Friday, November 30, 2007 - Price Matching Update

Okie so I finally got my shoes yesterday and they are GORGEOUS!! I'm sooooo in love! LOL... I know my cousin is laughing at me now... hehehe..

Anyways...wanted to update you on the refund that I got. It didn't go quite as planned but it was still a good deal.

My first transaction was like this...
-5.00 shipping credit

They price matched amazon's $29.89 price plus 110% of the difference BUT they subtracted the $5 above for the shipping credit. :( So it was either one or the other. Of course I'm taking the 110%! LOL...

The ended up refunding my credit card $144.10.

-5.00 shipping credit
=$16.79 my final price, not bad for a $165 pair of shoe. :)

Transaction 2
-5.00 shipping credit
-45.10 (price matched it to 19.89 from amazon)
=$15.79 my final price, okay for a $65 pair of shoe. :)
-8% from ebates (yet to be determined what amount they will use to calculate the 8%)
=final price TBD

Not so enjoyable Email...

So I had to share the not so enjoyable email that I got yesterday (see below for hate mail). I've taken out the name and email address since that wasn't necessary. I guess you can say this is my first real hate mail? If I get more, I may or may not post them. It just depends on how "wrong" it rubs me.

Well anyways... I wanted to address this email...

Yes I do have 5 cards. I look at myself fine each day in the mirror unless I'm sick with a cold or flu. As for unethical, I'm not sure about that. If you call your own CVS customer care, they have not set parameters on how many cards one single person can have. Each of my 5 cards are all in my name and I have called into customer care on many occassions about all 5 of my cards in one phone conversation. If it was illegal, unethical, wrong, I think your own customer care would let me know that. BTW, even if I did have 5 cards, why didn't you bother to ask me if I was shopping for my family? Do you know how many members I have in my family? No I guess not, you didnt' bother. To tell you the honest truth, beside me and my cousin, no one else in my ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY (that would include about 45 people living in a radius of 30 miles from me) does not have a CVS card. I provide my CVS stash to my family and friends. My cousin provides her stash to her family and friends. I do sell a portion of my stash but so what. I do what I have to and I abide by the rules.

BTW, if you are still scratching your head in disbelief, please go to and check out the CVS threads there. You will see a whole board of people having more than one card and you may be shock to know that they are not ALL ASIANS! Or better yet go to and check out their CVS thread. You may be even more shocked. Those people have 10 or more cards and yup they aren't Asian's either!!!

As for you running into many Asians doing this, well I would say... Do you live in an "ALL" Asian area? Or maybe Asian's love to shop at your store because they love seeing you when you ring them up? Hmmm.... I'm not sure but either way... I truly do resent that comment you made because not just Asian's love to coupon shop at CVS with tons of CVS cards.

BTW... yes I am Asian.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Nov 29, 2007 10:58 PM
Subject: 5 CVS CARDS

Hi. I work at CVS and came across your blog. I just do not understand how you can have five cards and still look at yourself. That is very unethical and yes, it is beating the system but it is also abusing the system. If you were saving all this money with one card that is different, but you know better than to use five cards. Also, are you Asian? Just curious. Alot of the people that come into the store are Asian that do the same thing as you.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Safeway - Free Cheese Nips WYB 6

Saw this on Slickdeals

Safeway is running a Nabisco Rachael Ray cracker promo. Buy six participating boxes of Nabisco crackers and $6 is deducted from your receipt instantly.

Currently this week at Safeway through December 4th...Cheese Nips 12 oz packages are 10 for $ $1 each.BUY SIX boxes at $1.00 each for a total of $6 and the $6 discount will apply automatically.

Amazon Shoe Price Matching - Clarification!!!

Okie ladies.. I got tons of emails and I hope I answered all your questions... if not, I'll address it here so others can see as well...

What I did...
Found the shoe I liked on amazon. Amazon has to have the shoe and size in stock at the low price i want. Then I go to the two websites I provide and find the same exact shoe and size in stock. If they have it, I place the order immediately. I checkout and pay (if you have a ebates account go through ebates to get additional money back). After I paid for the shoes, I call their customer service immediately (it was less than 1 minute that I called and in my case it was You should call immediately because amazon sells out of shoes and size fast. To get the price match from the other two websites, amazon has to have those SAME EXACT SHOE AND SIZE in stock. They will go to amazon's website to verify this. If they see your same exact shoe and size in stock, they will issue a credit refund on your account after the shoe has shipped.

If for some reason the shoe is sold out on amazon and you placed your order already (with the other two websites) and they can't cancel your order, just ship it back to them. It's free returns from both websites (365 days from the day you ordered the shoe!).

just fyi... offers 8% back at and offers 6% back if you go through their services. is a shopping referral network. It's free to join and you get money back for shopping. :) When I placed my first order, I messed up and forgot about ebates or I would have gotten around $13.xx back and the final cost of that shoe would have been free with money back. :( oh well... I remembered to do it with my second pair of shoe and I should be getting $5.xx back and the final cost of that shoe should be $5.xx. :) hehehe...

If you would like a referral for, you can register and put my email addie in the referral box and it'll credit me $5 buck and you $10!!! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amazon Shoes - Price Matching Pays Off!!!

Okie..this has nothing to do with coupons but it has everything to do with saving money! LOL... and getting shoes!!!

Amazon currently has tons of high end shoes for 80% off. Here's the link.

Find the shoe you like then go to these websites...

to find the same shoe and size in stock and they will price match it to amazon. TOTALLY AWESOME. If you go through ebates you save additional money as well!

I just ordered these two shoes from

Transaction 1
Original at 165.89 and price matched it to amazon for $29.98 and I am getting 110% of the difference as well. So I will end up paying $16.39 for the shoe and they will refund me $5 for shipping(their promotion right now). :) So bottom line price is $11.39 for $165 pair of shoe!!!

Transaction 2

This pair of shoe is $65.89 on and it's onsale at amazon for $19.98. So they price matched it and gave me 110% of the difference so the shoe will be $15.39 plus a refund of $5 for shipping!! Bottom line price $10.39!!! :) This particular pair of shoe would have been a lot cheaper at but they didnt have black in my size so they couldn't price match the amoutn. :( Oh well..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Safeway - Select Varieties of General Mills Cereal will be $2 for 4 boxes!

Update: I'm such a big retard... lol... i dont know why i didnt see this but the ad is for buy 4 gm cereal and save $4 ... hahaha..not buy 4 for $4!!! i guess it was wishful thinking.... anyways if you still do this deal it will be 4 for $4 after the two coupons. Still a good deal for the cereal if you have to buy them! My ds loves the lucky charms so it's still a deal for me. LOL

Safeway has a sale up.. when you buy 4 boxes of select General Mills Cereal you pay $4. Then there is a coupon from 11-4 inserts for $1.00 on two. So you can use two of these coupons to get 4 boxes of cereal for $2.

Fine Print on Safeway Deal: Lucky Charms 11.5oz, Cheerios Crunch 11.3oz, Reeses Puffs 12.8oz., Cinnamon Toast 12.8oz, Total Whole Grain 10.6oz, Selected varieties, Nature Valley Granola Bars Crunchy Bars 8.9oz, Trail Mix 7.4oz, Sweet & Salty 7.4oz. Selected varieties. Must Buy 4 * 4 for $10 Club Price, 4 for $6 when you buy 4. All items must be purchased in a single transaction with Club Card. Offer valid 11/23/07 - 11/27/07. Limit 1 purchase of 4. With Club Card on Participating Products

The cereals that qualify from the coupon standpoint would be...
Lucky Charms
Reese's Puff
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Total Whole Grain

Friday, November 23, 2007

$10 off $29.99 Games at Best Buy

Here is a coupon that I found on slickdeals...

Best Buy $10 off Any Video Game $29.99 & Up
Offer valid 11/16/2007–11/28/2007. In store only.

Link to actual Bestbuy site coupon

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving CVS Shopping Totals!!!

Okie I woke up and did my CVS runs early! I went to 3 CVS to finish my transaction for 5 cards. I would have tried to finish it at 2 stores but they didn't have enough of the products for me and I didnt want to split my transactions.

So here goes...

$392.19 -Total before coupon
$237.19 - After Coupons
$233.00 - ECB Used
$6.23 - Total Cash OOP
$313.75 - ECB Earned

It's give and take here and there but those are the numbers... But what I'm most excited about is that I only spent $6.23 cents out of pocket and I used $233 in ECBS but I got back $313.75 ECBS.

The only problem i noticed with my ecbs is that the tylenol vial didn't print the $1.49. So I have to call CS to have them issue that on my card.

For those that are doing these thanksgiving CVS sale, I would say get the CVS ziploc bags first cause they run out quick!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CVS Coupons Just Released!

Here are a few more coupons that CVS just released!!! I personally got the $5/$30! HEHHE... but the one below are all from slickdeals!

Save $4.00 on any $20 Essence of Beauty purchase 4-9215 exp 12/9/07
Save $4.00 on any $20 Essence of Beauty purchase 4-9214 exp 12/9/07

Save $5.00 off $30 purchase 4-8935 exp 11/24/07
Save $5.00 off $30 purchase 4-8934 exp 11/24/07

The essences of beauty purchase would pair well with the essences of beauty robe and candle! The candle coupon should still be good. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

CVS Black Friday Ads - thanks HCW

Here is a list of Black Friday Sales at CVS (taken from HCW).

FREE after ECB's Offers :

$6.99 ECB's wyb Bic Soleil Razor (1 razor, 2 cartidges & 1 shower holder) @ $6.99 - LIMIT ONE per card
$5.69 ECB's wyb Johnson's Softlotion 11-14oz. @ $5.69 - LIMIT ONE per card
$4.00 ECB's wyb Advil PM Caplet 20ct. or Liqui-gel 16ct. @ $4.00 - LIMIT ONE per card
$3.99 ECB's wyb Softsoap Nutra-Oil Moisturing Body Wash 12oz. @ $3.99 - LIMIT ONE per card
$3.79 ECB's wyb Excedrin 24ct. asstd. types @ $3.79 - LIMIT ONE per card
$2.99 ECb's wyb Hershey's Chocolate : Extra Dark 5.1-5.2oz., antioxident or whole bean 4.2oz. pouch @ $2.99 - LIMIT ONE per card
$2.49 ECB's wyb Tylenol 10ct. @ $2.49 - LIMIT ONE per card
$1.49 ECB's wyb Enviga Sparkling Green Tea single 12oz. can @ $1.49 - LIMIT ONE per card
$5.99 ECB's wyb Garnier 100% Color @ $5.99 - LIMIT TWO per card
$2.99 ECB's wyb Colgate Toothpaste (Total Advanced Clean plus Whitening 4.2oz. or Maxfresh Burst 4oz.) @ $2.99 - LIMIT THREE per card
$1.79 ECB's wyb CVS/pharmacy Zipper Seal Food Storage Bags (storage 20ct. or 1-gal. Freezer 15ct.) - LIMIT THREE per card

Extra Care Buck Offers :
$40 ECB's wyb Kodak Digital C-613 Camera @ $99.99 - LIMIT FOUR per card***(Bottom of ad reads : *Some camera products may contain parts that have been used or recycled.)
$20 ECB's wyb 7" Digital Photo Frame @ $69.99 - LIMIT ONE per card
$10 ECB's wyb $20 of these Gillette items : Gillette Fusion or Venus : - LIMIT ONE per card
***Fusion Power, Phantom Razor, cartridges 4-8ct., gel 7oz., Venus Divine, Vibrance, Breeze razor or cartiridges 4-8ct.
$5 ECB's wyb $10 TRESemme` Hair Care - LIMIT ONE per card
$5 ECB's wyb Markwins Color Cosmetic Train Case @ $19.99 - LIMIT ONE per card
$5 ECB's wyb Essence of Beauty Ladies Bathrobe (super plush micro fiber) @ $19.99 - LIMIT ONE per card
$5 ECB's wyb Hot Wheels Turbo Playset @ $14.99 - LIMIT ONE per card
$3 ECB's wyb Digital Photo Keychain @ $17.99 - LIMIT FOUR per card
$3 ECB's wyb Mennon Speed Stick 24/7 For Men (2.7-3oz., asstd. types) @ $3.99
$2 ECB's wyb TWO Happy Holidays M&M's @ 2/$4 (Plain, peanut or mint 11-14oz. bags) - LIMIT ONE per card
$2 ECB's wyb TWO Hershey's Pot of Gold @ 2/$9 (Premium 12oz. or Nut assortment 7.7oz.)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

CVS Deal for Today!

The pledge duster kits are onsale this week for $2.99 again and we have coupons that expire today for $3/1. So here's my transactions that I will do... If you don't have the pledge duster coupons then you can do transacton number 2 whenever (since they dont have the pledge in it).

Oral B CrossAction Toothbursh Rebate

I bought this last week during the buy $15 get $5 ECB back (CVS) and I just came across this from HCW. It's a rebate for the crossaction toothbrush! :) So I would think the rebate amount is $7.99 or whatever you paid for it!!!

Here's the link.

My Giant Haul...

I bought 20 Simple Steam Boxed Veggies (tons of variety), 10 crescent Rolls and 5 Pizza Dough Rolls and a $13.03 Turkey all for $1.03. I paid $1.03 because I had a $7 and $5 catalina from the unilever deal last week and so those catalina pays for my turkey for thanksgiving! :) the rest were simply free!!

I ordered more cpns for the simply steam boxed veggies. :) BTW I have tons of the crescent roll cpns but the rolls will only keep for a month or two. Do any of you gals know if we can freeze this to use later? will it keep well? If not, I'm not going to stock up on them.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Giant/Super Giant - Cheap or Free Green Giant Frozen Veggies

Found this posted on HCW...

Giant is having a 10 for $10 sale on Green Giant Boxed Vegetables. This includes the following varieties...

Or Prepared Vegetables, Simply Steam Seasoned Vegetables or Rices. All Varieties. 7 Oz-10 Oz Pkg. (Excludes Asparagus Cuts.) Frozen."

Here are the cpn match-ups that I have...
SS 10/7
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables, any .50/2 (12-1-07)
SS 10/7 Green Giant Simply Steam Frozen Vegetables or Boxed Frozen Vegetables, any .25 (12-1-07)

SS 11/11 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables, any .50/2 (1-5-08)
SS 11/11 Green Giant Simply Steam Frozen Boxed Vegetables, any .25 (1-5-08)

Some have reported having Green Giant Simply Frozen Vegetebales $.50/1 which would double to $1 making this free. IF you have it then you get free veggies, if not then you get cheap veggies. LOL..

I have to double check my 11/11 inserts as I have not cross referenced my stack with Tayortownpreviews yet. Hopefully I got the $.50/1 :)
Update: I do have the $.50/1 from the 11/11 inserts. :) FREE VEGGIES HERE I COME!

Giant/Super Giant - free cresent rolls or sweet rolls

Save $5 instantly wyb 5 participating pillsbury refridgerated dough items in one transaction.

Anyways... I'm going to try this to use for thanksgiving!!!

$2 Crescent rolls
-5.00 (.50 x double) crescent roll mft need 5 of these q's SS9/9
-5.00 instant savings

Crescent rolls and sweet rolls are on sale for $2.

Pillsbury Grands Sweet Rolls, any .50 SS 10/21
Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls, any .50 ss9/9

pillsbury ad

Robitussin Recall - Dosing cups are missing 1/2 tsp mark

This is late but decided to post it anyways...

Robitussin is recalling a portion of their medicine because the dosing cups are missing the 1/2 tsp mark. If you call in and give them the lot number information they will send you a coupon for a free product. The product itself is fine it's just the dosing cup are missing information that could lead to overdose for children.

Here's the article.

Here's another article on their site.

Here's the telephone number 1-800-762-4675 to call for the coupon.

Products Being Recalled & Replaced:
· Robitussin® Cough DM
· Robitussin® Cough & Cold CF
· Robitussin® Cough & Congestion
· Robitussin® Chest Congestion
· Robitussin® Head & Chest Congestion PE
· Robitussin® Cough Sugar Free DM
· Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Chest Congestion

Thursday, November 15, 2007

CVS Transaction - using Shrek ECB

Here's my CVS transaction i did today using my Shrek ECB.

19.99 Shrek the 3rd dvd
11.98 Garnier 2@5.99
8.58 Jergens 2@4.29
1.49 palmolive
10.98 curel hand/foot cream 2@5.49

$10.00 shrek ecb
$3.00 - $3/1 shrek mft peelie (found at giant)
$4.00 - $2/1 garnier mft cpn
$2.00 - $1/1 jergens cpn
$2.00 - $1/1 curel mft
$5.00 - $5/25 beauty printable
$2.00 - $2/10 cvs flu flyer coupon
$4.00 - CRT
$20 ECB

Total OOP $1.02 and got back $20 ecb.

CVS $/$$ Coupons have been released!

UPDATE: I've removed some of the links because other peoples names were on the coupon. If I find another set of coupons without the names, I'll post them. :)

I'm so excited... just finished browsing through HCW and Slickdeals and there are a ton posted! I will update this list as they come in today. If you subscribed to my blog, the updates will not come through email. You will have to check back. :)

Small $/$$ Coupons
$2 off $10 CVS Brand 4-6705 exp 11/18
$3 off $15 4-6722 exp 11/25
$4 off $20 4-6724 exp 11/18
$5 off $30 4-6776 exp 11/25
$5 off $30 4-6723 exp 11/18

Extracare Full Sheet Cpns
$4 off $20 4-8103 exp 11/18
$4 off $20 4-8110 exp 12/02

Beauty Products Coupon
$5 off $25 4-8965 exp 11/17 Beauty Products Coupon
$5 off $25 4-8966 exp 11/17 Beauty Products Coupon

Specialty Coupons
Save $5.00 on any Flair purchase exp 11/25/07
Save $1.50 on one 19.75 oz. bag of Hershey Christmas Candy (Kisses, Reeses, or Assorted Minitures exp 11/25/07
Save $1.00 on one 3.53 oz. Hershey Cacao Reserve bar exp 11/25/07
Save $1.00 on Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths exp 11/25/07
Save $1.00 on any bag of HALLS cough drops or HALLS ProHealth Defense exp 11/25/07
Save $1.00 on any Wet Ones Hands & Face Wipes Canister exp 11/25/07
Save $2.00 on any Energizer Specialty Battery.* (watch, electronic, medical or hearing aid) exp 11/25/07
Save $50.00 on either a Bayer Contour or Breeze 2 meter exp 11/25/07
Save $2.00 on any 8 oz. Essence of Beauty Soy Lotion Candle exp 11/25/07
Save $2.00 on Gas-x Infant Drops or Maalox Childrens exp 11/25/07
Save $2.00 on Benefiber exp 11/25/07
Save $1.00 on Keri Skin Lotion exp 11/25/07
Save $2.00 on Excedrin exp 11/25/07

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CVS Scenario Worksheet

Thanks all for the compliments on my worksheet (posted on the left links area). It really does mean a lot to me that I can actually help.

Let me know how it goes with my spreadsheet and if it's actually saving you time. :) Would love to here from ya'll!

CVS Transaction from yesterday..

This was a pretty good transaction. I did it 5 times (one on each card) with a little variation among the 5 but generally the same. I was also able to break my huge $29.99 ecb up and I'm happy about that!!!

2 - garnier gel cleanser
4 - palmolive
1 - gillette fusion razor
1 - gillette venus razor
2 - jergens
1 - dove vitalizer
1 - oral crossaction power

2 - $2/1 garnier mft
1 - $2/1 gillette fusion mft
1 - $2/1 gillette venus mft
2 - $1/2 palmolive mft
2 - $1/1 jergens mft
1 - $3.50/1 dove vitalizer
1 - $1/1 oral-b crossaction power
1 - $2/$10 cvs flu flyer
1 - $5/$25 beauty CVS printable
$10 - crt
$32 ecb (used my ameal ecb and a small ecb)

Total OOP $.48 cents plus tax and got $33 ecb back.

Shrek the 3rd DVD Peelies found!!

Found the $3 manufacturer peelies at Giant/Super Giant. This will go awesome with my CVS $10 Shrek Ecb!!!

This is one the transaction I'm planning on doing for the Shrek Deal...

19.99 shrek 3rd movie
$11.98 garnier gel cleanser 2ea

$10 - shrek ecb cpn
$4 - garnier $2/1 cleanser cpn
$3 - Shrek peelie
$4 - CRT
$10 - ECB

Pay $.97 OOP and gain $10ecb back from garnier

I have another scenario using a $10/$50 CRT but i'm not going to post that since many of you can't get your hands on a $10/50 CRT.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Giant Deal... Got even sweeter!!

a few days ago I posted some scenarios for the giant catalina deals...well low and behold...they are sweeter now!!! and possible HUGE money makers if you have the right coupons...

HCW posters are reporting that giant is counting the original prices to reach the catalina deals instead of the sale prices. So this mean less products to buy to reach our $ catalina limits! And they are printing multiple catalinas when you pass the $ points.

Unilever Catalina - Buy $20 get $7 ONYO catalina OR
Unilever Catalina - Buy $15 get $5 ONYO catalina


Health & Beauty Catalina - Buy $10 get $2 H&B catalina

Scenario #1
2.99 sunsilk shampoo (orig 3.99)
2.99 sunsilk shampoo (orig 3.99)
2.99 sunsilk shampoo (orig 3.99)
2.99 sunsilk conditioner (orig 3.99)
2.99 sunsilk conditioner (orig 3.99)
2.99 sunsilk conditioner (orig 3.99)
$17.94 ~~~~~~~~(orig. total 23.94)
-6.00 - need 3 - $2/1 mft
-8.97 - need 3 WYB shampoo get conditioner free
$2.97 Total and you will get back one $7 unilever catalina and two $2 H&B catalina.

then rinse and repeat using the $2 H&B to pay for your transactions. :)

or without the WYB coupons...

Scenario #2
2.99 sunsilk shampoo (orig 3.99)
x 6
$17.94 ~~~~~~~~(orig. total 23.94)
-12.00 - need 6 - $2/1 mft
$5.94 Total and you will get back one $7 unilever catalina and two $2 H&B catalina.

Scenario #3
$1.99 Caress 2pk bar soap (orig $2.69)
x 6
$11.94 ~~~~~~~~~(orig total $16.14)
-6.00 - caress mft cpns $1/1
-2.00 - H&B coupon from above
$3.94 total and get back one $7 unilever catalina and one $2 H&B catalina

Other Monthly CVS Scenarios...

Scenario #1
$2.99 Purrel 8oz
x 4
11.96 total
-6 - you need 4 $1.50/1 purell mft cpns
-2 - $/$$ coupon found at pharmacy
3.96 total and get $4ecb back

Scenario #2
4.29 Jergens lotion small bottle
x 6
25.75 total
-6.00 - you need 6 $1/1 jergens coupon found at cvs
-5.00 - CVS printable beauty product cpn
-2 - $/$$ coupon found at pharmacy
-4 - $/$$ printable
10.74 total and get back $15ECBs

You can tweak the jergens scenario a few ways... there are $.75 mft cpns that were in the sunday paper a few weeks ago if you can't find the $1 off cpns. Also if you don't want to stack the $2 coupon found at the pharmacy you can take that out. This is still a huge money maker. :)

What to use the $2.50/10 CVS Brand CRTs on...

heheh.. I have a number of these pesky $2.50/$10 CVS brand CRTs and I really don't want them to go to waste... so here are some scenarios that I came across on HCW...

Scenario #1

$3.19 - 500 ct beige CVS Cotton Swabs (limit 5)
x 4
-2.50 - CVS Brand CRT
-2.00 - $/$$ coupon found at pharmacy section
Total $8.26 and you get back $8 ECB.

So use $8 ecb from your stash to pay for this transaction and you end up paying $.26 cents and they you have successfully rolled your $8 ECB along with getting free cotton swabs! :)

Scenario #2

$1.99 CVS Soap 2pk
$1.99 CVS Soap 2pk
$1.99 CVS Soap 2pk
$1.99 CVS Soap 2pk
$2.29 CVS Soap 2pk
10.25 Total
-2.50 - CVS Brand CRT
-2.00 - $/$$ coupon found at pharmacy section
Total $5.75 and you get back $5 ecb also!!!

So you can roll another $5 ecb and pay $.75!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

CVS - rolling $9 ecb

so here's my weekly rolling of my CVS ecbs...

$9.99 degree clinical protection deo (limit 1)
$1.49 goody pain relief powder (limit 1)
$2.50 aquapod 8pk (limit 1 but have to buy 2)
$2.50 aquapod 8pk (limit 1 but have to buy 2)
$2.99 crest toothpaste (limit 1)
$1.09 fruit20 drink
$1.09 fruit20 drink

Total $21.65

cpns used
$2 degree clinical 10/7 V
$1/2 aquapod 9/16 V
$1 crest 10/14 PG
$1.09 CVS Promo BOGO on fruit2o
$1 fruit20 diabetes booklet
2/10 cvs flu pamplet coupon
4/20 cvs printable
$9 ECB

Total OOP $.56 plus tax and gain $9.49 in ecbs

Giant - Sunsilk Deal

I forgot to post this... but here goes...

Part of the buy $20 unilever product get $7 OYNO and also part of the spend $10 H&B products get $2 catalina on H&B products

$4.19 sunsilk shampoo/conditioner (i'm not sure of the exact price but this is cvs/target price)
x 5
-10 - need 5 $2/1 mft cpns valassis 10/7
10.95 oop get back $7 ONYO and two $2 ONYO

I think this will work since the $7 is the unilever products and the $2 is beauty products.

so basically you pay $1.95 for 5 bottles of sunsilk. I guess this is a good deal if you use sunsilk! :

Giant - Keri Renewal Lotion

I saw this on HCW and this deal might be the last day for this...not totally sure... will check it out later today...

$5.99 Keri Renewal Lotion (orig $15.99)
x 2
-$5.00 mft keri renewal lotion cpn SS 11/4
-$5.00 mft keri renewal lotion cpn SS 11/4
$1.98 OOP and get 3 $2 catalina for H&B products for next time

It's generating three because if you spend $10 on H&B products you get a $2 catalina and someone from HCW realized you dont have to seperate the transactions and it's counting the original prices...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

CVS Scenario - Degree Clinical Deo

Here is a small scenario for that very very expensive deo! LOL

$9.99 Degree Clinical Deo
$1.09 Fruit20
$1.09 Fruit20
12.17 Total
-2.00 mft cpn Valassis 10/7
-1.09 BOGO CVS sale on fruit20
-1.00 $1/2 fruit20 cvs diabetes booklet
-2.00 cvs $2/10 purchase found in stores
6.08 Total OOP and get back $5 ECB for the degree

Toysrus - Wii Super Mario Galaxy

On November 13 (in stores only), Toysrus will sell the newly release (releasing that day) Wii Super Mario Galaxy for $49.99 and you will get a $25 giftcard for future purchase. This is a pretty good deal if you have little kiddos that are Wii fanatics! This is a great xmas present if you are looking for Wii games for less OOP.

CVS Fillers

So I ran across this at HCW and thought it was worth mentioning...

If you are short on dollar amount to reach $/$$, here are good fillers if you need them!

Contrex bottled water
They are $1.49 each, there are tearpads on the doors (fridge section) for .75/1. Buy 2 and your total would be $2.98 (that is your filler amount). Use the coupons to bring them down to $1.48 and get back $1 in ECB's (must buy 2, limit 5 for the month of november)
Total OOP = .48 per 2 bottles or .24 each

Fruit20 Bottles - For this week only (week of 11/4)
Fruit2O is BOGO Free. They are $1.09 each (this is your filler amount also), use $1/2 CVS Q from diabetes booklet and you end up paying $.09 cents for two bottles.

Safeway - Free Shampoo and Eclipse Mints

UPDATE: I did my deal today and it was great! :) I notice that the vive pro doesn't end today but instead it ends on 11/14!!! So there is still time to get in on this deal~!!!


Nothing too exciting but safeway is having BOGO free on Vive Pro Shampoo. So if you missed out on Giant you can do Safeway. It ends today so hurry and go! If you miss this one you can go to Superfresh and do the BOGO free deal there as well. :) Superfresh ends on Thursday.

Free eclipse mints at safeway... They are onsale for $1 a pack. There were coupons out on 9/26/07 smartsource for $.50 a pack. Safeway will double that to $1, so totally free mints! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Turned down by Soup Kitchen!

LOL... so i just got off the phone with Shepherds Table and the guy I talked to over the phone declined my good gesture of donating all my betty crocker cookie mixes, betty crocker fruit snacks, cereal and etc... He said they dont' bake at their establishment there and on top of that they have Whole Foods, Giant and Safeway donating cakes and cookies to them already!

Talk about PICKY! I really didnt know that these soup kitchens were so well off that when donating items, they would actually turn stuff away.

This is what I was donating...
40+ betty crocker cookie mix
70+ betty crocker fruit snacks
20+ cereal boxes
15+ mini candy bars bags (snickers, skittles, starburst, etc)
6 jars of peanut butter

I'm just totally BUMMED! now back to the drawing board of who will be the lucky recepients of my stockpile.

CVS Scenarios without Nova Max Cpn

If you look to the left "Spreadsheet Forum" you will find the scenarios I will do for this weeks CVS shopping. I know it's late but I was super busy during the beginning of the week with Giant. LOL..

BTW, I have over $100 in the giant $4 off your next purchase cpns... I did the betty crocker fruit snack deal so many times that i have tons of these coupons now. The fruit snacks are getting donated to Shepherd's Table sometime in the next two weeks along with some other stockpile items that I have. Hopefully they can make good use out of those items. I know some of this stuff isn't the healthiest but maybe some of the children or adults will enjoy a little bit of sugar?

CVS Scenario Using Nova Max Cpns

So the scenario I made the other day was huge and I thought about it and it was really hard to buy all those items at the pharmacy... so I shortened the list to this...

1 nova max
1 essences of beauty bag (14.99)
1 essences of beauty lotion (3.33)

nova max CVS cpn
$2.50 CRT off cvs brand items (essences of beauty is one of those brands)
$11 ecb

Total OOP less than $1~ and you get back $20 ecb for nova max and $5 for essences of beauty.

This is how the bag looks like... I did this deal 4 times and got 4 bags. These will make great gifts for the teachers during the holiday season. I'll add a gift card and maybe some other stuff. I will take out the lotion that the bag comes with. I think it stinks but the bag and slippers and cosmetic bag is really cute.


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