Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free 3 months of amazon prime!

Thanks to Janie (BBC Girls) for the awesome tip!

Get amazon prime for free for the next 3 months by adding $100 of text books to your shopping cart. On the last page right before you click submit, there should be a link above the shipping offering your a trial membership for amazon prime for 3 months. Click the link (remember to uncheck one click shopping) and join amazon prime for 3 months for free (trial offer). The trial offer should pop up... Oh and remember to empty your shopping cart. You are not obligated to buy anything to join the trial amazon prime.

After you have joined, go back to the first page on amazon and click "your account" in the top right corner. Scroll to the middle/bottom of page and click on manage subscriptions. You should see something saying you joined amazon prime for 3 months for free. Underneath that there should be a link that says "do not auto-renew membership"... click that and the amazon prime will not renew after your 3 months is up.

Now you get to enjoy amazon prime during the busy christmas holiday season with free shipping on a no minimum order!!!

BTW... this is only valid for accounts that have never had amazon prime before. :)

Oh and here is a text book you can add to your shopping cart to do the deal.

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