Thursday, September 11, 2008

Safeway - Buy 5 save $5 instantly

UPDATE - I tried this tonight and it did not work. If you really want these and they are tagged in your store, you can have CS honor the instant $5 off. At my store it was not tagged so I paid $5 for the 5 boxes after cpns.

just saw this on HCW... not sure if it will work since online doesnt have these tagged as part of the promo...

9.95 Cheesy Lasagna Microwave Singles boxes - 5x1.99
-5.00 $1/1 ss 8/10 or you can use ip for $1.10/1 singles box page 3
-5.00 instant off
-$.05 overage

I might try this and if it doesnt work... oh well... but we will know... if someone else tries it before me, please post. I will have to dig through my coupons to see if i even have these cpns. lol...

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