Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CVS Scenario using Nova Max Cpns

hehe...so i finally scored some of the CVS booklets! I'm so excited...

here is my scenario using the nova max cpn in the diabetic booklet. I will use $46 ECB bucks to pay for this transaction but I will get my $46 bucks back. Nice way of rolling those ecbs if you really needed to!

Update: you can add the $2 skincare CVS printable as well. I totally forgot about it but Martha reminded me! :) Thanks!!!

Click on the image to view entire scenario.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Target Aussie Shopping - OVERAGE

So I finally was able to locate a bunch of the Aussie Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Mousse & Hairspray!!! They were all marked down to $.62 cents and I have a coupon for $2 off of any Aussie Styler AND Shampoo or Conditioner.

I got 19 sets total and got $.76 cents overage for each set ($14.44).

I only have 5 aussie coupons left but I doubt I will be able to find anymore.

So for $113 apprx worth of aussie products I paid nothing and got back $14.44 in overage! I used the overage to buy my wireless router. The one I had died on me the other day and I wasn't a happy camper! LOL

CVS Diabetes Book worth over $160 bucks

Okay so the search is on! I want this book and need approximate 5-7 books atleast~!!! This will cover my 5 cards and my cousins 2 cards...hehehe... I'm not desperate enough to buy these on ebay yet but if anyone is willing to ROAK me these books (and of course I'll pay for shipping) that would be awesome. I'll try hunting it down at CVS again today (had no luck over the course of the week) but I'm not too hopeful.

For those that don't know what the heck I'm talking about, then.... BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THIS BOOK (thanks to a BBC mommie for posting pic)!!!

Oh I so hope I find them today!!!

Target - Diapers and more! Not free but awesome price!

Targets diaper deal

For normal couponers and no couponers weren't great so I didnt really post it for you to try and do since many of the coupons you need will help bring the cost of the diapers down (from overage) and it's really not for the shy couponers either! LOL...

Transaction 1
3 - size 4 jumbo pampers
15 - dove facial cloths
15 - st ives travel lotion
2 - polly pockets
10 - revlon emory boards
1 - glade plugin oil warmer kit
1 - $5 giftcard (promo for buying 3 packs of jumbo diapers)

3- $1/1 pampers mft
15- $1.50/1 dove face care mft
15- $1/1 any st ives lotion
2-$5/1 polly pocket printable (the cpn says one per person, i had DH with me so the cashier let me use both at the same time, doesn't limit to one transaction)
10 - $1/1 revlon mft cpn
10 - $1/1 target revlon cpn
1 - $3/1 glade plugin mft cpn
1 - $5 giftcard free deduct from promo above

Total OOP $9.01 and I still have the $5 giftcard

Transaction #2
6 - size 4 pampers
5 - glade plugin oil warmers
10 - revlon beauty tools (emory boards and compact tweezers)
2 - polly pockets
2 - $5 giftcard (promo for buying 3 packs of jumbo diapers)

6- $1/1 pampers mft
2-$5/1 polly pocket printable (the cpn says one per person, i had DH with me so the cashier let me use both at the same time, doesn't limit to one transaction)
10 - $1/1 revlon mft cpn
10 - $1/1 target revlon cpn
5 - $3/1 glade plugin mft cpn
2- $5 giftcard free deduct from promo above

Total OOP $29.xx and have $10 worth of giftcards.

Sooooo.... overage is awesome way to bring down the cost of diapers. My target never adjust the cpns and they are okay with me buying in sets of 10-15 items.... I never wipe out the shelves when I do trial/travel sizes so others have something to look forward to. :)

Giant -Awesome Betty Crocker Deal

So I finally did the Betty Crocker deal yesterday (has been raining like cats and dogs here for the past 2 days and the boys were sickish so have been house bound) and it was AWESOME!!!

I did 4 transaction in the morning and got 20 boxes of betty crocker fruit snacks and $16 bucks back in catalinas!!! The best part is.... ZERO out of pocket! Not even TAX!!!!

So I was so excited that I did 4 more transactions in the evening and got 20 more boxes and an additional $16 bucks! hehehe

This will come in handy to buy milk at Giant since they are running a promo of buy 6 gallons of milk and get 1 free.

Hope you gals can get in on this deal when you can cause it's really such an awesome deal.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Free Juicy Juice Coupon

Got this from the BBC message boards. You should print this while you can from Juicy Juices website.

Juicy Juice Link

Present this coupon to your grocer and receive any one (1) size or flavor of NESTLE® JUICY JUICE® 100% Juice FREE up to $3.50

DEAD - Free $10 Giftcard to Lowe's for Projects over $25

Sign up and receive printable $10 off $25 certificate by email.


One-time use. In store only.
Valid on merchandise, services, and rentals.
Not valid on John Deere, gift cards, and certain appliances.

Have at it!

UPDATE: if you are having issues printing your giftcard out...

1. enter this url https://www.loweswinners.com/sw/printcard.asp?barcode=
2. then enter your barcode after the = sign

(on the invalid url you get from the email you will see the barcode at the end of the url, just copy and paste it to the url above)

Your coupon should print out fine.

Giant - BC Free Fruit Rolls Ups..

All Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

BonusCard Price: 5 for $5

All Varieties and Sizes.

Plus Get A Coupon For $4 Off Your Next Shopping Order!

To receive savings, items must be purchased in increments of 5. Quantities less than or greater than 5 will ring at regular retail.

If you combine this with any MFT Cpns these should be free if you calculate that you get the $4 off your next shopping order. Then you can rinse and repeat as many times as you like!

Smartsource 9/9/07 -
516000440246 Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, or Roll-Ups, any .50/2 (11-4-07)
Smartsource 9/16/07 -
516000443506 Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stackerz Fruit Flavored Snacks, any .50 (11-17-07)
Smartsource 10/14/07 - 516000443506 Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stackerz Fruit Flavored Snacks, any .50 (12-8-07)

Breakdown (no doubling of coupons)
$ 1 x 5 = $5 -($.50x5) = $2.50 and get a $4 catalina for next time.

Rinse Repeat
$ 1 x 5 = $5 -($.50x5) = $2.50 - $4 (from above) = -$1.50 overage and get a $4 catalina for next time.

So basically by doing this you can get free $1.50 to use on other purchases. If your Giant doubles then this would be even better!!! I'm not sure if my giant doubles so I will have to check it out~!!

UPDATE: I just called my giant and they do double up to $.50!!! SO THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!!!

Breakdown (coupons double to $.50)
$ 1 x 5 = $5 -($.50x5x2) = $0.00 and get a $4 catalina for next time.

Rinse Repeat
$ 1 x 5 = $5 -($.50x5x2) = $0.00 - $4 (from above) = -$4.00 overage and get a $4 catalina for next time.

So you see that I have the -$4 there you can substitute that for grocery (MILK) and it basically would be free!!! I will be stocking up on milk! LOL I will rinse and repeat this 6 times to get my 7th milk free and I'll have 30 boxes of betty crocker fruit roll ups!!! My boys go through a gallon of milk a day and Milk is EXPENSIVE~!!!

BTW... these would be good for halloween handouts if you dont want to give candy. But you know what, they are almost like candy since they are super sweet anyways!

New Things to the left

I added more links to the left. The new November ECB book for CVS is there. I got that from HCW. I also updated my spreadsheet with the ECB listings (also from HCW). I have scenarios up but those are for this week and usually they are more for myself than for you. But you can see what I'm buying if you care. LOL

Target - Cheap or Free Stuff Rundown

Okie... I keep forgetting to post this but here goes...

Some Targets have the Ragu on sale for $1.25. On targets website there is a target printable for $.75 off. If you pair this up with the manufacturer coupon that came out on Valassis 9/16/07 ($1 off 3), you have yourself a really really good deal on Ragu. Personally I love Prego but for this cheap, I'm willing to buy it. Only problem I have is that all my Ragu's are markedt $1.89!!! My cousins target has it market $1.25!!! Many others are reporting that it's also $1.25. My Targets are usually a hit and miss with this type of thing. We are close to the university and they always try to charge us more! Anyways your bottom line would be this... $1.25-$.75-$.33=$.17 for a bottle but you will have to buy 3 due to the mft cpn. So your real total would be $.17 x 3 = $.51!!!

Sheba Cat Food
Target has a printable B1G1 free Sheba Dome Cat food. There is a mft cpn that came out on Valasiss 9/26/07 that is a B1G1 free also. Combine the two and you pay nothing! The register doesnt even beep so this is a good deal if you need free cat food! :)

Dove Facial Cleaners
If you go to the travel section for beauty products you will find dove facial cleansing cloth for $.97-.99 cents. Pair this up with mft cpn from Valassis 8/12/07 ($1 off 1 Dove Face Product) or Valassis 9/30/07 ($1.50 off 1 Dove Face Product) and you got free product plus overage. Be ready for the register to beep since the cpn is more than the product. The mft cpns does not specify size so this should be accepted at your Target but YMMV.

St Ives Lotion and Scrub
Also in the travel section for beauty products you will find St. Ives Lotion and St. Ives Facial Scrubs. Pair this up with the below mft cpns and you got yourself a few free products! This would be great to making minature gift baskets for the upcoming holiday!
Smartsource 9/16/07
St. Ives Lotion $1 off 1 (no size limit on mines but in some regions there are size limits)
St. Ives Scrub $1 off 1 (no size limit on mines but in some regions there are size limits)

Sunsilk Summer Product Line
These were marked down at target for $1.25 to $1.75. Combine that with the $2 off 1 mft cpn found on 10/7/07 Valassis, then you got yourself some free products and overage!!! I personally scorec about 35 products total all for free and some overage!!! I had major beepage but the cashier didnt mind hitting that K1 button! :)

Aussie Combo Pack
Be on the look out for these. They are currently marked down to $1.25-$1.75. I'm hoping they would go down some more! There is a coupon out on 10/14/07 Proctor and Gamble that will take $2 off of the Aussie products if you buy one Styler and one Shampoo or Conditioner!!! With the prices above, you will still have to pay $1. That is still cheap but I rather have it for free so I will wait. There are some of you that rather buy it at this price since it's a product you use but for me, nah, I'll wait! Just be on the lookout for these!

Safeway - .25 cent Aquafresh Toothpaste

Well if you really need toothpaste, Safeway is having 10 for $10 sale on normal aquafresh toothpaste. You can match this up with the $.75 MFT cpn that came out on Smartsource 10/7/07.

Personally I wouldnt spend money on toothpaste because you can get it free usually at CVS but if you really really need toothpaste then close to free is still good! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Red Baron Promotion - Free Companion Tickets with purchase of 10 Red Baron Products!

This is pretty cool. I saw it at the bottom of my Giant receipt. This promotion states that if you buy ten (10) participating RED BARON® Pizza items at GIANT, MARTIN’S OR
TOPS® throughout the promotion period (9/9/07 through 11/3/07) using your
BONUSCARD and qualify for a free* companion airline fare.

That's pretty sweet! I was planning on purchasing tickets to see my cousin in Hawaii and thought this promo would come in handy. The good news is that it will save me money. The bad news is that the promo doesnt fly to Hawaii! LOL... So i guess I can still do this by flying to LA and then purchasing separate tickets to fly to Hawaii.

Also the companion tickets can be transferred to someone else prior to booking. If you booked the flight using the companion ticket then it cannot be transferred. Well I guess you should read the fine prints for yourself (see below for links).

For more information on this promotion... check out http://www.redbarontakeflight.com/ or Red Baron Official Rules on Giants Website

CVS - Tylenol Deal

I did two additional transactions last night revolving around Tylenold (spend 20 get 10 ecb) and the eucerin redness (spend 20 get 12ecb).

Well the cvs I went to didnt have the eucerin so I modified my transactions to just the tylenol and various other things. I calculated to the dime what I was suppose to get and guess what, it worked for one transaction and not the other! UGH... What I realized was that the cvs I went to last night has a slight price difference among the other cvs I go to.

For this deal, the tylenol that I purchased should have been 9.99 but it rang up at this cvs for 9.69! So I was short .24 cents to get my 10ecb to print. This means I have to go back and buy another set of Tylenol to get my 10 ecb to print. The bad thing is I will have to do two seperate transactions so I dont get a $20ecb for the tylenol. I dont like super huge ECBS.

Lesson learned... So when doing your transactions, make sure the prices are standard at the CVS you are shopping at or your calculations will get a little screwed up.

Giant - L'oreal Vive Pro

I did the free L'oreal Vive Pro Nutrigloss last night and got an additional 8 bottles for free. The sale ends on Friday so you gals better rack up what you can or we probably won't see another sale like this for awhile!

Also, I just wanted to say when doing this deal be very careful about the shampoos and conditioners you pick up. The coupon is only good for the Vive Pro Nutrigloss (light pink bottles). If you happen to pick up the wrong bottles (anything but the light pink bottles), be ready cause your coupons will beep and you will need manager intervention! LOL... I learned this the hard way but I just wanted to let you know so this will save you the hassle of having a manager come over to cross examine your coupons and items. :)

Vent: I post on HCW on a daily basis and when I found out why the vive coupons were beeping, I posted this on the thread under the "Giant" tab (under the Free vive post)... Well this morning I found out that the moderator removed my post because I was promoting coupon fraud. ((TALK ABOUT BEING PISSED)) I was not promoting coupon fraud. I was trying to help the other girls figure out why their coupons were beeping. Sometimes I just hate HCW, they have such a double standard!!! The one that removed my post was "Mrs. Pinecone - Larissa". I emailed her back and told her that I was not promoting "coupon fraud" and I was just trying to pinpoint why the coupons were working for some and not others (since I knew why after looking at my receipts and sitting and thinking about this stupid beeping problem). I also asked her why there was a double standard about removing post related to coupon fraud when I have asked this same question in the "Superfresh" tab under the "triple coupon post"? Isn't it fraud to use a coupon that states do not double or triple and you do it anyways? The funny thing is that SHE (Mrs Pinecone - Larissa) was the one promoting using the "starkist tuna blinkie coupon" to get free starkist tuna during the triple promotion deal. I stated that doesnt all blinkie coupons say do not triple? and guess what, she totally ignored my post and kept posting about getting free tuna using that freakin BLINKIE COUPON! Talking about freaking double standards.

okie vent over... had to get it off my chest!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Feature - Subscribe to this Blog!!

I added a new feature to my blog, the subscribe button! :) So now you can stay current with everything on my blog! :)

Hope this helps you!

Safeway - Receipt Adjustment & Shopping!

Thank goodness for saving receipts. I looked over my receipts from last week and there were some wrong prices on my receipt that I didnt have the cashier fix when I was shopping (due to long lines and didnt want to hold up the line). So I brought my 2 receipts in today to have them price adjust it back to the correct amts.

Receipt 1 - Fuji apples were suppose to be $1.25 but they charged me $1.69
Receipt 2 - I bought the Social Crackers and the $4 instant cpn didnt come off, so they adjusted that too~!!!

2 - Apple Carmel Dips Travel 6 pks
4 - fuji apples
5 - Social Crackers

$1 - Apple Carmel Dip
$2 free apples
$.55 - used two off Ritz social crackers
$4 instant off Kraft
$5 instant off Progresso & Crackers
$2 Catalina I earned from cream cheese last week.

Total OOP $1.xx

CVS Transactions Last Night

I wanted to do 3 transactions but they didnt have enough of the things I wanted to buy. So I only did 2 transactions...

Also, just wanted to let you know that the Tylenol Deal is very specific this week but it is still using the totals accumulated from the last J&J deal (3 weeks ago?). It's basically 100ct Tylenol Bottles that are qualifying. My Transaction 2 used a left over amount from 3 weeks ago so I only had to buy 2 tylenols to qualify for my 10 ECB. :)

Transaction #1
3 Tylenol 100ct Extra Strength
1 Bic 4pk Shaving Razors
1 Fusion Men's Shaving Gel
1 Keri Lotion
2 Baby Bottle Pop
1 Gas-X 10ct

2 Tylenol $5 Printable
1 Tylenol $1 Mft cpn
1 Bic 4pk $2 Mft Cpn
1 Keri Mft $1 Cpn
1 Fusion Shaving Cream $1 Mft Cpn
1 Fusion CRT $2
1 CVS 2/10 Men's Product Printable
$10/50 CVS Printable
$19 ECBS

Total OOP $.24 and got back $22 Ecbs

Transaction 2 (different Card)
2 Tylenol 100ct Extra Strength
2 Bic 4pk Shaving Razors
1 Fusion Men's Shaving Gel
2 Baby Bottle Pop

2 Tylenol $1 Mft cpn
2 Bic 4pk $2 Mft Cpn
1 Fusion Shaving Cream $1 Mft Cpn
1 Fusion CRT $2
1 CVS 2/10 Men's Product Printable
$5/30 CVS Printable
$18.87 ECBS

Total OOP $.94 and got back $19 Ecbs

Target Shopping

I forgot to post this but I had a Target run on Sunday and it was pretty awesome... I'll estimate my OOP since I dont have my receipt infront of me.

3 Glade Oil Plug-in Warmers
9 Dove Travel Facial Cleansing Cloths 5ct
16 St Ives Travel Lotion
10 St Ives Facial Scrubs
2 Polly Pockets
1 Halloween Costume

Cpns Used
$3 Glade Oil Plugin Warmer MFT Cpn
$1.50 Dove Face Products MFT Cpn
$1 St. Ives Lotion MFT Cpn
$1 St. Ives Scrub Mft Cpn
$5 Polly Pocket Printable

Total OOP $3.xx + $4.xx (tax) = $7.xx!!!! Totally Awesome

Sunday, October 21, 2007

$5 off any Polly Pockets

Here is a coupon straight from the manufacturer that you can print and redeem at Target, Walmart, Kmart, CVS...

If you go to walmart, target or toysrus, you can get free polly pockets with this coupon.

It's only one coupon per person.


Indoor Yardsale - not too shabby

Well I tried an indoor yardsale for the first time and it wasn't as good as the first one that I did a few weeks ago but it wasn't too bad. There were 40 vendors and about 100 or so customers. The foot traffic wasn't as great as an outdoor market but I think everyone that came through the door ended up buying atleast one thing from us. LOL...

I ended up making about $360 profit (minus setup fees). The yardsale was from 9am-1pm. It was pretty cool but wished there were more foot traffic.

Anyways it was fun! Hopefully I'll make more next time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Shopping Summary

It was a shopping spree for me today. I have so many stores I had to go to it was crazy... The funny thing about it all was that it only took me 2 1/2 hours to finish this all and get home!!! Most of my time was wasted at Target standing in the line waiting for the cashier to examine my coupons and then to press that darn K1 button. Don't get me wrong it was all well worth it but it just took a long time and the people behind me started to get impatient. I wish there was a checkout lane just for coupon shoppers. LOL... so other's won't have to get annoyed with me.

BTW... I'm doing my 2nd yard sale/flea market tomorrow and I'm so excited! I wish I could go to sleep right now but I can't, the twins are up and they won't sleep! So all I can do is wait it out with them until they are ready to go down. I will be so pooped tomorrow but oh well...

Total bust.. .I tried looking for the playhouse that ya'll got for $30 bucks but no luck... The twins and my 4 year old would have loved it but oh well...

Giant/Super Giant (not giant eagle)

I did the Loreal BOGO free deal and it worked like a charm!!! I was skeptical at first if this would work, so I only took 5 conditioner and 5 shampoo and a pack of gum ($1.20) to the register. The cashier rang them all through ($4.99 each) and then I handed her my coupons (5 - bogo free) and then I entered my club card. My total was $2.xx!!! The cashier was impressed and so was I! hehehe... I told the cashier that I had more coupons so I'm putting these in the car and coming back to do the rest.

Went back and and bought an additional 26 bottles and paid $3.xx oop. That was all tax.


I went to a different safeway to see if the crackers and cream cheese deal would automatically calculate correctly and WAHLAH!!! Jackpot it worked like a charm without any intervention! I wanted to get more crackers but there was only 6 boxes left so I grabbed 5 to do my deal. Safeway promo ends 10/23 so you all have time to get in on this awesome deal!!!

Transaction 1
5 boxes of ritz social crackers ($2 each)

$.55 - used two - ritz cracker mft cpn
$4 - instant off safeway promo crackers and cheese
$5 - instant off safeway promo progresso

my total was -$.10, so I had to throw in a candy bar and I ended up paying $.65!!!

Transaction 2
4 philly cheese containers ($2 each)

-4 instant off safeway promo crackers and cheese

Total OOP $4 and got $2 catalina for next time

Transaction 3
4 philly cheese containers ($2 each)

-4 instant off safeway promo crackers and cheese
-2 catalina from previous transaction

Total OOP $2 and got $2 catalina to use next time

I have more glade plugins to stock up on.. The cashier was very nice but the k1 button had to be pushed 32 times since everyone of my coupon had overage (except the pampers)... It was a long wait but well worth it!!!. so here goes..

20 glade plugins ($2.50)
10 purell 2oz ($1.39 ea)
2 dove travel face care (.99ec)
1 pampers size 4 (16.99)

20 glade mft cpns $3.00 each
10 purell mft cpn $1.50 each
2 dove face product mft cpn $1.50 each
1 pampers mft cpn $1.00

Total OOP $7.xx


Did a total of 4 transaction at CVS and it was all pretty good. My cashier was super nice and she said I got really really great deals. hehe... She even notice that I had my shopping list printed out with my coupons attached to each transaction. Eveyrthing went smoothly and it took about 5 minutes or so to ring up all 4 transactions...

Transaction 1
1 curel
1 jergen
3 beano
3 eucerin redness relief
OOP $1.xx

Transaction 2
2 jergen
3 beano
1 caress
OOP $.07

Transaction 3

2 jergen
3 beano
1 caress
OOP $.07

Transaction 4
1 jergen
1 curel
1 beano
2 eucerin redness relief
OOP $1.09

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Safeway Kraft Deals

Updated: I tried it today and it didnt work totally well for me but it will for some of you gals. Our safeway for some reason messed up the instant off amounts... so I had to have them manually adjust... My first transaction I ended up paying $4, it should have been free but I didnt have the old flyer with me. Might get an adjustment later with flyer in hand. My second transaction I paid $8 but the customer lady gave me back $4 and I did get the $2 catalina for next time.

Transaction #1
$2.00 Ritz Simple Social Crackers (sale 2 for $4)
x 5
- $5 - safeway promo instant savings wyb 5
- $4 - safeway promo instant savings buy 4 kraft products get $4 off instantly
-$.55 - mft cpns $.55/2 crackers
-$.55 - mft cpns $.55/2 crackers
-.10 overage!!!

Second Transaction
$2.00 - Container Philly Cream Cheese (Sale 3 for $6)
x 4
- $4 - safeway promo instant savings buy 4 kraft products get $4 off instantly
$4 and you get a $2 OYNP

Printable - $5 OFF Tylenol (limited time)

I forgot to post this link but... It's $5 off of any Tylenol. Tylenol put this coupon out due to the fiasco of some families misusing the medication and I think a few babies died from it (drug overdose).

Link to $5 off

Link to Tylenol Recall

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Walgreens - $100 Spa Certificate wyb 4 participating products

I saw this deal on BBC and HCW and it really seems like a GREAT deal!!! Only problem I have is walgreens is very very far from my house (45mins to 1 hour)... So..do I make this trek there and do the deal? I dunno yet...

The deal...

Buy any 4 participating products from this here...

and get $100 Spa Certificate to use at any participating spa dealers located on this page...

Spa Locator

You have to purchase all 4 products together on one receipt and mail it in to them with the form that is found in the easy savers booklet.

Cpns you can use (if walgreens takes IP)...

Wyeth Consumer Products Cpn Page for Multiple Items
$3 off Robitussin Registration Page
$2 off Dimetapp Registration Page
$2 off Advil Registration Page

These certificates would be nice stocking stuffers but the only thing is when you send them in, you have to put the person's name on the form as the certicate bearer. This is non-transferrable. So if you are getting these as gifts, remember to put their name on the certificate and mail them in with your address.

I still am not sure if this is limited to one per household/address. Some people say no there are no limits... I'm not sure... Maybe one of you can call and then email me the response? hehehe... wishful thinking huh? LOL

Safeway - Cheap Apple and Caramel Dip!!!

I saw this on HCW... it didnt work out totally for me but it's okay...it may work for some of you gals...

If you buy any two marzetti caramel dips you get $2 worth of apples for free (tearpad). Then next to the apple stands there is a booklet that contains $1 off any 1 marzetti caramel dip... I just took 2 booklets and cut out the $1 cpns to use for my transaction... You can buy any apples you like. I think the cheapest is the normal washington apples. I bought Gala apples which are more expensive ($1.69 lb). If you are not picky about your apples this is a good deal...

2 - Marzetti caramel dips are b1g1 free ($3.99) - I bought the "to go" containers
3 - Gala Apples (any apples you want that will total $2)

Cpns used
$1 - marzetti dips mft booklet cpn
$1 - marzetti dips mft booklet cpn
$2 - tearpad WYB 2 marzetti dips get $2 apples free

Total OOP $3.09. It would have been $2.09 but my safeway rejected one of the $1 off cpns because they said I could not use a cpn on my free item.

So, you can do this deal basically at any grocery store..just go to safeway to pick up the cpns...

This deal will be sweet if your grocery store doubles up to $1 or lets you use cpns on your free item. If not, then you will end up paying around $3 for 2 dips and some apples.

If they let you double up to $1 and let you use cpns on your free items then you will pay $1 or maybe even FREE!!!

CVS Printable from ABC website

Here is a $3/15 cvs printable and a $25 RX New/Transferred prescription coupon found on abcactionnews.com website....

website where the coupon is located...

Here is the actual pdf from the website...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Safeway - $2 for 3 boxes of GM Cereal

In ad coupon 3 for $3 general mills cereal when you buy $10 or more...

3 for $6 General Mill Cereal (I bought cheerios...)
$4.19 Gallon of Milk
$10.19 Total
-$3 Safeway Ad coupon
-$1 General Mills MFT cpn $1/3
$6.19 Total OOP

Basically you would get the 3 boxes of cereal for $2. I had a higher OOP because I needed the milk. But if you have coupons for other items to reach the $10, your OOP will be lower.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

CVS = ughh... it didnt go as planned but it's okay...

Aiyah... CVS was a hit and a miss. LOL... I did 3 transactions and one of my transaction didnt go so well. The cashier girl (totally sweet) missed 2 of my ecb and so my OOP was $9.xx!!! I just paid the total and walked to the side of the counter so she could ring other people up. The line was getting long and I felt bad if I had to hold them up and have her search through her entire drawer. Well after the line was gone, we searched through her cpns and found my $6 and $5 ECB she didn't ring up! My oop was only $9 something and so it dawned on me that she missed one item. I told her and she said to forget it and told me to keep whatever it was. LOL... I had a lot of stuff and she didnt want to go back through everything. So I guess it was a wash? UGH.. I hate paying more OOP than I have to cause I have ECBS that I can use and don't really want to waste real money on my CVS bargains. My goal is always to stay below $4. Everythign else will have to be covered by my ECBS (which I have a combined total of over $400, that's for all 5 of my cards). Oh well.. you win some and you lose some. :)

I was able to complete two of my contour deals and 1 clean and clear. I still have 2 more clean and clears to do and maybe try for the energizer batteries... I need to get the super small ones that look like a quarter! So wish me luck!!!!

Target = Wahooo... free glade plugins and free revlon beauty tools!!!

Today I got most of my coupons in the mail. So excited I was able to do my target run. This will be one of many... LOL...

20 Glade Plugins Oil Warmer Kit ($2.50)
20 Revlon Beauty Tools (ranging from $.99-$2.39)
4 Bounce Fabric Softner Sheets ($5.49)

Cpns Used
20 Glade Plugin Oil Warmer MFT Cpn $3/1
15 Revlon Beauty Tool MFT Cpn $1/1
20 Revlon Beauty Tool Target Cpn $1/1

Total OOP $9.94 ($4.05 was tax... so my real total before tax was $5.89)

I miscalculated and it was suppose to be lower but I put one to many of the Bounce Fabric Softner sheets in my cart. LOL... I got carried away. It's okay I guess. Or I can take the one box back and return it since I didnt use a coupon for it. I dunno... Still debating... Do any of you know how long the fabric softner sheets will stay good for? 4 boxes is a lot and I dont want it to go to waste by losing it's scent (KWIM?).

Well I'm excited and so I came home and ordered more revlon cpns (mft and target from couponclippers) and the good thing is that they dont expire till the end of the year!!! :) I'll be making gift baskets with some of this stuff for teachers and all the other people on my list of presents to hand out this year. LOL

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

CVS - Highlight was the free Pledge Duster Kits

Did 4 transactions, 2 at each store...

Transaction 1
1 crest pro night toothpaste
1 colgate total
3 clean and clear
1 johnson and johnson softlotion

$1/1 crest mft
$1/1 colgate total mft
$2/1 Clean and Clear printable
$1/1 clean and clear mft
$4/1 johnson softlotion printable
$11.98 ecb
$4/20 cvs

Total OOP 1.93 and got back $12.29 ecb

Transaction 2
1 crest pro night toothpaste
1 colgate total
3 clean and clear
4 pledge duster kits

$1/1 crest mft
$1/1 colgate total mft
$2/1 Clean and Clear printable
$1/1 clean and clear mft
$3/1 pledge duster kits used 4 of these cpns
$11.98 ecb
$4/20 cvs

Total OOP $.80 and got back $10.29 ecb

Transaction 3 and 4 are identical
1 lady speedstick
1 contour monitor
5 palmolive
1 colgate total
1 crest pro night toothpaste
5 pledge duster kits

$1/1 crest mft
$1/1 colgate total mft
$1/2 palmolive mft used 2
$3/1 pledge duster kits used 5 of these cpns
$24.87 ECB

Total OOP $1.08 and got back $26.28 ecbs

Target - Free or close to free Sunsilk Shampoo/Conditioner/Hairspray

I did my target run today and was pretty excited with the sunsilk deal. My target is always more expensive than everyone elses target but it's okay, I still got the sunsilk for free. :)

13 Sunsilk Summer Shampoo $2.09 each
10 Sunslik Summer Conditioner $1.59 each
17 Sunsilk Summer Hairspray $2.09 each
1 always ultrapad $4.79

23 Sunsilk Shampoo Conditioner $2/1 mft cpns
17 Sunsilk Hairspray/Creme $2/1 mft cpns

OOP $1.7x plus $3.xx tax = $5.xx (don't remember the exact change)

I have more of these cpns on order so hopefully I can find another target with some of this stuff on clearance! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

CVS Scenarios

Hi all!

I posted the weekly scenarios on my spreadsheet forum. I only posted 3 scenarios of basically the same thing. I actually will post more later this week when I can figure in the eucerin monthly deal. Wishing and praying for higher value $/$$ to make the eucerin deal worth while! :)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

CVS - $2 off $10 Pamphlet found at Pharmacy Area

Saw this on HCW...

Just a heads up when check out CVS...

December is Medicare Open Enrollment and CVS/pharmacy can help on one side. It's for $2.00 off any purchase of $10 or more. Valid October 1st 2007 to December 31st 2007.

Friday, October 5, 2007

$2 Printable - Any Clean and Clear Product

Here's a printable for you gals looking to get in on the CVS clean and clear deal for next week.

Link to $2 Printable

You can print it 4 times! Just click back and refresh after printing the first coupon.

UPDATE - Target: Glade Plugin Oil Warmers - Free or Overage!!!

Saw this on HCW...

Glade Plug-in oil warmers are on a price cut at Target for $2.50

In the SS inserts 9/16/07 there are coupons for $3.00 off!!!

If your target gives overage then you can earn $.50 per warmer purchased!!! :) If not, free is still good! LOL

I haven't tried this out but I will tomorrow after my son's soccer game! :)

Just got back and tried this deal! It works...they are marked down to $2.50 each and I used the $3 cpn and got $.50 overage on each! hehehe.. .So I bought milk bottle liners for the twins. LOL

I want to order some more cpns from the clipping service but they are so expensive. So I'm not sure if I want to do this. I know this would be a great seller at flea markets but we'll see.

Shopping update for the week!!!

hehe.. Well I haven't posted any of my shopping trips because all of it can be found in the spreadsheet link to the left... So I'm not going to double post a breakdown of what I bought.

I willl tell you that I did complete the following so far (didn't break my limit on Tylenol yet)...
-Tylenol Deal Spend 20 get 10
-Proctor and Gamble Spend 20 get 5
-Robitussin Spend 20 get 10
-Halls Cough Drops Spend 20 get 10
-Mars Candy $2 get $1
-Vaseline $6.69 get $2
-Irish Spring $1.99 get $1
-Seabreeze $4.99 get $3

What I will tell you is that since Oct 1st through Oct 4th. I have spend a total of $24.48 and the retail value of this stuff is $492.16. Of that I earned $198 in ECBS. But most of those ECBs were used to roll my old ECBs that are expiring soon. heheh...

So I guess for the 4 days of work, I have saved over 95% based on retail value. :) That's pretty cool. hehehe...

Of the $500 worth of stuff, i would say I will use half of it. Most of the stuff from the past 4 days are cold medicines and cough drops. I can say I officially have enough cold medication to last me this year and next! hehe.. .but I will give them away to my family because I know they use it too and I wouldn't want them to spend money on something I can get free now.

hehe... BTW, I'm still stocking up for my yard sales and flea markets but I just wanted yall to know that I do not resell these medications at my yard/flea market sales. I feel totally weird about it.

CVS: $2 Eucerin Redness Relief Coupons

When doing your CVS runs, browse through the area where they keep tons of pamphlets... I found some $2 off Eucerin Redness Relief coupons. They are brochure type flyers from Eucerin. This is totally cool because this month there is the "spend $20 on Eucerin Redness Relief Products (certain ones) and get $12 ECB back, limit 5"!!! The $2 coupons will come in handy! LOL...

Also I found $1 off Jergens Lotion. It's their special line. I can't recall what the actual name is. The $1 off coupons are the size of a credit and it's a little tiny brochure as well. It was found on the actual displays on the endcaps of CVS.


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