Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Safeway - Free olives from the olive bar!

Free olives from the olive bar by the salad bar!!! There is a tearpad coupon for $.50 off platers at the Olive Bar.

Buy around 25 olives or so ($8.99) and it comes close to $1 or a little over $1, so using the $.50 coupon (doubled) it will be free or close to free!!!

Guess what i'm munchin on... heheheh OLIVES my FAVVVVVV

EDIT TO ADD: Hmm... well just make sure you gauge how heavy they are since this is by the lb. I had around 17 olives and it only cost $.67 cents and the $.50 double came off so I actually got overage. JUST BE CAUTIOUS of how heavy its going to be.

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