Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Safeway - "Fuel for School" $24.00 savings. Q's expire 09/30/08

Coupons found at safeway that maybe good for upcoming promotions at various stores... so be on the look out for them...

this is how the display looks like

this is how the pamphlet looks like...

this is how the cpns look like inside the pamphlet...

these are the fine prints of the cpns (taken from SD)...

"Fuel for School" $24.00 savings. Q's expire 09/30/08

  • Save $2 on any one Smucker's Fruit spread WYB any one K-Grab n go cereal paks and one K-Graham cracker
  • Save $2 on Jif to Go WYB any one K-town house flip side cracker and one K-sunshine 12 ct.
  • Save $2 on any 2 mead 5-star notebooks or binders WYB on eK Gripz cookies and one K-mini wheats cereal
  • Save $2 on 1 Gal milk WYB one pop tart and one K-eggos
  • Save $2 on store brand juice WYB one K-nutrigrain and on eK-right bites cookies
  • Save $2 on store brand coffee WYB one K-crunchy nut S &S Granola Bars and one K-Raisin Bran Cereal
  • Save $2 on store brand bread WYB any one K-Yogo's Bits and one K- rice krispy treats
  • save $2 on 12-24 pack store brand Water WYB K-Special K Protein water mix and K-Smart start cereal
  • Save $2 on any 1 gal MIlk WYB one K-Eggo's and one K-ceral straws
  • Save $2 on produce WYB one K-take along cookies and one K-kid's cereal

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