Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stop N Shop - Cheap Olay Bars, well actually moneymaker

Thanks to my BBC girls...

StopNShop is also known as Super Giant in our area (MD/VA/DC).

Not sure when the promotion ends but here goes...

Buy three 2PK OLAY bar soap and get $5 OYNO.

Olay soap is $2.69 use the $2 coupon from P&G 11/2 to make them super cheap.

$2.69 x 3 =$8.07
less 3 coupons -$6.00
$2.07 OOP plus tax and GET a $5.00 OYNO catalina!!!!

To bad this deal doesnt roll using the same catalina. You will encounter beepage since the catalinas now attaches itself on to an item that does not have a coupon associated with it. Also remember when using the catalina, the item you purchase must be equal to or more than what the catalina is for or it will not work.

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