9 transactions and only spent $7.50 or so initially but now after everything I have 2 - $10 giftcards and 9 batteries and 18 3 packs of soap! I'll take a picture later after I do all my shopping.

My boys were acting crazy so I came home to drop them off and hubby is still not home to help me take over. :(

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Target - Baby Food Shopping Trip

Okie so I'm winding down to my last batch of coupons for gerber baby food. Today I stocked up on...

20 - gerber graduate peach chunks
10 - gerber 2pk mango sauce
10 - gerber 2pk orange banana sauce

Total OOP after coupons $2.20!!!

I used 20 target $1/2 gerber food products and 10 gerber graduate manufacturer coupons $1/2.


What I sold so far... LOL

5 colgates $7.00


5 colgates & 3 vive pro shampoo $14.00


Target - Revlon Colorstay Cosmetics...

UPDATE: I just got back from target and this really isn't such a good deal. LOL.. The only thing I can find that is remotely close to the $3 mark was colorstay eyeshadow and some fingernail polish that came in a two pack.

The eyeshadow was $3.49 and the 2 pack nail polish was $3.99. So after the coupons, the eyeshadow would be $.49 cents and the nail polish $.99 cents. :( Not so lucky after all. LOL...

I'm going to try this deal sometime today.

I have a few manufacturer coupon for $2 off any revlon color stay cosmetic and target has printables for $1 off revlon color stay. :) So that means I can get $3 off any one color stay products.

Now the hunt begins for less than $3 cosmetic products. hahaha.. I hope there is a such thing! I don't use makeup so I'm not sure about prices. What I'm interested in is nail polish! So hopefully there are some that are close to $3!

Riteaid - Free Covergirl using coupons!

Starting this sunday... Riteaid will have a BOGO free covergirl sale. I currently hold 10 BOGO free covergirl lip product coupons. hehehe... So this means that I can select any two covergirl lip products and after coupon and their own sale, I'll get both for FREE!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kmart Deal - Buy a pack of Saver Duracell Batteries and 2 P&G products get a $10 Gift Card

This deal is pretty awesome if you can locate these coupons that are found at your Kmart. But to be honest, you will not find these coupons at Kmart anymore. Anyone that finds them usually takes them all and then resells them on ebay. YES THEY DO and it's horrible. But the worst part is... I'm right there buying them from ebay because I can't get a hold of any of these coupons. LOL... These coupons are worth it to buy if you really want to invest in this deal...

The coupon states... "Buy one pack of of Duracell Savers pack and any 2 Proctor and Gamble product listed below and get a $10 instant giftcard from Kmart". YES INSTANT! This is the best type! LOL... So here is the low down on this deal and what you have to spend.

The batteries cost $6.49 for 8-AA, 8-AAA, 4-C or 4-D. Then there is a yellow peelie coupon right on the battery package for $1 off. Makes the batteries $5.49 a pack.

The cheapest P&G products you can buy are: 20ct-Always Pantyliner $.99 or the 3-pack Ivory soap for $.99. I use all three of these products so it's a great deal for me.

$6.49 - 1 pack 8-AA battery
$ .99 - 1 - 3pack Ivory Soap
$ .99 - 1 - 3pack Ivory Soap
$8.47 - Total before coupon
-1.00 - instant peelie sticker for battery
$7.47 Total OOP and then you get $10 giftcard instantly

Then turn around and purchase the same thing...

$6.49 - 1 pack 8-AA battery
$ .99 - 1 - 3pack Ivory Soap
$ .99 - 1 - 3pack Ivory Soap
$8.47 - Total before coupon
-1.00 - instant peelie sticker for battery
$7.47 Total
-10.00 gift card from previous transaction
$2.53 Overage to use on something else and you get another $10 GIFT CARD FROM THE BATTERY Deal to use on your next battery deal!!! LOL

Now tell me this isn't an awesome deal? You really only spent $7.47 but they you always have the $10 giftcard at the end. You can continuously do this until they run out of battery or the manager stops you. LOL.. .I think the manager will stop you after 5 transaction but hey there is always tomorrow!!!

I bought the coupons off ebay... 30 coupons for $15 bucks. I will get my monies worth after a few of these transactions. LOL.... We use battery like there is no tomorrow!!!

This is how the coupon looks like. Click on the image for a larger picture.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Walmart - Huggies Cleanteam Wipes

Okie this deal is pretty good. I have yet to try it but will when I get my coupons.

In this past sunday's paper there was/is a coupon for Huggies Cleanteam Wipes $3 off 2. At walmart they sell the huggies cleanteam for $1.64 (it's the small box 42ct, not the big box). SO you basically pay .14 cents for each box. :)

x 2
$3.28 total before cpn
-3.00 (mft coupon $3/2)
$.28 cents for 2 boxes!

I'll verify this deal when I get a chance to swing by walmart. :) Or if you swing by, you can check the price for me and post in this thread. Thanks!!!

CVS - Covergirl Lip products - Double Dipping Deal!

The covergirl double dipping deal is really a YMMV type deal. It depends if your store will put the sale for the next week up on saturday night. If they do then you can double dip this week and next. This week at CVS the covergirl is spend $15 get $5 ECB. Next week CVS covergirl lip products are B1G50% off (hcw posted the sale for next week already) then you combine your B1G1 free coupon and any cvs email coupons you are good too go.

I'll do this calculation based on average price (every cvs price for covergirl ranges).

$5.99 original price
$2.99 half off
$5.99 original price
$2.99 half off
$17.97 total before coupon
-11.98 (2 - b1g1 mft cpn)
-4 (cvs $4/20 you will need $2.03 filler)
$1.99 for 4 lip products plus a $5 ECB!!

This is a great deal and it's free if you consider what you get in ECBs. :)

I have coupons coming in for this deal and I will be double dipping on my CVS card as well as hubbies! hehehe

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Target and CVS Errands on Sunday!!! you can tell i'm on a bargain high. I am doing all this shopping because some of my coupons are about to expire so I have to try and fit in as much as I can.

So here goes...

Target Run today
6-olay ribbons body wash
6-buddie bar soap
1-johnson and johnson med kit to go
20-gerber 2pk fruit sauces
20-gerber graduate fruit chunks

Coupons used
2-$6/3 olay
3-WYB olay body wash get ribbons free
6-$1/1 buddie product
10-$1/2 gerber graduate products
20-$1/2 target coupons on gerber foods

Total OOP $4.38~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

CVS Errand First Transaction
(did this to test my theory and it was a good deal but not great)
1-washington post
8-colgate total 7.8oz (B1G1 free sale)
4-secret deo travel size

Coupons used
4-$2.50/2 colgate total
4-$1/1 secret deo
$5 - CVS Email

Total OOP $1.96

CVS Errand Number 2~~ This one is totally awesome!!!
14-colgate total 7.8oz (B1G1 free sale)
1-kellogs special k cereal
$10-CVS Email

Total OOP $.64 cents!!!! YAHOOOO I did it... my calculations on this work to the T!!! heheeh...

Total Spent today was $6.98

Saturday Last minute Shopping Spree at CVS!!!

First Transaction on Hubbies Extracare Card

6-L'oreal Vive Pro
4-Hersey Cacao Reserve Truffles
1-half gallon milk
5-Cottonelle 12pack Toilet Tissue

Coupons Used

3-L'oreal B1G1 free
4-Hersey Cacao Reserve Free
5-Cottonelle $1 off printable
1-$10 off $50 CVS email
1-$15 ECB from yesterday

Total OOP: $4.42 and earned $15 ECB for next time from the cottonelle

First Transaction on my card..
8-L'oreal Vive Pro
3-Hersey Cacao Reserve Truffles
5-Excedrin Back and Body Ache
1-sweetart for tyler! :P

Coupons Used
4-L'oreal B1G1 free
3-Hersey Cacao Reserve Free
5-excedrin $2/1 mft cpn
1-$10 off $50 CVS email

Total OOP: $4.47 and earned $15 ECB for next time from the excedrin

Second Transaction for my card
1-whole gallon milk
1-Johnson & Johnson Shampoo
1-Cottonelle 12pack Toilet Tissue
10-Cottonelle popup wet toilet wipes
1-glade airfreshner
6-L'oreal Vive Pro
4-Hersey Cacao Reserve Truffles

Coupons Used
3-L'oreal B1G1 free
4-Hersey Cacao Reserve Free
1-Cottonelle $1 off printable
5-Cottonelle $1.50/2 wet wipes printable
1-$.75 Johnson Johnson Shampoo
1-$10 off $50 CVS email
1-$15 ECB from yesterday

Total OOP: $6.06 and earned $15 ECB for next time from the cottonelle

Spent $14.95 CASH today and got back $30 in CVS bucks (same as cash but only redeemable at CVS)

Friday, July 20, 2007

CVS Shopping Cart - My Shopping Spree today...

Just got back from my CVS run and this is what I got! :) BIG GRIN!

First Order
10- Vive Pro L'oreal Shampoo $5.29ea
2- cacao truffle $2.99ea
1- pringles $.88ea
1- 24ct excedrin $4.39ea
1- 5oct excedrin $6.69ea
1- half gallon milk $2.19ea
$5.67 is the total I spent including tax! Tax was expensive! LOL

Second Order
10- Vive Pro L'oreal Shampoo $5.29ea
2- cacao truffle $2.99ea
1- 24ct excedrin $4.39ea
1- 5oct excedrin $6.69ea
1- half gallon milk $2.19ea
$4.90 and I got $15 ECB (CVS money) for next time!!!

I'm so excited! I wasn't planning on getting the excedrin but they ran out of toilet paper and so I had to switch gears and get the excedrin to earn the ECB (spend $20 in excedrin get $15 back, in case you are wondering).


CVS - Aquafresh Free after ECBs plus extra money to spend

August Promotions at CVS...

Get $2.99 back when you buy aquafresh at $2.99 (limit 3). Also there is a coupon for a B1G1 free aquafresh (check ebay or

Scenario number 1...

$2.99 - original price
x 2 - quantity
$5.98 - total before coupons
-2.99 - B1G1 free coupon (ebay or coupon master)
$2.99 OOP but you get $5.98 back in ECB for next purchase at CVS

Scenario number 2...

$2.99 - original price
x 4 - quantity
$11.96 - total before coupons
-5.98 - B1G1 free coupon (ebay or coupon master)
$5.98 OOP but you get $8.97 back in ECB for next purchase at CVS

Herbal Essences Shampoo - $1 after coupon!!!

Kmart has a sale that starts today and ends on monday. A few weeks ago there was a coupon for $1 off Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Product and a B1G1 free coupon.

Kmart has a sale that is 2 for $4. So using the $1 off coupons or th e B1G1 free you can get them for $1 each shampoo, conditioner or styling product! :)

Johnson's Buddie Bar Soaps for Free

I love these soaps! They smell so wonderful and it's so easy for kids to hold and use. There is a non-slip cover on these bars.

There is a coupon out that expires 9/17/07 that is $1 off any 1 johnsons buddie product. The soaps are $.96-$.99 cents at CVS, Walmart and Target. After using the coupon, the soap would be free!!!!

You can buy these coupons off of Ebay. I have a ton of these coupons (thanks to ebay). Couponmaster and Couponclippers sells out when they get them in.

Secret Deodorant for Free

There is a coupon that you can buy that will make the secret deodorant (travel size) for free. The coupon expires on 8/31/07.

There is no size restriction on this coupon so you can use it on the travel sizes. :)

You can find the travel sizes at Target, Walmart and CVS for about $.94-$.98 cents.

CVS - Vive Pro Deal UPDATE

I just read this on hotcouponworld and they said that since this deal ends on Saturday you can try your luck at getting a raincheck for this deal and then when august rolls around use your rainchecks and your vive pro coupons to get a better deal than free.. LOL... which means CVS will pay you to buy their products because in August, the vive pro shampoos will earn ECBs!!!

Here is the original link to my first post.

Walmart - Pantene Deal

This deal is pretty old but thought I would mention it because it might still be available at your walmarts!!!

Pantene just revamped their bottles and logos (new image is the blue caps) so that means they are clearancing out all the old style bottles (white caps). So the clearance prices on pantene are $2 for shampoo and condition and $1 for hairspray. These prices were good about 2 weeks ago. Many have reported that the shampoo's are now down to $1. But I will do my calculations based on $2. :)

Coupons to use...
$5/3 off any pantene

Scenario 1
$2.00 - clearance price on pantene
x3.00 - quantity
$6.00 - total before coupons
-5.00 - $5/3 coupon
$1.00 - OOP for 3 shampoos


Scenario 2
$2.00 - clearance price on shampoo
$2.00 - clearance price on shampoo
$1.00 - clearance price on hairspray
$5.00 - total before coupons
-5.00 - $5/3 coupon
$0.00 - FREEEEEE

CVS - Cottonelle Toilet Paper

Okie lol..this is a pretty cool deal (5 packs for $5 or if you are lucky FREE) but you have to use money to get CVS bucks back to use on other purchases... SO I'm not sure how willing you are to spend money to get money! LOL

This deal ends Saturday July 21st. When you spend $30 in select products (12pk cottonelle is included in this deal) you get $15 ECB (extra care bucks - CVS money) back. You only can do this deal once on your CVS card. So if you have two cvs card you can do it twice. :)

Cottonelle is onsale for $6 a 12 pack and there is a printable $1 off coupon from cottonelles website. Click here for the $1 web coupon to print. Remember to select the cottonelle 12 pack to print. When you finish installing the coupon printer and it will automatically print the coupon to your printer. You cannot make a PDF of this coupon. You have to print it straight from their website. Usually there is a limit on how many you can print but someone on babycenter board found out you can hit the back button and then click refresh to have the coupon print many more times. You actually just need to print 5 of these coupons so click back and refresh 4 times to print it out. :) So now you have 5 coupons. I did this and it works. Remember don't close out your screen after the coupon finished. Just click the back button and refresh. It will print it again!!!!

Scenario 1
Here's the deal...
$6.00 - sale price on 12pack cottonelle
x 5 - quantity
$30.00 - this satisfies the requirement for the $15 ECB :)
- 5.00 - this is $5/30 email coupon from CVS
- 5.00 - coupons you just printed from cottonelle website
$20.00 - oop cost but you get $15 in ECB back to use on your next purchase.

Scenario 2 - depends if your register rings the cottonelle up at regular price first and then deducts the sale.
$9.95 - original price of cottonelle
x 5 - quantity
$49.75 - this satisfies the requirement for the $15 ECB :)
-10.00 - this is $10/50 email coupon from CVS but your total is only $49.75, add $.25 filler
-19.75 - sale of the cottonelle
- 5.00 - coupons you just printed from cottonelle website
$15.00 - oop cost but you get $15 in ECB back to use on your next purchase.

So this scenario your toilet paper would be FREE!!!! But it's really YMMV type deal it really depends on how your cvs register rings your sales up.

CVS Olay Deal

There are a few olay coupons out right now... These are the two you should be most interested in...

Coupons to use...
"$6 off 3 olay body wash coupon"
"When you buy any olay body wash or 4pk olay soap get a ribbons body wash for free"

CVS - Sale on July 29th-Aug 4th
Olay will be on sale for $3.99 10oz ribbons body wash

$3.99 sale price
x 6 quantity
23.94 total before coupon
-4 this is a $4/$20 cvs email coupon
-6 $6/3 coupon
-11.97 the WYB coupon for a free body wash
$1.97 OOP for 6 olay ribbons body wash!!!

Click to see ad.

UPDATED - CVS Toothpaste Deal

I had to update my prices on the colgate... my cvs sells the normal colgate total 7.2oz at $3.59 and the other colgates are $2.99. :( But it's still a great deal.. check out scenario 3 and 4!!!

Okie...there's few of these colgate deals depending which you want in on...

Scenario 1 - This one expires this Saturday
For Every colgate whitening w/toothbrush you buy, you get $2 ECB (CVS money) back.
There is a $2.50/2 coupon and $1/1 coupon you can use. Just pick one.

$2.99 regular price
$2.99 regular price
$5.98 total
-$2.50 coupon
$3.48 oop & $4.00 ECB given to you for your next purchase

So in this scenario you basically made $.52 cents getting 2 free toothpaste but you have to spend $3.48 to get this...

I don't particularly like this deal because I have to spend $3.48 oop (out of pocket) to get a $4 for my next trip. Also, when someone posted this, I'm not totally convinced that I can use the $2.50/2 coupon on this deal because it doesn't list the whitening toothpaste on the coupon. GWIM (get what i mean)!

Scenario 2 - this starts on Sunday 7-22nd and last to next Saturday 7-28th.
Colgate total 7.8oz and Colgate Advance Clean 6.0oz are B1G1 free!!! Sweet Deal~~!!!

$3.59 regular price
$3.59 regular price
$7.18 total
-3.59 b1g1 free cvs ad
-$2.50 coupon
$1.09 oop for 2 colgates... !!!

THEN to sweeten the deal you can stack the $$/$$$ email coupons from CVS

Scenario 3 (pretty good)
$3.59 regular price each
x 10 colgates
35.90 total before coupons
-5.00 this is a $5/$30 purchase (which means $5 off a $30 purchase)
-17.95 b1g1 free cvs ad
-$12.50 you need 5 of the $2.50 coupons mentioned above
$0.45 oop

Scenario 4 (excellent!)
$3.59 regular price each
x 14 colgates
50.26 total before coupons
-10.00 this is a $10/$50 purchase (which means $10 off a $50 purchase)
-25.13 b1g1 free cvs ad
-$17.50 you need 7 of the $2.50 coupons mentioned above
-$2.37 to spend on other products for free! Which means CVS paid you to take their toothpaste!

So guess what I will be stocking up on next week? I have tons of coupons coming in and I will be using them all! hahahaha

This is how the Colgate Coupon looks like... ( you can't print this, you have to use the original coupon)

Click on ad to see the deal in bottom left corner.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

CVS - L'oreal Vive Pro Deal

This sale actually ends Saturday...

L'oreal Vive Pro Shampoo is on sale at CVS for B1G1 free. There was a coupon out last sunday in the washington post or smartsource that was B1G1 free on L'oreal Vive Pro!!! Which means CVS will give you this shampoo or conditioner for free!! YES FREE!!!!

You will need a CVS extra care card. They are free to register for. :) This extra care card gives you all the promotional pricing they are running in their ads.

For ever 2 shampoo or conditioner you pick up, you hand them one of the B1G1 free coupon.

This is how it works (if you care to know)...
You use one of the B1G1 free coupons to pay for one shampoo. The other shampoo is paid by CVS from their special that they have running, which is B1G1 free!!!

Note: I have done this personally and it works. I had 15 of these coupons thanks to my aunt Kam. :) I took all 15 coupons (seperate trips) and now I have 30 of these shampoo/conditioner. I gave some to my mother in law and she likes it! :) I have more of these coupons coming. I purchased the coupons off ebay for $3.00 so hopefully it will make it here by tomorrow so I can go shopping tomorrow and saturday. If not, oh well, I'm out $3 bucks! LOL

BTW...when you are at the register add other stuff to your cart also... maybe like a candy bar. You atleast want to pay for something... LOL..

This is how the coupon looks like. You can't use the coupon below. You have to have original coupon or the police will arrest you! LOL... Don't try printing it!!!!

Click to view CVS ad.

Victoria Secret

$10 off coupon on victoria secrets pink line. Click on image below for the full size...

Actual link if you want to see where I got it from...

Gerber Baby Food

This is cheap... if you have any babies that are eating jar or plastic container baby food then you should definately do this deal... OMG it's so cheap...

Target sent out an email for a web coupon on baby gerber food. The coupon is for $1 off 2 gerber food products. You can stack a gerber manufacturer coupon on this and make the deal even sweeter! :)

My target:
Stage 2 jar baby food $.57-$.62 cents
After coupon $.07-$.12 cents a jar!!!

Stage 3 jar baby food $.77 cents
After coupon $.27 cents a jar!

Plastic 2pack containers of fruit sauce $.99
After coupon $.49 cents 2/pk

Gerber Graduates using both target and manufacture $1/2 coupon
Jar $.67 after coupon -$.33 cents (they are paying me to take it)
Microwavable $.87 after coupon -$.13 cents (they are paying me to take it)
I use the overage and apply it to the Stage 3 jar baby food so that I actually end up close to break even.

My Addition to Couponing...

My addiction to couponing has grown dramatically.... I have now dedicated this site to my couponing craze. LOL.... I will post deals that I come across on the various boards so it would be easier for my fellow friends to follow without doing too much work. YES it's a lot of work to read other people's post and to figure out if some of these deals are worth mentioning. Hope this blog will continue to grow... HOPEFULLY!!! LOL...

These are the boards that I post on to get great deals. I read up oncertain threads that I like and have always found great information.

CVS at
Target at
Walmart at
Weekly Couponing Thread at Bargain Board at

With the Babycenter post, there is 40 pages now... but it starts over every week. So it may be a good idea to start reading next week unless you want to read through and see what everyone else is doing...

Simple facts about couponing:
Target accepts one target coupon AND one manufacture coupon for EACH item.
CVS is the same way and ontop of that CVS gives you ECB (easy cashback - i think that's what their called) to use on your next purchase. And they have email coupons that you can use on your total purchase at CVS which people refer to them as $/$$.

Where to get your Coupons:
For me, buying the coupons I want is easier. I use the following services...
and ebay!!!

LOL Or you can buy tons of sunday paper and get the coupons there. Dollar stores have the sunday paper for $1. Some have even called into their supermarkets on tuesday/wednesday to ask if they can purchase the sunday paper at a discount just for their coupons since it's not sunday anymore and they usually toss it out. I haven't tried this as I'm a little shy about asking. LOL... Go figure.. I can use 20 coupons in one transaction and not blink an eye but if I had to ask to buy something for cheaper, I'm a total chicken. hahahah


Thanks for visiting my site!!!!