Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kmart - Super Doubles $2 doubled to $4 - Oct 1st - 5th

Thanks to my girls on BBC...

I have been ignoring all the talks about the super double (up to $2 doubled to $4)since the kmarts near my house didn't participate last time...

THEN one of the bbc girls said that you can force your kmart to participate if you have a flyer stating the super doubles... and... I just found out on SD that all Kmarts are actually suppose to participate!!!

Super doubles will start tomorrow Oct 1 - Oct 5. Dont expect to go on Oct 5th to find anything left on the shelves. It will probably be wiped out by tomorrow evening!

Call your local Kmart to see if they are participating... Most likely they are!

I spent the last two hours clipping all my $2 coupons and some $1 coupons I know that will be good to use. I'll post my finds tomorrow. There are some finds floating around but I'm just not sure if they are true deals or rumored deals...

Oh...and they will double 4 identical coupons up to a max of 74 coupons (or was it 75)... either way... I'M STOKED!

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