Saturday, July 26, 2008

Walgreens - July 27th...

So there are a few noteworthy deals for Walgreens this week but I'm more so interested in the olay deal and dove deal...

Olay Ribbons or Botanical bodywash will be 3 for $10... WYB $20 worth of this product you will get a $7 rr. Both the Olay Ribbons and the Botanical bodywash have $2/1 coupons out... I can't remember which inserts but they are there! So the math looks like this...

$20 for 6 bodywash (mix and match as you please between ribbons and botanical)
-12 - 6 of the mft $2/1
=$8 oop and get a $7 rr back.

So really it's only costing you $1 for 6 bodywash! :)

If you have RRs from the diaper double dip or the JF double dip then you can work those in so you pay nothing OOP and get a $7 rr back~!!!

as for the dove shampoo deal... It's on sale for BOGO free this week. Some bottles are $3.99 and some are 4.99. You should aim for the $3.99 bottles... There are $2/1 dove shampoo cpns in the past inserts (again I have no clue which since I'm too lazy to go back and look at the moment). So if you buy two bottles for $3.99 total, use two $2/1 dove shampoo cpn, it becomes FREE!!!

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