Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - DC18 $149.99 BM but you have to pay shipping...

Okay I have been looking for a cheap priced vacuum. I was skimming SD and found a link to the DC18 being $149.99 or less depending on how you work your magic.

So I looked into it some more... The DC18's are a discontinued item at Macy's BM. It's being sold for $149.99, their online store is selling it at $299.99. The online will not price match to the BM's price. So your best bet would be to go to the store and get them to order it for you and shipped to your door for an additional $17 bucks. If you can finagle the manager he can waive the shipping charges for you but that is at their discretion.

This is what you need to do, best to do in person but you can do it over the phone if you want.

1. get a sales clerk to look up if they have this in stock. UPC 879957001084 it's for the DC18 slim vacuum.
2. they will say out of stock, ask them what the price is... they will say $149.99
3. tell them that in the past you were able to get the store to order items for you that were out of stock delivered to your home.
4. they will say yes, let me see if we can do that.
5. they will confirm and say yes we can and it will cost an additional $17 for shipping.
6. if you want to try your luck ask them if they can waive shipping since you know some managers have that discretion to do so. :)
7. then just go with the flow! :)

Wahla done!

EDIT TO ADD: the $149.99 price seems to be working for all of the EAST COAST. Not sure about the other parts of the USA. IF your store does not have it for that price, you can always call an east coast store and order it over the phone and have it shipped. Just make it like you are going to come in buy it (they won't have it) and then say oh I'd rather have it shipped! :)

Dyson DC18 Slim Vacuum

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