Monday, March 31, 2008

Target - Head and Shoulder Deal appr. $1.83 a bottle

Saw on SD...I guess if you are looking for this particular shampoo and won't use any others...this is a great deal.

Now I'm going to summarize cause those boys over there dont know how to play nice and explain things better... LOL

There is a promo going on that is buy 3 - head and shoulder 23.7oz and get a $5 target giftcard instantly from 3/30/08 - 4/5/08.

Then there are target peelies on the 33.7oz head and shoulder for "BUY 2 Get 1 Free" and there is no size restriction... Then combine with the $1 off one shampoo and one conditioner coupon from PG Inserts 2/10.

So this is the math...
-12 this is the b2g1 free target cpn
-3 this is the mft cpn from 2/10PG=$21 total OOP and get 2 - $5giftcard

-10 giftcard from above...
=$11 total for 6 bottles of shampoo

Alli Weightloss CHEAP via Amazon!!!

If you want to try this...this is the cheapest I've seen it...

Amazon has the Alli Weight Loss Starter Pack: 90 ct for $31.09 or $26.43 with subscribe and
save (you can cancel subscription after placing order), and of course free shipping.

I haven't started mines but my aunt started it last week and she is on day 7 and lost 4lbs so far..the only down side is the evacuation that we all talked about in the hayday.... She said the evacuation is oily but not too bad. She has not modified her diet either and she does eat fatty foods (not overly fatty though....)

8x10 Canvas Mounted Framed Pics $4.95 plus shipping

Found on SD...

ProPics is offering their black framed, canvas mounted 8x10s for $4.95. Shipping is around $6.95 depending on weight (usually up to 3 prints is $6.95) ... No limits as to how many you can order, and pricing is decent or comparable on other size prints (5x7s are $.95) No expiration date but site does say offer good while supplies last.


So for the ones that got in on the aerogarden (TARGET DEAL) that I posted way back sometime... here are seed kits for you! :) Thanks to SD...

Get Aerogarden seed kits for $9 each shipped when you use the special code CSDJ for $10 off $15


Link to Item

item 09-0252
reg. $20
Sale $12.99
after coupon -$10.00
shipping $5.95
final price with shipping is $8.94

this works even though this is not $15

free shipping on orders over $50 automaticly applied so it will stack with $10 coupon


Sunday, March 30, 2008

YMMV - Free Fresh Express Salad

Thanks HCW...

This one is okay... This week 3/26-4/1 at Safeway the Fresh Express Salads are on sale for 10/$10 and there are blinkie machies right above the salad in some safeways for $1/1, so free salad. I have yet to find these blinkie machines! But Desiree is sending me some! Yippie!!!

Oh there are also $.50/1 cpns in the 3/9 RP. So if your safeway doubles up to $.50 then this is free also. If not then you will pay $.50 for each bag. BTW, MD didn't get this coupon, unless I got jipped! lol...

Oh and another tip... The Fresh Express Salad kits also includes spinach so you can get tons of free spinach and freeze them for future use!!!

CVS - NEW YORK GALS!!!! 5/15 reported in the LI NEWSPAPER!!

There is a 5/15 cvs coupon in the new york papers... Some girl on HCW posted that she gets the LI newspaper and the coupon is on page A31!!! Coupon valid on any purchase and it expires on 4/13/08 but ONLY VALID IN NY!!!

So if you are one of these lucky ducks, be sure to buy tons of paper! So totally worth it! :)

as for the rest of us, I guess just double check your newspaper to see if we are lucky enough to get some too before tossing it out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mega Bus Service - FREE Bus Travel East Coast!!!

Thanks to SD...

Mega Bus is now servicing the east coast.

$.50 total for tickets (free + $.50 booking fee)

Boston <--------->NY
NY <-------------->Philly
NY<---------------> Washington DC
NY<--------------> Buffalo
NY<--------------> Atlantic City

Free from May 30th-June 5th.

Book here

The site is super if you get "busy" page, just keep refreshing and it will eventually come up! I had to refresh like 5 times to get the page...

I'm debating on purchasing tickets to go to NYC for the day...but the service ends at Penn Station which is quite a distances to Chinatown.... Hmmm.. decisions decisions...

Gonna ask my ENTIRE Extended family if they wanna go for a trip to chinatown! hehehe

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Hill Nursery - $20 off $20 but you pay shipping...

Thanks to SD for the links and deal~!!!

USE THIS LINK FOR THE $20 off 20 (will be deducted automatically)
Posted on the site in the upper right hand corner...

Get $20 Worth Of FREE Plants - Just Pay Shipping.
Limit One Offer Per Household.
Hurry - Offer Expires March 26, 2008.

Use this link to BROWSE the One Cent sale ONLY... USE ABOVE LINK FOR $20 off $20!!!
Best when used with the One Cent Sale:
Buy one of the items and get a 2nd of the same item for .01

Up to $20.00 - $ 7.95
$20.01 - $40.00 - $ 9.95
$40.01 - $70.00 - $ 11.95
$70.01 - $100.00 - $ 13.95
$100.01 - $150.00 - $ 15.95
$150.01 + - $ 17.95

I ordered two Meyer Lemon Dwarf Citrus plants... $12.99 each plus the $9.95 shipping...

My total OOP was $15.93!

Hopefully they are decent sized... I'll grow them till Mother's day and give one to my mom! hehehe

Monday, March 24, 2008

Unsubscribing to Blog

So... I just wanted to inform everyone that if you want to unsubscribe from my blog, you will have to go to and sign in with the email account you registered with. After you log in, you can edit your membership and click "unsubscribe" from the emails.

If that doesn't work, you can try emailing me but I want to warn you that some of your emails that I get may go to gmails SPAM folder ( I have no control what goes in that SPAM folder) and so I may never see the emails if I don't check the SPAM folder (I get about 200 spam per day) and may just delete all of it at once. So don't get ANGRY AT ME for something that I didn't even know (YES I DID GET A NASTY EMAIL SAYING "TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST, I shouldn't have to ask 10 times!!!!"... I may even have more than that if these are all going to my SPAM folder)...

So if you don't want to see any of this, please go to and unsubscribe. It's that easy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kmart - Oust Surface and Air Santizer Cans $1 after coupon

Thought this was a good deal... not free but good deal..


Oust Surface Disinfectant and Air Sanitizer Spray is 2 for $6.

There is a $2/1 coupon (SS 2/10) making them $1 a can!!!

Bath & Body Works - Free Item with ANY Purchase!!!

Thanks to SD...

Here is the
link to the coupon.

So you can buy anything in the store that is $11 or less free with the purchase of any item!!!

Items to buy that are super cheap...
Nail File - $1.50
Gift Bag - $1.00
Glycerine Soap - $1.00

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Update to

So most of you know CELEB is no longer working...

but don't fret.... here's another combo that will work and get the magazines super cheap (thanks to mommysamons from BBC).

Use promo codes exactly like this (it's case sensitive)...


those three will give you almost the same discount as the first two combo I did.

Hope these all go through for everyone!!! - Free or CHEAP Magazines!!!

Thanks to my BBC girls (Madsmom31) and Slickdeals... I was able to do this deal!

Use promo code: SLICKDEALS
And then promo code: CELEB

I ended up ordering this...

Family Fun -Term: 1 Year, 10 Issue
Good Housekeeping - Term: 1 Year, 12 Issues
Maxim - Term: 1 Year, 12 Issues
US Weekly - Term: 1 Year, 52 Issues
Women's Fashion Pack (Cosmo and Marie Claire) - Term: 1 Year, 12 Issues

My total was $138.88 and after the two promo codes it was $3.93!!!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Free YoBaby Yogurt

I saw this on BBC's main board...

BTW... I have no idea who Robert Levesque is..but I guess it doesn't matter since we are getting coupons for free products and it helps someone I totally don't know! LOL... Hopefully he gets something good out of this! ;o)


"Stonyfield is currently putting forth a huge marketing campaign to
spread the word about YoBaby yogurt. They have set up a link where
you can acquire coupons for free YoBaby, and I am asking that you
help out with the effort. If you could please go to the site A couple notes:

1. This is being tracked for each employee, so if you could please
put "Robert Levesque" in the first field and "Stonyfield Farm" in the
2nd field, I would greatly appreciate it.

2. I am hoping that those of you in other parts of the country or
have contacts in other parts of the country could forward this info
to your friends as well. Stonyfield isn't as prominent in the West
and this could really help (some of you may have eaten Brown Cow -
they are actually a Stonyfield-owned company).

3. Please feel free to forward this request to as many of your
family and friends as possible and please ask them to do the same.

Only 1 per household and this is vaild till April 30th"

Safeway - Free 7-up 2liters...

Saw this on slickdeals...

NEW Safeway ad prices valid 03/19/2008 - 03/25/2008

Safeway has 7-UP 2-liter deal: Buy 3 get 3 free.

Buy 6 so you can use 3 BOGO Qs from here's the direct link.

The price for six 7-Up 2-liters will be subtracted for a total of $0.

McCormick & Schmick - $20 off your dinner tab

Use their online reservation and you get to use the $20 off coupon (exp. April 30th).

click here for details...

Pretty sweet...heheh... we ate at M&S a few weeks back and I didn't know about this coupon! Wish I had known, our bill was $110!!! LOL

Black Angus Steak House - Free Steak Dinner and Dessert on your birthday!

Free Steak Dinner and Dessert on your birthday when you join their free club... I can't participate cause none in my area...but you may want to check it out to see if any are near you! :)

Click here to register...

New Mexico

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Safeway - Tava 4pk - AC and instant off $1.50 for 3

In the Safeway ad for March 16 - 23rd... the Tava 12oz 4pk is part of the the "buy 2, get 1 free" promo...

At my safeway (MD), the tava 4 pack are $3ea...

x 3
-3.00 instant off
-1.50 printable
-1.50 printable different one from above
-1.50 printable
= $1.50 for 3 packs of the tava drink!

or if you don't have the printable but have the tearpad (which I do, got it from one of the safeways a few weeks ago during the fuze sale)...

x 3
-3.00 instant off
-1.00 tearpad
-1.00 tearpad
-1.00 Tearpad
= $3.00 for 3 packs of the tava drink!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wags - Flintstones Vits part of RR deal this week.


March 16-22 RR, buy 4 or more get $10 OYNO Aleve, Bayer, etc.

buy 4 or more, get $10 OYNO

Participating products are:

Aleve, $7.99/$8.99 (v12/2 $1/1aleve-d?)
One-a-Day multivitamins $6.99 (ss 1/6 $2/1)
Kids Multivitamins (Flintstones, etc) $5.49 (ss 1/6 $1/1)
Antacid (alka-seltzer) $2.99 (everyone is still wondering if the "plus" will be included)
Bayer $4.99 (v 2/3 $1/1 24ct+)

So i'm wondering if the clearanced flinstones will work in generating the RRs. The HCW girls said it would... so we will see. There wasn't anymore information posted about it.

As for the Alka-Seltzer... there is a $2/1 coupon for "plus" product but the weekly was vague. One of the mods went to check and said it didn't count, not sure if anyone will try it to make sure it really doesn't count. LOL.. so we will see!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Giant/Super Giant - Free or Cheap BC Items...

Thanks to apacheater on HCW for this...

Starting Friday, the 14th, buy any 5 betty crocker warm delights, 17.5 oz cookie mix, cake mix, brownie mix (I think just the regular one), or tub of frosting, and get them at 5 for $5. Use the coupons found in 2/10 G-everyday saver insert, and get free tubs of frosting, free bags of cookies and warm delights bowls, for possibly .50 each or less !!!

.50/1 tub frosting
.50/1 17.5 oz bag cookies
.50/2 any warm delights bowls
.50/2 supreme brownie mix (not sure if this would be one of the items marked to $1ea)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CVS ECB Checklist

I removed my ECB Checklist since it was too much for me to maintain. But the good news is HCW started a checklist as well and they will be better at keeping it updated then silly old me! :)

Safeway - Caprisun Deal

Safeway has another promotion called "Score $5 for the Team" wyb 4 participating products you get a $5 catalina for next time...

Nabisco or Keebler Tray Packs 2 for $9
Vitamin Water 4/12oz or Dansai 12/12oz 2 for $6
Powerade 8pack 2 for $10
Delmonte Fruit Cups 4pk 2 for $5
-V 2/10 $1/12
Nabisco 100 Calorie Bars 2 f0r $5
-ss 1/6 $.70/1
Red Vines or Sour Patch Tubs 7.99
4lb Bag Navel Oranges 2 for $6
Yoplait Go-Gurt 8pk 2 for $6
-ss 1/6 $1/2
Aquafina 6pk/24oz, Splash or Alive 16/9oz 2 for $6
CapriSun Drinks 10/6.75oz $2.25
Oscar Mayer Maxed Out Lunchables 2 for $7
Deer Park Water 12pk/8oz 2 for $5
Tropicana Pure Premium 6pk/8oz $3.99
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 2 for $5
-SS 2/24 $1/2
Frito Lay Variety Pack 6.99
Gatorade, G2 or Propel 6pk/12oz 2 for $6

The most noticeable cheapy would be the caprisun. There is a double promotion going on with this... wyb 4 you get the $5 catalina AND another $1.50 catalina. Note: roarin' waters will not work and I'm assuming the 100% juice will not work either. Just the normal caprisuns.

4 x 2.25 = $9

-$5.00 catalina
-$1.50 catlina
= $2.50 for 4 boxes of caprisun

Sunday, March 9, 2008

WAGS Deal - Sunsilk, Sally Hasen, Oust Spray

Taken from BBC and HCW....

Sunsilk Deal
sunsilk styling aid 2/$4.29 (not a 7 day bogo)
- 2.50/1 from 02-24-08 RP
- 2.50/1 from 02-24-08 RP
= $.71 overage but YMMV regarding how the coupons will ring up.

Sally Hansen Nail Care is on sale this week. The following are $1:
Hard as Nails Color
Hard as Wraps
Advanced Hard as Nails
Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear

There is a $1 off any Sally Hansen Nail Treatment in the 2/03 SS, exp 3/31/08.

OUST SPRAY is on sale this week...
$2.50 on sale
- $2.00 Mft coupon
=.50 oop then you can redeem a $1.00 mail in rebate which pays you .50 for the OUST.

The poster didn't say where the MIR was but as soon as I see it, I'll update this post with the information.

Wags - Update total RR's I have...

So it's hard for me to believe that I'm shopping at WAGS! I never thought I would actually make the long trek there to do any of their deals but I did. And I'm getting good at it. LOL...

I think in the 3-4 trips I've made so far, I have $192 in RRs and I spent around $15 or so OOP to get it. I'm hoping that I have big plans for my RRs lol but I have yet to decide what I'm going to do with it...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wags - Olays, Pantene Trial, HE Trial, Razors and Viactiv!!!

hehe... My Wags trip today was pretty good. I ended up with $100 RR and spent roughly about $10 OOP. I was planning on rolling my RRs onto giftcards but now I'm kinda iffy about this since it's probably a no-no. I read the fine print on the RRs and it only says no to wags but not the other giftcards... so I'm not sure what I'm going to do... Maybe I'll just blow the $100 on things I may need around the house...

I did trial size Herbal Essences, full size Herbal Essences, trial size pantene, embrace razor, phenom razor, some type of soap that was part of the olay deal but wasn't olay, I also did Olay soaps and tons of viactiv...

I actually spent the $20 I had from the razors doing my deals for the other stuff... So I now have $100 RR's left. :D

Pretty cool!!!

Safeway - Free Windex Antibacterial Cleaner

Thank HCW for the heads up (Baltogirl)!!!

Safeway has a BOGO free sale on windex products. There is a BOGO free cpn in SS 2/24 for windex antibacterial mutlisurface cleaner... SO FREE!!!!

I just checked my cpns and I have this one! I'm excited to get some free windex antibacterial cleaners! hehehe

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Airborne Class Action Lawsuit - May 01 to Nov 07

Thanks to BBC mommie (danielle) for the heads up on this...

If you bought any airborne products between May 2001-Nov 29,2007 then you can get refunded even without proof of purchase for up to 6 boxes...

Airborne (the cold "cure") is settling a class action lawsuit and is refunding everyone the purchase price. They will refund ALL you have ever bought if you have receipts but with no proof of purchase they will still give you a refund on 6 boxes (which can amount to $63!!!) The settlement website:

More information click here...

Giant Foods - Meow Mix - Very Cheap or Close to Free AC...

There is a catalina deal this week at Giant on 3 types of pet food...

Buy $15 get $5 catalina back...
-Meow Mix Cat Food 2 for $1.09
-Meow Mix Dry Cat Food $4.49
-Milk Bone Dog Biscuits $3.19

As we all know, Giant does most of their catalina deals based on original price and not sale price... So I'm hoping the above are sale prices and not original prices.

The Meow Mix Cat food cups are 2 for $1.09... If you buy 28 cups your price would be $15.26. Then use 7 mft cpns from V 3/2 $1/4 cups to make them $8.26 and then you get the $5 catalina back. If the original price is more than $1.09 then you would buy less making this deal cheaper!!! But $3.26 for 28 cups is cheap too!

529274600131 Meow Mix Market Select Cups Cat Food, any 2.75 oz. $1 on 4 (4-26-08)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Safeway Catalina Deal on Kellogs Cereal

Thanks to HCW for the deal...

Purchase Dates:
Buy Kellogg's Cereal 12 oz or larger Between 3/7 & 3/30

Buy (3-4) & Get $3.00...
Buy (5-6) & Get $6.00...
Buy(7) Or More and get $10.00.....
.. Coupon off your next shopping order

All items must be purchased in one shopping order.

Expires 3/30/2008

Printable Cpns
Print Free Grocery Coupons! - Choose "other raisin bran" and "7-12 months" to get a better coupon.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

CVS - $5/15 OH MY!!!

I'm super excited about the $5/15 that SD posted. I didn't actually use the one that SD posted but I did sign up for my own $5/15 and the best thing is that it doesn't expire until the end of MARCH!!! YIPEEE!!!!

Here's the directions from SD...
Then, "New Members Without An Enrollment Code, Enroll Here! (on the right hand side)
Fill out form -- then login.
Click on "My Medical Record" at the top of the page
Membership ID card at the Left side of the page
type in info (height, weight, etc.)
Then print -- you get your membership ID card with the coupons already in *.PDF format...

I used the cpn this weekend and did great! I started some of the march deals and basically made an extra $5 ecb every time you use this cpn. I only did the LypSly lip moisturizer since it would prolly be one of the things that will sell out quick and I really needed to lip balm. LOL

Wags - My First Every RR Deals

I finally tried a RR Walgreens deal... Long story short... it was worth it but it was a lot of hassle and the walgreens was far from my house.

I only did the olay buy 2 packs for $4 and get a $4rr. There were cpns out for $2 off any olay bar soap which I had of course! It made the soaps free and you got $4 for each set you bought! Had to ring each transaction up seperately though.

All are working in maryland except the green ones. Those were a HUGE pain!

I got 13 sets of olay ($32 in RR and $20 wags giftcard) for free. I then used the RR's and giftcard to buy 7 pedialytes, 1 pedialyte popsicle, 8 of the gerber 2pk fruit sauces and 2 A&D ointment.

I ended up paying less than $3 for everything. Pretty awesome but it was a huge headache and it did take 4 hours. LOL

5 for $5 Cereal at Safeway

Thanks to SD for the headsup (actually to Nikolasmor)!!!

From 3/5-3/11 Safeway and Partner Companies will have the following cereals 5/$5 with no limit.

Also if you want to do this deal before 3/5... there is a "SUPER SAFEWAY CPN" in their sales ad to make these ceral 5 for $5. So if you have the ad in hand, you can do the deal now with the super coupon. If not, then you will have to wait till the 5th.

QUAKER CAPN CRUNCH CEREAL 0-0-30000-06610 14.00/16 OZ
QUAKER LIFE CEREAL 0-0-30000-06340 12.00/15 OZ
QUAKER LIFE CINNAMON CEREAL 0-0-30000-06320 12.00/15 OZ
QUAKER OAT SQUARES CEREAL 0-0-30000-06430 12.00/16 OZ
GM CEREAL CHEERIOS 0-0-16000-27564 12.00/14 OZ
GM CEREAL CINN TST CRNCH 0-0-16000-27507 12.00/12.8
GM CEREAL TOTAL RAISIN BRAN 0-0-16000-27513 12.00/18.25
GM CEREAL WHEATIES 0-0-16000-27565 14.00/15.6
GM CHEERIOS CEREAL MULTI GRAIN 0-0-16000-27562 14.00/12.8
GM KIX CEREAL 0-0-16000-27525 12.00/8.7 O
GM TOTAL CRL CRANBERRY CRUNCH 0-0-16000-14164 12.00/15 OZ
GM TOTAL WHOLE GRAIN CEREAL 0-0-16000-27522 12.00/10.6

IP Coupon Match-ups...
$1 off Quaker Cinnamon Life
Quaker Life Cereal Page 6 $1/1
Kixs Cereal $.55/1 Page 1
Total Cereal $1/1

V 1/6 - 530000210333 Quaker Life Cereal, any $1 on 2 (3-31-08)
SS 2/10 - 516000700333 General Mills Cereal, any $1 on 2 (3-23-08)


Thanks for visiting my site!!!!