Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Super Giant - Glade Plugin Deal

edit to add: It's running till Oct 2.

So I was hoping this deal would be exactly the same as the Safeway one but it's not exactly the same but close is good enough!

Buy any glade GEL warmer and get $2 OYNO catalina back. The funny thing is the gel warmers are $1.70 at GIANT!!!!!! LOL... If you have tons of the BOGO cpns that came out this weekend you are golden!!! HUGE moneymaker! :)

The downside... well at safeway the OIL warmers works but it doesnt at Giant. I had to shell out $4 to try this! :(

So here goes a few scenarios...

buy one at $1.70 and get the $2.00 OYNO catalina...

Rinse repeat using the $2.00 OYNO catalina to pay and find a $.30 filler (banana, apple, fruit, veggies) and pay very little oop and continue getting your $2.00 OYNO catalina...

If you have the $4 OYNO catalina from the powerade then you can do this...

-4.00 oyno catalina powerade
=$1.10 oop and get (3) $2.00 OYNO catalina.

-6.00 oyno catalinas from above
=$.80 OOP and get (4) $2.00 oyno catalinas

Continue rolling this using the qty 4 scenario and only use 3 oyno catalinas to pay. You will gain a $2 catalina each time! :)

If you have the BOGO cpn then even better! Your scenario would look like this...

-1.70 bogo free cpn 9/14
=$1.70 oop and get (2) $2 oyno catalina back

x 6
-5.10 (three BOGO mft)
-4.00 (two $2 OYNO catalina from above)
=$1.10 OOP and get back (6) $2.00 OYNO catalinas!!!

x 8
- 6.80(four BOGO mft)
-6.00 (three $2 OYNO catalina from above)
=$.80 OOP and get back (8) $2.00 OYNO catalinas!!!


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