Monday, March 24, 2008

Unsubscribing to Blog

So... I just wanted to inform everyone that if you want to unsubscribe from my blog, you will have to go to and sign in with the email account you registered with. After you log in, you can edit your membership and click "unsubscribe" from the emails.

If that doesn't work, you can try emailing me but I want to warn you that some of your emails that I get may go to gmails SPAM folder ( I have no control what goes in that SPAM folder) and so I may never see the emails if I don't check the SPAM folder (I get about 200 spam per day) and may just delete all of it at once. So don't get ANGRY AT ME for something that I didn't even know (YES I DID GET A NASTY EMAIL SAYING "TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST, I shouldn't have to ask 10 times!!!!"... I may even have more than that if these are all going to my SPAM folder)...

So if you don't want to see any of this, please go to and unsubscribe. It's that easy!

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