Monday, August 11, 2008

Rundown of CVS, Riteaid, Target, Walmart

CVS - this week
This week skin effects is "buy 1 get $5ecb, limit 1"... the cheapest skin effects is the facial scrub or pump bottle for $6.99. In the beauty in bloom book, there is a $2 off skin effects coupon. So nice way to roll ecb!

CVS sunscreen - 2oz bottle
They are $2.39 and if you scan your card you should get a $1 off cvs sunscreen for any size. Moneymaker or you can buy a few bottles of cheap. The beauty in bloom coupon states the size of 3oz or more, so you can't use that coupon on the 2oz one but there are a few that are like $4.xx so you can get cheap sunscreen if you are looking to buy this stuff.

Candy deal is not rolling over. If anyone has the dove $1.50/1 dove chocolate coupon (5/11RP) you can do the candy deal this week to roll your ecbs. Buy 10 bags, use 10 - $1.50/1 cpn, pay $15ecb and get $15ecb back. Limit is 5 - buy $10 get $5ecb.

CVS - 8/24
From HCW...
Kotex Lightdays $1.49 get $1.49 Limit 1
Moneymaker on Kotex. $1 off any in 7/20 SS, or IP here
All You mags for -1.00 off any Kotex product


I saw this on sd and not sure how slick this is (legit??)...

Befine has a coupon in "Coupon Sale brochure" page 5 and it's for $5 off of befine product. I'm not sure what the fine print on the coupon says since I don't really shop riteaid but if it says "any" then this would be an awesome moneymaker legit deal!

There are befine single serve packets for $1.99, use the $5 off coupon to make it a $3.01 moneymaker!!! HOpefully the coupon says "any". if not then don't do it!

SD also gave a tip about when to give the $5 off coupon. When purchasing stuff give all your other coupons fist and have the $5 off coupon at the end or close to the end so that the cashier is in a scanning mode. The coupon does not beep. So if they are in a scanning mode they more than likely will not deny you. devil If they do then jsut say you dont want it.

Oh and there are a ton of freebie stuff also... Here's the post..

Walmart - Pert
Not free but cheap. If you have tons of the $2/1 pert coupons left, they are regular price at walmart for $2.88. So you can get them for $.88. They sell great at yardsale for $2 each. I sell out of these everytime I have them. Mostly men will buy it since they like the fact that it's 2in1, no hassle. LOL...

Target - Glade Plugins
Not free but no beeps!! The plugins are $4.19 and if you use the $4/1 cpn then it's $.19 for each, beep free!!! Or you can get them free at walmart but hassle with the "Valid Coupon Amt" beep. You choice!

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