Saturday, December 20, 2008

Safeway - Nancys Frozen Appetizer or Deli Swirls

Okay.. I did not try this but I will later today to see if it works.

Per SD, I think 5 people or so tried it and only 1 person did not get it to work... Good odds to try I guess. LOL

Catalina 1: Buy (1) nancy appitiezer or swirl and get a $3 CAT. This cat ENDS on 1/4/09. ONly prints one per transaction

Catalina 2: Buy (2) nancy appetizer or swirl and get a $5 CAT. This cat ENDS on 1/1/09.

Items that work..
-$4.99 or more in price
-12 oz appetizers
-10.8 oz spirals
-Nancy's Champagne Collection appetizers 12oz

Items that DID NOT work...
- 6oz for $2.67

So... hopefully your store has the $4.99 items and the peelies that are on the box.

-$2 (two $1/1 peelies)
=$7.98 and get back two CATS for $5 and $3. Sealed

IF this deal works, the cat will print out right away and not at the end of the transaction. If it doesnt work... just tell them to remove the items!

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