Friday, February 29, 2008

Safeway - Feb 26 - March 4th

Thanks to the CNLswim on the BBC board for cheap eats this week at Safeway....

Betty Crocker Warm Delights are on sale for 1o for $10... There is a coupon out for $.50/2 and safeway doubles... so these delights will be $.50 each after coupon!!!!

Fuze Drinks are also on sale for 10 for $10 and there is a $.50/1 printable coupon on the slendardize type (no max on the amount you can print). After coupon these drinks will be free!!!The coupon was on the fuze website, but it's been taken off now. Here's the coupon on slickdeals if you really want it. I have it but I'm not going to post the actual copy i have from fuze website (too much drama about posting actual coupons...hope ya'll understand)...

CNL also reported that there are coupons in front of the "fresh express salads" for $1/1 and they are on sale this week for $1 as well! so free!!!

Safeway - Chills & Thrills Promotion

Okie... I did the chills & thrills promotion today and spent a total of $15.09 and got two movie tickets. My OOP would have been less if I could print more of the bertolli cpn but my other computer and printer wasn't acting nice. So I only have one set of the printables.

This is my transaction for the chills & thrills...

4 - bertolli pasta bags (4.99ea)
2 -ben & jerry's pint ice cream (4.19ea)
1 - eggo waffle (1.75)
total $30.09

2 -IP printable for bertolli $2.50/1
2- $5 instant off for buying 2 bertolli and 1 ben jerry icream

Total OOP $15.09

I used my savings rally cpn to pay for the above and I did get other things to cover the full $20.

BTW, today is the last day to do the bertolli & ben jerry combo to get the extra $5 instant off.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dunkin Donuts - Promotion Expired!

Sorry about that...the promo was expired and I didn't look at the fine prints carefully... So just ignore the post! LOL...

Safeway - Free Met RX Protein Plus Bars

Saw this on HCW...

The bars are on sale for $.99 each. There is a cpn for $2/2 in the V 1/6 inserts making these bars free with $.02 overage.

They did say the coupon will beep but if you like these bars, then you should give it a try! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Target - AeroGarden 75% off!!!!!

OMG I'm so excited... I saw the infomercial the other day and I was SOLD on this desktop garden unit. I didn't know how much it was so I did a search online and it was $149.99!!!!!!!! YIKES... I was like...nah I will wait for it to go down in price before getting I filed it in the back on my little brain for some time later to look into...

THEN I was doing my daily reading on SD, HCW and BBC... I ran into a thread on SD (this is the part that gets exciting).... Aerogarden 75% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I nearly passed out... So I immediately started to read the 7+ pages... Long story short... the aerogarden is $149.99 and is on clearanced at SOME targets nationwide. If you call Targets at 800-440-0680 and asked them to do a product search for any in your area that shows it as clearance. (give them the dcpi #: 070-03-0177) They will tell you what is available in your area... I had two stores that it showed on clearance so then I proceded to call the stores to check the prices and availability... lol... those two stores didn't have it.. BOOHHOOO but they were clearanced out.. .One was $37.xx and the other was $105.xx...My hopes for getting one at the cheap price was shattered...

So I occasionally pop in to read the 75% thread on the aerogarden (it's now 16+ pages)... Then someone super smart suggested buy ~ return ~ then I continued to follow SD's thread and many were having success buying it at full price at the stores that still had it and then return and rebuy it at the stores that had it on clearance (every target has a different clearance schedule and if you wait for your particular non clearance price target, you might be waiting for a very very long time if you really want this thing). so whatever... I thought I would take the risk.. .The only thing I would be losing out on was gas and time (one target was about 45 minutes from my house and the one that had it was 25 minutes away)... If it didn't work, I would just return the unit later at the target down the street from me. and then start the wait game for it to get clearanced at my target that doesn't carry it.

Well fast forward to today...

I DID IT!!! SUCESS!!! I bought it at $149.99 (saturday night) and returned and rebought it at the clearanced target (this morning) and I got it for $39.xx out the door!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOO SOOO excited!!!! The cashier was's clearanced here so you lucked out! I"M STOKED!!!!

Here's how the unit looks like...

This is the kit... They have herbs, tomato, lettuce and strawberry...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

CVS Checklist - Updated

I updated the list with the new ecb deals for...

  • 2/24 - 3/1
  • 3/2 - 3/8
  • Monthly March

Again, if you see any discrepancies... please let me know...


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update on prices - Safeway Savings Rally Promo

Hiya everyone!

Sorry haven't posted in a while...been super duper busy with Safeways Saving Rally promo... For the new week these are the prices that I saw at the store today...

I just got back from safeway and these are the prices that I saw...

BC Frosting and Cookie Mix - $1.50
Pasta Roni/Rice a Roni - $1
Popsecret - $2.00
Kool Aid Jammers - $2.25
wishbone spritzers - still BOGO
Del Monte Tomatoes - $1
Fruit Snacks - $1.25
Chex Mix - $1.50

I also can confirm that when you buy 3 koolaid jammers, a $2 catalina will print!!! AWESOME...

My umpteenth transaction ....
24 pasta roni
3 koolaid jammers
1 gallon milk

Total OP $.74 cents, $20 catalina printed and a $2 catalina printed. The lady used the $2 catalina on my above transaction. I also gave her my $20 catalina from last time and 12 pasta roni $.50/2 cpn.

Also..keep in mind these are overage items if you have the cpns!!!
chex mix $1.50 - use the $.50/1 CPNS
BC cookie mix or frosting $1.50 - use the $.50/1 cpns..also there are peelies on cake mix box for the frosting... $.50/1 also! :)
Pasta Roni $1.00 - use the $.50/2 cpns
Wishbone Spitzers $1.99 - use the $.75/1 cpn and also this is a BOGO free item. In MD, both will count toward the total.

BTW... I was checking prices this morning and realized there are some price discrepancies between the online circular and the printed double check the items that interest you to be sure~!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Safeway Savings Rally Promo

Run #1 -02/14/08

I got ...

11 packs of pop secret popcorn 3pk
4 pasta roni
5 betty crocker cookie mix
5 betty crocker frosting (to decorate DS train pan)

used following cpns
11 - $.40/1 pop secret (doubled to .80)
1 - $1/4 pasta roni
5 - $.50/1 bc cookie mix (doubled to $1)
5 - $.50/1 bc frosting (doubled to $1)
1 - $10 cpn from Sara Lee Promo

Paid $3.xx OOP and got the $20 catalina!!!!!!!!!


Run #2 -02/15/08

Run # 2 from Safeway... This one wasn't quite as seemless as yesterday. The catalina only printed out the $10 cpn but I went to CS desk and told them. They told me to bring my list in so they can compare and then will give me my other $10 since it didn't print the $20 out. Now I'm weary about doing more cheerios... the girls over at HCW were having problems with the cereal as well.

This is what I got...

$1.50 - 14 boxes of Cheerios, different variety all marked on the shelf with tag
$1.33 - 12 boxes of pop secret

Cpns used
7 - $1/2 GM cereal
12 - $.40/1 popsecret mft (all doubled to $.80)
1 - $20 catalina from yesterday

Total OOP - $.36 cents!!! got back $10 catalina (was suppose to be $20) and $2 catalina for buying 5 GM cereals

Totally happy but wished it worked without intervention.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Safeway Savings Rally Worksheet!!!

I have to say this worksheet is pretty awesome! LOL... it's not the best pr perfect but it's pretty darn good if I do say so myself! LOL...

If you have a question about the worksheet, please let me know. If I calculated something wrong, please let me know also! LOL

Click for Savings Rally Worksheet

The worksheet has a few tabs... each is dedicated to the catalina you are going after. :)

Please read all the notes I have in red. They are important to calculate things correctly!!!

Safeway/ Savings Rally Promo

I just got back from doing my first savings rally promo and I'm excited. I just ordered a ton more cpns to do these deals to just get the overage. IT"S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I got ...

11 packs of pop secret popcorn 3pk (DH will be in heaven, LOL)
4 pasta roni
5 betty crocker cookie mix
5 betty crocker frosting (to decorate DS train pan)

used following cpns
11 - $.40/1 pop secret (doubled to .80)
1 - $1/4 pasta roni
5 - $.50/1 bc cookie mix (doubled to $1)
5 - $.50/1 bc frosting (doubled to $1)
1 - $10 cpn from Sara Lee Promo

Paid $3.xx OOP and got the $20 catalina!!!!!!!!!

i'm going to try the Delmonte tomatoes, sour cream, hamburger helper and green giant tomorrow.... hehehe

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Safeway - Savings Rally 2/13 to 2/26

Okie for MD or Eastern Safeways... This is what I'm seeing.... It may as well be for the entire safeway chain but to be on the safe side, I'm just going to say eastern safeway. You can double check to see if these are part of your savings rally promo.

  • Betty Crocker Brownies = $2 - $.50/2 (ss 2/10 this doubles) = $1.50 each, you have to buy 2
  • Betty Crocker Cookie Mix = $1.50 - $.50/1 (ss 2/10 this doubles) = $.50 each
  • Betty Crocker Frosting =$1.50 - $.50/1 (ss 2/10 this doubles) = $.50 each
  • Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks = $1.25 - $.50/2 (ss 2/10 this doubles) = $.75 each, you have to buy 2
  • Chex - $1.50 - $.50 cpn (ss 1/6 this doubles) = $.50 each
  • Daisy Sour Cream 8oz= 1.79 - .50/1 (ss 1/27 this doubles)=.79 each
  • Del Monte Tomatoes - $1 -$1/12 (v2/10) = $.92 each, must buy 12
  • Green Giant Double Dip!!!
    • Green Giant is 25% off and if you buy 3 you get $2 off instantly.
    • Green Giant $1.49 (sale) - $.50/2 (ss 1/6 this doubles) -$2/3instant = .49 each but you have to buy 4!!!
  • Hamburger Helper = 3 for $4.98 = $1.66 -$.50/2 cpn (ss 2/10) = roughly $1.16 each, you have to buy 2
  • PopSecret 3 pack =1.33 - $.40/1 (ss 1/6 this doubles)= $.53 each
  • Rice-A-Roni or Pasta Roni = $1 - $1/4 (v 1/6) = $.75 each must buy 4
  • Wishbone Dressing/ Spritzers - On sale BOGO $3.45 -$.75/1 (ss 1/13) ... roughly $.98 a bottle
This is all I have so far... I'll keep adding to this as I find and see them!!!

Safeway - Savings Rally Promo

Many of you probably know about this already... I haven't talked about it cause it only started today. I haven't tried any scenarios because I was waiting on the ppl at HCW to do test runs!

Well so far they said snapple, rice a roni, pasta roni, chex cereal are all working! :)

For different regions there are different saving rallys qualifying products... check out HCW for the product list.

Savings Rally Thread on HCW

Here's the gist of the promo...

Buy 25 items get an $20 off OYNP coupono
Buy 15-24 items and get an $10 off OYNP coupon
or Buy 10-14 items and get an $5 off OYNP coupon

Here's a scenario for just the pasta/rice a roni...
10 for $10 bucks
V 1/6 .50/2 or $1/4
need to buy atleast 25 to get the $20 catalina

x 26
-13 (13 of the $.50/2 cpns and for my safeway it doubles)
-10 catalina from the sara lee deal
$3 OOP and get a $20 catalina

x 26
-13 (13 of the $.50/2 cpns and for my safeway it doubles)
-20 catalina from above
-$7 overage and get $20 catalina~~!!!!

SO you get $7 to buy other stuff... they won't give you money back but overage is good too!!!!!

Or if you dont have that q' but have the $1/4 then this is your scenario.

x 25
-6 (6 of the $1/4 cpns)
-10 catalina from the sara lee deal
$9 OOP and get a $20 catalina

x 25
-6 (6 of the $1/4 cpns)
-20 catalina from above
-$1 overage and get $20 catalina~~!!!!

I guess $1 overage is better than none! LOL

Monday, February 11, 2008

Giant/Super Giant

Use your Bonuscard and purchase $20 of participating items in this section in one transaction and you'll receive a checkout coupon for $10 off your next shopping visit. Limit 1

Reddi Wip Whipped Cream - $2.99
Healthy Choice Entrees - 4 for $10
-ss1/6 - 550100992137 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals, Entrees or Panini, any $1 on 4 (2-29-08)
-there is $1/3 and $.50/3 mft for the healthy choice also... don't know what the inserts are...
Marie Callendar's Dinners or Pot Pies - 4 for $10
Kid Cuisine Dinners - 3 for $6
Egg Beaters - $3.29
Banquet Boneless Chicken - 3 for $6

Original price for the healthy choice entree at my giant is $3.49. Keep in mind the higher your orginal price is, the less you have to buy!!!

Here's the math...
x 6
20.94 original price $20 or more is the mark to meet! If your original price is less than $3.49, then you will have to up your qty to meet the $20 mark. The original price has to be $20 or more to trigger the catalina!!! KEEP THAT IN MIND or it won't print!!!

So translate that to the new sales price
x 6
-$1 - mft cpn $1/3 healthy choice
-$1 - mft cpn $1/3 healthy choice
$13.00 OOP and get a $10 catalina back

second transaction (later in the day or if you giant doesnt care if it's limit 1 per day)
x 6
-$1 - mft cpn $1/3 healthy choice
-$1 - mft cpn $1/3 healthy choice
-$10 catalina from above
$3.00 OOP and get a $10 catalina back

This is a great way to roll your catalina from last weeks $7ONYO deal! I have one of the catalina and I'm debating if I want to roll this... I have no room in my freeze but this is a great deal to get cheap frozen dinners!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Spreadsheet Added!!!

Hi Everybody! I just created a new spreadsheet to keep track of all your ecb limits! LOL... Thought this would help the multiple card users out there. The spreadsheet is editable, just save it to your desktop.

CVS ECB Limit Checklist

TW, if you see any discrepancies, please let me know so I can change it. The content was all borrowed from HCW with minor adjustments from me.

Venus Embrace Offers!!!

Thanks to the girls on BBC board there are a few offers when buying the new Venus Embrace Razor (on sale at CVS with ECBS).

1. If you look in side the package there are "colored" card like promo inside for a free $10 debit card when you take a short survey. It's clearly in the back of the box. If you shake the box, you will see the card promo. If you shake it and see nothing, then that box doesn't have the promo! LOL... limit 1 per household.

2. Another promo besides the debit card, is a promo for a free pen. Or something like that. The girls on BBC said the promo should be in black and white. So if you shake the box and look, you should be able to see if there is a promo inside that box. If not, just find another one! :)

3. Cosmo Girl is offering a free "Goddess" tank top when you purchase the embrace razor! Here's the link

Fine Print: The new Venus® Embrace™
is the ultimate way for you to reveal your inner goddess with its smooth shave and moisture ribbon. And now, you can get a free Goddess tank top when you purchase the Venus® Embrace™!
Send in your receipt by March 10, 2008 to: CosmoGIRL!/Venus Goddess GWP, PO Box 1746, Sandusky, OH 44879. While supplies last.

Safeway - Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $.25 AC

Thanks HCW (jandersann) for this!

The betty crocker cookie mix are on sale for 1.25 each. There's a .50 coupon for the cookie mix in this Sunday's paper. I believe all safeway doubles up to $.50 (some are not advertised, just ask CS if this is true).

Update: in the same inserts, there are frosting cpns too! they are $.50 and so it would be $.25 a tub as well!!! Just use the math below.

$1.25 - $1 mft (it's actually a $.50 mft that doubled) = $.25

Some of the Betty Crocker items have peelies for .50 off 1 Betty Crocker frosting - no other purchase required. So that would be $.25 too!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Uses for Polident Tabs...

hehe... forgot to add this as well...

The girls on BBC said the polident tabs are great for toilet bowl cleaning! So I guess it won't go to waste if you really dont have anyone to give these too! LOL...

Polident and Poligrip Giftcard offer...

Thanks to the girls on the BBC board!

This polident deal is... buy 3 polident products and get a $5 giftcard OR 4 polident products and get a $10 giftcard. There is no limit on how many giftcards you want to redeem and the offere is good till 12/31/08!!!!!!!! SO this would be great to work on all year long and then gift these giftcards as teachers presents or stocking stuffers for family/friends!!!

The giftcards are to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze.

Here is the link explaining this deal

Also there are mft cpns in SS inserts 1/6. It's not much but every little bit helps!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Safeway - Free Deli Meat Update


I did this deal this morning with my boys and it's so awesome! I got 25 packages of deli meat for ZERO OOP!!! yes $0!!!!!!!! didn't even get taxed on this stuff. VA girls, I'm sorry. Ya'll get taxed for everything (per my cousin). LOL

BTW... I didn't wipe out the store. LOL... there are like 60 plus packages left!!!

Here's a motivational picture...

Safeway - Hillshire Farm Deli Meat FREE!!!!

It's confirmed in my ad (maryland and I confirmed VA and DC for my cousin) that we will have free HS Farm Deli Meat as part of the Sara Lee Promotion!!!

Here's the ad!

Here's the math...

$2 x 5 = $10 -$10 catalina = $0 and get another $10 catalina!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Giant Update - Planters Peanut

Okie I finally did this deal yesterday and the day before... It works great!!!

If you can't find the peelie, in last weeks inserts there was $1/2 planters peanut cpn... So check your papers out.

I ended up getting 6 jars for $2 OOP. I now have 24 jars of peanuts for my dear hubby... He should be peanut out by next year. LOL...

Keep in mind that the honey roasted peanuts do not count. :( wish it did...

Safeway - Sara Lee Deal

I know you are already sick of hearing this but here's more news!!!

In this upcoming weeks ad, the deli meat (boxed type on the pegs) will be 2 for $5 or if you are super lucky... your safeway will sell it 2 for $4!!!! If you happen to be the 2 for $4 sale, then you will have tons of free deli meat!!!

$2 x 5 = $10 - $10catalina = $0!!!!!!!!! and get another $10 catalina for your next trip!

Also the uncook bacon will be 2 for $5 so that will be $2.50 for 5 packages of bacon~!

Chick-Fil-A PROMO Update

Remember the promo I posted a couple months back about Chick-Fil-A (click here for original post)?

Well I got my calendar and giftcard in the mail yesterday and I checked my balance (1-888-232-1864) and I got the $100 bucks!!! So be on the lookout for your calendar and giftcard!

It says 2,000 of the 150,000 cards sent out will have a $100 balance! SO AWESOME!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Safeway - Sara Lee Deal ... Other options!!!

I forgot to post this...but here goes...

The ballpark hot dog singles have coupons inside for $1.50 off two packages. With regards to the sara lee deal you need to buy 5 participating packages to generate the coupon... so this is what I did today...

1st transaction
4 single pack ballpark hot dogs (2.50 each)
1 sara lee pound cake frozen section (3.03)
2 - $1.50/2 mft cpns found in the box
1 - $10 ONYO catalina from last time
paid $.03 cents!!!!

2nd transaction
4 single pack ballpark hot dogs (2.50 each)
1 sara lee cheesecake frozen section (4.49)
2 - $1.50/2 mft cpns found in the box
1 - $10 ONYO catalina from last time
paid $1.49!!!!

Cheesecake here i come!!! LOL

Saturday, February 2, 2008

CVS Notable Deals for the week of Feb 3rd

Week of Feb 3rd

Energy Drinks are B1G1 free and in the February book you get $5ECB wyb 2!!! So free? or close to free... :) limit is 3. (TYPO... I had 5 but ellen caught it and it's limit 3, sorry for the confusion)

Excedrin 100ct is $6.99. WYB 2 you get $10ecb back. There are $3 and $2 cpns out from 1/6/08 Smartsource. So free and moneymakers!!! limit is 1.

Garnier Fructis Shine Burst and Strength & Repair 13oz or hair masque 6.8oz will be free! They are offering $3.99 ecb when you buy this product. There are tons of $1 cpns for Garnier products so just look in your inserts! Actually another one is coming out this sunday. LOL... Limit is 1.

Freestyle Lite Glucose Monitor is $29.99 and you get 10 ecb back. If you email the mft they may send you a cpn for a free monitor. I emailed them and they wanted me to call (1-866-246-2683). I am passing on this deal. Oh...some people have reported to find a tearpad (size of half sheet of paper) for free Freestyle lite's. So I guess keep a good lookout for these! Limit 1.

Buy 1o of these products and get $5ecb (Page 2)...
If you do this deal tonight (double dipping), you can get the palmolives for free since there is a MFT cpn that expires today for the palmolive! Palmolive is on sale for $.99 each if you buy 11 and use 5 of the palmove cpns that is $1/2 then you end up paying $.89 for 11 bottles (that's after ecb of course).Limit 1

Maybelline Eyeshadow Trio - it's $5.49 and you get $5.49 ecb back. There is a $1 off cpn for any maybelline new york line for the eyes... just search your inserts and you should find them. :) So money maker! Limit is 3.

Giant/ Super Giant Deal - Cheap Peanuts!

Just saw this on HCw...

2/1-2/7: $7 OYNO wyb $20 of participating Kraft brand items

Click here to see the items.

Out of the whole list...this seems to be a pretty good deal... (keep in mind that giant in the past does their OYNO catalinas based on the regular price.)

Planters Dry Roasted or Cocktail Peanuts
Reg Price: $3.49 BonusCard Price: 5 for $10
All Varieties. 16 Oz Jar or Can. (Excludes Honey Roasted.)
Peelie: +$1/2 Planters products 9.25oz or larger

x 6
$20.94 original price

$2.00 sale price
x 6
-$3 ($1/2 peelies x 3)
$9 and get a $7 OYNO catalina back

Hmmm $2 for 6 jars of peanut sounds good! but wish they didnt exclude the honey roasted one.

I'm tempted to do this deal but I like honey roasted. LOL...DH likes salted... hmm... i'll have to think about this one but it is super cheap for 6 jars of peanuts!


Thanks for visiting my site!!!!