Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Safeway - Score $5 for the team CATALINA Promotion

Purchase 4 participating products in a single transaction and save $5 on your next purchase of team snack items. Promotional period 4/30/08-5/13/08.

Safeway - Fiesta Del Cinco de Mayo INSTANT OFF PROMOTION

Spend $15 and Save $5 instantly at checkout

When you buy $15 or more of participating products using your club card. Purchases must be made in one shopping visit between 4/30/08 and 5/6/08, and include at least two different participating brands. Limit one savings per transaction.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FoodLion - Great Cpns!!!

There are tons of Foodlion cpns on afullcup! Here' s the Link! Below is a summary of the awesome ones! Keep in mind that Foodlion is strict and enforces the one use rule most of the time, so YMMV in doing any of these deals!

Also... here's a great tip from 3boys4steph... If the q's don't scan (which usually is the case), ask the cashier to enter the barcode number manually and the q will magically go through!

  • $.50 Hamburger Foodlion q's are scanning at $5.00 off!!! Confirmed on BBC thread.
  • $3.00 Bakery q's are great for overage. Buy any cheap bakery item and get the remaining as overage. $2.00 Gerber q's are great for knickknacks and overage as well if you find anything that is $2.00 and under.
  • $1.00 Gerber Food q' is an overage q also. Tons of baby food under $1.00.
  • $2.00 off 5 cans of Foodlion brand can food. There are smaller foodlion brand can veggies for $.49. Buy 5 and pay $.45.
  • Oreida potatoes are on sale this week(last week to use this q) for $2.50. Use the q below and pay only $.50 for the bag!


Thanks HCW...

P&G RR Deals on pages 5 , 28 and 29

3 get $4
4 get $6
5-8 get $10
9 get $10 + $10 more ($20)

Wishful Thinking...
Hoping that 6 will = 9 for the covergirl/olay deal since it is b1g50%off... reminiscent of the Suave Deal...

Since I'm not the wags pro, I'm not sure about coupon counts... So you will need to double check and see if you need to add fillers so the coupons don't beep due to unequal items vs coupon overload! If you do find a mistake, please send me an email! When referring, use the scenario numbers so it will be easier to reference :D BTW..these are just some of the scenarios I've run across, there are tons more variation but I won't post them until I see them up or if it's good enough to post! Again if you have an great ones, shoot me an email and I'll post it.

Scenario 1 PG DEAL
Buy 10 Crest Prohealth Night 4.2oz sale $2.50
Use the $3/2 IVC Monthy Q
Then use $1/1 cpns from PG 4/6

10x $2.50 =$25.00
-$15 IVC
-$10 MFT
=ZERO oop and get $20RR back

Scenario 2 PG DEAL
8 Crests ($20)
1 charmins wipes ($1.99)
-$12 IVC for crest
-$8 Crest mft
-$1 Charmin
-Charmin Wags Q
=$.99 + tax to get $20RR

Scenario 3 PG DEAL
5.97 charmin freshmates (1.99 x 3)
-3.00 three mft q's PG 4/6
-wags charmin q
=2.97 and get back $4 RR

Scenario 4 PG DEAL
$5.97 Charmin wipes (3 x 1.99)
$15.00 Cascade (6 x $2.50)
= $20.97
- $3.00 3 $1/1 Charmin manuf.
- Charmin Wags Weekly Q
- $6.00 Cascade $1/1 PG4/6
= $11.97 get $20RR

Use Aveeno RR to pay to make your OOP less!!!

Scenario 5 PG DEAL
18.00 CG Queen single eyeshadows (6x3)
5.97 Charmin Freshmates (3x1.99)
-$6 Queen make-up $1/1 4/6pg
-4.50 BOGHALF Wags Sale CG (3 x 1.50)
-$3 Charmin $1/1mft 4/6pg
-WAGS charmin weekly cpn
=$10.47 oop get back $20 RR.

use the Aveeno RR to bring down your total!

Aveeno Moneymaker at CVS

Well you only have today and tomorrow to do this deal...

Aveeno Monthly Buy $25 get $10 back....

Buy 8 small aveenos for $3.29 each, used a 3/15, and 8 beauty in bloom Kmart $2/1 q's. Pay $7.32 and get 10$ ecb back.

Target Aveeno Deal

Thanks Jill for the awesome heads up!

Buy 3 participating items that is great than $5 and get a $5 giftcard back.

The small aveeno lotions are part of the deal and it's suppose to cost around $2.69. Buy 3 for $8.07 and then use 3 of the Beauty in Bloom aveeno q's from kmart to get your total to $2.07 and then get the $5 gc back.... That's a $2.93 profit...

If you do not have the Beauty in Bloom book, you can scour CVS... they have another aveeno coupon that is $1.50 off, same restrictions like the beauty in bloom coupon.

Monday, April 28, 2008

CVS Rundown 4/27 week

Benadryl - Buy 2 get 5ecb.... Buy the benadryl itch stick for $3.69ea and use the $1/1 cpn from 3/16V. You will end up paying $.38 for the two sticks (that's after ecb). Limit 1.

Palmolive - BOGO free @ $1.39 and use the $1/2 cpn from 4/27 inserts to make them $.39 for two. Unlimited deal.

3M deal - Buy $15 get $5 ecb back. The post-it flags are 2 for $5 and use the $3/2 printable from the 3m site. So buy 6 flags for $15 then use 3 of the $3/2 cpn ($9 off), then it's $6 for the 6 flags and get $5ecb back. Limit 1.

ALL Small & Mighty - BOGO free @ $6.49 for two... Use the $1.50 cpn from 4/20 V. Buy 4 for $12.98 and use a $2.02 free filler (i.e. buddies bar) to get to the $15 mark. Use 4 of the $1.50 mft to make your total $6.98 and use a $3/15 cvs coupon and you end up paying $3.98 for 4 bottles! Unlimited deal.

Garnier Deal - Buy Nutrisse Cream Scrub for $5.99 and get the cleanser for free. The cream scrub qualifies for the montly deal of buy $15 get $5 ecb back. So if you have the $2/1 tearpad coupon found at the cvs/kmart/target displays then you can do this... Buy 3 cream scrub and 3 cleanser (free), use 6 of the $2/1 coupons ($12 off). Your total will be $17.97 - $12cpns = $5.97 OOP and get back $5ecb. Limit 5. If you combine this with $/$$ coupons it will be a moneymaker!

Edit to add...

Just for Men Touch of Gray - Pay $7.99 and get $7.99 ecb back. Then submit a rebate for $8.00!!! Linky to rebate form.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Express $15 off $30 coupon exp 4/27 (also 30off75)

Express or Express Men's Fashion

now through April 27 2008

use the following coupon to take $15 off $30 or $30 off $75.


Get $5 off $10 or more at

Thanks SD...

Get $5 off $10 or more at
Use code 92474


Exp. May 31, 2008.

CVS - 3/15 coupon


Maryland & Virginia Washington Post Sightings Confirmed
-Anne Arundel
-Prince William
-Montgomery County
-Washington DC

I'm not sure if it's anywhere else! I'm going to check later for my area and if it is, I'm going to buy so much paper it's gonna be insane!

They dont expire til 6/6/08!!!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Safeway - Living Well Promo

Tropicana Pure Valencia is part of the promo also (saw the tags in the store)... They are on sale for $3.50 and use cpn from 4/20 inserts $1/1 mft.

Pretty cheap OJ if you use the filler items to get to the $30!

$4.99 x 1 glucerna cereal
$3.50 x 6 OJ
$1.07 x 4 metrx

$4.59 free glucerna cereal catalina
$1x6 Tropicana Valencia MFT 4/20inserts
$2x2 Metrx cpns

Total OOP $5.68 and get back LW catalina and the free cereal cat.

You can add more metrx to make the total cheaper but $1 a bottle of OJ is pretty cheap also! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Safeway - All Small & Mighty Detergent - Living Well Promotion

haha... Couldnt stay away from Safeway even though I"m burnt out..... but had to post this cause I know some of you ladies (& gents) are All Small and Mighty fans... and today is the last day of the sale...

You can do it a few ways... I think I'm going to do the first scenario since that is low OOP and I get 6 bottles of ALL for less than $6. That's awesome right?

My first FoodLion trip!

My first foodlion trip!!!! Thanks Steph for this awesome deal!

Everything in the picture was only $2.79!!!!

Butchers Braising Beef $5 (marked down)
Ore-Ida Tators $2.50
FoodLion Can Veggies $.49ea
Gerber Graduate $1.25
Croissant $3.79
Apple Bakery stuff $1.79

$1 off $5 Butcher Beef
$1 off Ore-Ida
$1 off 5 FoodLion Veggie Can
$1 off Any Gerber Food
$4.99 off Any Bakery Item (expires today)
$3.00 off Any Bakery Item

Also... great tip from Steph as well... A "non scanning" tip on the coupons. The bakery item thingy took awhile to scan and then when it said item not found or something... so I remember steph said to tell them to enter the upc or something and the cashier knew what I was talking about and she did it and it came right off!!! YIPPEE...

Monday, April 21, 2008

CVS - Notable Deals ...

MAY Monthly
Alavert - $6.99 and use printable $4/1 = $2.99 get $4ecb back. Limit 5 works on 12, 15, 18ct orange and mint.

Weekly Deal
Herbal Essences - B1G1 Free @ $3.99 use $3/2 v3/30 inserts = $.99 for two bottles, unlimited works on stylers.
UPDATE: the price is $4.49 at my CVS for shampoo and conditioner and it's $4.29 for the stylers. SO adjust the cost above accordingly. Some places are cheaper but I should have known that mine would be the higher cost ones. LOL

Speedstick 24/7 - $3.99 use $1/1 inserts (not sure when) = $2.99 get back $3.99ecb. limit 1

Zone Bars - buy 3 @ 1.39ea and use $1/1 SS3/30 inserts = $1.17 get back $2ecb. limit 5. KEEP IN MIND... you can only use one $1/1 coupon in each transaction. That's the fine print. So split them up and use them as your fillers! :)

Skin Effects - Buy $6.99 cleanser and use $2/1 cpn from the CVS booklet = $4.99 and get back $5ecb. Limit 3. KEEP IN MIND... you can only do this once per transaction as well. This is a cvs coupon and it does say limit 1 per person. The coupon also beeps! :(

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick - $9.99 for 2 and use two $2/1 RP2/10 inserts = $5.99 and get back $6ecb. limit 5

Monthly Deal
Softsoap 12oz - Buy $4.99 and use $1.50/1 ss3/30 inserts = $3.49 and get back $4.99ecb limit 5

Softsoap 18oz - $5.49 and use $1.50/1 ss3/30 inserts = $3.99 and get back $5.49ecb limit 5

Covergirl Whipped Foundation - Buy 2 for $9.49ea and use B1g1 foundation cpn = $9.49 and get back $12ecb ($6ecb each) . limit 3

Friday, April 18, 2008

MIR - Free Land O Lakes Butter in 8 Half Sticks

Thanks SD...

Link to PDF Rebate Form

Buy: One package of 1 lb. LAND O LAKES® Butter in 8 Half Sticks


1. Original store receipt dated between 4/15/08 and 10/15/08 with product highlighted on receipt.
2. Your product UPC from the package: 0 34500 15181 8
3. This mail-in certificate filled out.

Mail to: (a PO Box in St. Cloud, MN)
Receive: My purchase price of $ (up to value of $4.39)

LAND O LAKES® Butter in Half Sticks is only available in select retailers in the states of ME, VT, NH, MA, NY, CT, RI, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, WV, KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS and FL

Offer expires 10/15/08. Submissions must be received by 10/31/08. Limit 1 per household/street address. Please allow 6–8 weeks for delivery. This form must accompany your request and may be printed in color or black & white. Reproduction of this offer in any form without the permission of the Sponsor is prohibited. Reproduction, purchase, sale or trade of proof of purchase or UPCs is prohibited. Offer good in U.S.A. only. Void in CA. No P.O. Boxes allowed. Void where prohibited, restricted or taxed by law. Not responsible for lost, incomplete, illegible, damaged, postage-due or otherwise undeliverable mail. Sponsor: Land O’Lakes, Inc. © 2008 Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catherine's Plus Size store

Thanks SD...

Catherine's offers $20 off your purchase of $20.01 or more with code 776923906. Coupon code may be used on Clearance items as well as regularly priced items. Shipping starts at $4.95.

Under $25 Clearance

WAGS - Aveeno and Suave RR Deal

I did the suave and aveeno deal together and got both cats...

$1.50 x 4 = $6 suave
$3.29 x 4 = $13.16 aveeno

$6 suave
$13.16 aveeno
-$1.50 BOGHalf Off ($.75x2)
-$2.00 mft (2 suave)
-$8.00 mft (4 aveeno kmart)
-$6.00 catalina
$1.66 OOP plus tax and get $10 + $6 RR back

Was only able to do this deal once since the 3 wags I went to was OOS of everything. LOL... But it's cool I got it to work!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Amazon - Preorder Wii Fit

Amazon is taking a preorder for Wii Fit... $89.99 and of course no tax and free shipping!

Bank of America Promotion - Museums on Us

Thanks SD...

Now bigger and better than ever

Starting this May, you can visit your favorite museum for free on the first weekend of every month. With over 70 museums nationwide, there’s one near you. So check back soon–new program details will be available by the end of April.

News release 2007 The participating museum list should be the same for 2008.

Sucks for the MD/VA/DC familes but it's good for the California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont families!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Walmart - Kandoo Bargain Alert

Girls when shopping at walmart scan the green bottle kandoo shampoo. It's ringing up $.50 a bottle and it's a unmarked clearance item. Using the 4/6 PG coupon for $2/2, you will be getting $1 overage for every two you buy! I went to 3 walmarts and found them at 2. The coupons do beep asking the cashier if this is a "Valid Coupon Amt?"... so be ready for that! Oh and only the GREEN bottle works. The purple is still ringing up full price!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Herbal Essences - Free Mani or Pedicure!

Herbal essences has a new promo out: buy 2 shampoo/conditioner or 1 hair color with the special markings on the package (says free mani/pedicure), get a free reward certificate for a manicure or pedicure. Limit 2 certificates per person/household.

Link to promo.

You have to go here, enter your UPC codes, print out a redemption form, and then mail it in w/your receipt.

In the FAQ is says if there are no participating salons w/in a 30 miles radius they will make "alternate arrangements" for you.

Mail your completed redemption form listing two (2) valid UPC codes along with original receipt(s) (no copies accepted) of the Herbal Essences participating qualifying products* to:
Herbal Essences
c/o TLC Marketing
1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Safeway - Living Well Promo Scenarios

These are the scenarios I will be working with this coming week.

The oust, windex and fantastik cpns were ordered via ebay since we didnt get the $1/1 in our inserts. Metrx and lysol disinfectant cpns came out 4/6. Glucerna, Ensure and Zone coupons came out 3/30 inserts (and also 2/10 inserts) but they are limit 1 per transaction so that is why it's listed that way...

made a mistake on one of the scenarios... so i took them down. I'll repost it later when I get a chance. If you are wondering which one... it's the one with the $3.89 lysol. the mft cpn for that is $1/1 and not $2/1.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Walmart - Possible Free Kandoo

Thanks to HCW for this...

possible free kando 50 ct there's a coupon that's coming out tomorrow that states: "Save 2.00 On Two (2) Any Size Pampers Diapers, Easy Ups, or UnderJams Jumbo Pack or Larger, or Wipes 60 Count or Larger, or Kandoo Products Coupon Exp 05/31/08" and there's a 50 ct kandoo wipes for a dollar each so if this coupon will work on the 50 ct then:

2.00-2.00/2 mft coupon=Free

They are saying the kandoo are in the H&B area. Same spot as the CT wipes! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lands end - $1 Thermal Hat

Women's ThermaCheck® Roll Brim Hat
Now free shipping until April 4, 2008 with no minimum order.
Use source code GOLF and pin number 530353035

Starbucks Doing Something Big (Maybe Free VENTI Starbucks Tuesday, April 8th, 2008?)

Apr 8th, Tuesday, 9-12 noon (noon Eastern/9 a.m. pacific). Bring your friends. All Starbucks participating.We are doing something big at Starbucks, Like Venti Big.

Safeway - Living Well Eating Healthy Product List

Okie...someone posted a list on SD and I spent a good hour fixing the spreadsheet. It's sorted now into columns and stuff. In another word.. it's more useable then what was given in the original document...

The list is from a Phoenix Safeway store...

Here's the sorted list by Fannie!

Here's the original post from SD. You should check out the original document..there is a wealth of information before the list as well! Pretty cool!

Also what's interesting is the "offer" column... I wonder if that will work in our areas! That would be totally sweet if it did! LOL... oh..sorry for the small font but I had to squeeze as much as I can on one page. LOL

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ruth Chris Steakhouse - Prime Dining for 2 @ $89 total!


Three courses, five entree choices, and all the indulgence you expect from a night out at Ruth’s Chris. Bring a friend and join us daily, to enjoy an extraordinary meal at an exceptional price.

For these locations click here
Naples, FL
Bonita Springs, FL
Columbus, OH
Providence, RI

For these locations click here
Naples, FL
Bonita Springs, FL
Providence, RI
Roseville, CA
Sacramento, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ

For these locations click here
Roseville, CA
Sacramento, CA

For this location click here
San Juan, Puerto Rico


FIRST COURSE - Choice of one per guest
Caesar Salad Steak House Salad bullet Louisiana Seafood Gumbo

ENTREE - Choice of one per guest
Fresh Fish Selection bullet Petite Filet bullet NY Strip (12 oz.)
Roasted Free-Range Stuffed Chicken bullet Sizzling Blue Crab Cakes

SIDES - Choose two to share
Steamed Broccoli bullet Sautéed Mushrooms bullet Broiled Tomatoes bullet Creamed Spinach
Potatoes au Gratin bullet Garlic Mashed Potatoes bullet Julienne Potatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole bullet Ziti and Cheese

DESSERT - Choose one to share
Bread Pudding bullet Berries & Cream bullet Cheesecake bullet Ice Cream bullet Sorbet
Apple Crumb Tart bullet Chef’s Chocolate Selection

New Printable Rite Aid Gift Card for RX Transfer 4/30/08

Thanks to SD for the link... Here's the original post...

Here's the RX Printable

Free Microsoft Office Professional when you attend MS hosted CRM event

I forgot who I was chatting with yesterday about wanting a MS office... Here is your chance to get it for free by attending a microsoft seminar...

Totally worth it if you can invest the time to sit through their seminar. I would go but it's too far for me...


Register and attend
a Microsoft hosted Dynamics CRM 4.0 launch event
and you will receive a
FREE copy of
Microsoft Office®
Professional 2007*

Locations participating in this seminar...

Also... Make sure you click on the blue circle to register. Only the blue circle ones offer the free office 07.

Safeway - Weekly Deal 4/8 ends...

Trans Ocean Crab Classic - fake crab on sale 10/$10 free after $1.00 Print Free Grocery Coupons! or Trans Ocean Surimi Seafoods. Also there were reports on HCW about coupons near the seafood section for the imitation crab meat...

Glade spray also 10/$10 - $1.00/1 coupons in magazines
-parenting (maybe)
- coupon in march 08 better homes and garden
- 15 April 08 Womans Day

AMEX / Del Taco promo - 4 free museum or movie tickets when you eat at del taco 3 times within the promo period!!!

Make sure the location you are going to accepts AMEX. I've read on SD that some Del Taco's do not accept AMEX and the owners of those particular Del Tacos will not participate in this deal...

Other than that this is a pretty smokin deal!

Promotion starts 4/2
Use your American Express card three (3) times between 4/2 to 5/20 at Del Taco restaurant locations and earn four (4) complimentary museum or movie tickets (AMC Theaters, Cinemark & Regal Cinemas) via a mail-in rebate.

Details from the microsite:
To receive 4 complimentary museum or movie tickets from American Express, send in the entry form with American Express Card receipts. You can find a form at any merchant (Del Taco) participating in the program. Receipts must be for American Express Card purchases made at participating merchants between 4/2/08 - 5/20/08 and postmarked by 6/30/08. Copies of receipts acceptable. Limit one offer per Cardmember. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Card terms and conditions apply.

After we verify that the purchase requirement was met, you will receive 4 complimentary tickets to either a movie or a museum via first class mail.

If you have any questions, please call 866-558-6219.
We're here with answers, 24/7

Link to printable form (PDF)

To find the museum code for a particular venue.

  • Search for the museum you would like to go to (e.g. Petersen Automotive Museum Los Angeles, CA 90036) using Yellow Pages.
  • Jot down the ZIP code for the museum.
  • Enter the museum's ZIP code in the search box.
  • Jot down the museum code (e.g. #122) on the redemption form.

    If the museum of your choice does not appear, it's not part of this promotion.
* Del Taco promotion runs from April 2 - May 20, 2008.
**In the event there is not an appropriate venue based on geography, the Cardmember will be provided with an $40 American Express® Reward Card.

Note: The redemption (entry) forms for some of the restaurants only require TWO visits to qualify for the tickets, unlike the Three visits for Del Taco.

4 FREE Tickets to Sprint NASCAR All Star Race in Charlotte for Sprint Customers!

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race- Saturday, May 17 at Lowe's Motor Speedway

Thanks to SD for the deal!

Watch the best drivers in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ race for $1 million under the lights at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Sign up for FREE tickets to attend on Saturday, May 17 in Charlotte, NC at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. As a Sprint customer, you also have exclusive insider access to the below events. There is limited availability for these events and you must have a ticket to the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race (which you get free from us) to attend them.

*Hotel/lodging and travel accommodations are not included. Tickets are NOT transferable and are available while supplies last.

Log into your Sprint Account and click the Sprint NASCAR All Star Race XXIV. Sign up and you can pick your tickets up at the race. They also have the chance to sign up for these events as well:

Pre-race Driver Intros - Sign up to watch driver introductions from the infield.
Pit Tours - Sign up to tour the pits prior to the race.
Victory Lane - Sign up to be in victory lane for the trophy, the check and the excitement.

More info:

The following items are being offered free of charge to Sprint customers:

10,500 tickets to the NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge May 15 at Charlotte Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, N.C. While at the event, Sprint customers will have access to an exclusive question-and-answer session with NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers.
1,000 tickets for lunch and a chartered bus ride to behind-the-scenes tours of Hendrick Motorsports, Michael Waltrip Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing May 16 in Charlotte, N.C.
20,000 tickets to the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race May 17 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, N.C.
A select number of pit tours prior to the start of the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.
Opportunity for a select number of customers to be stage front for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race pre-race driver introductions and the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Victory Lane.
Sprint customers must visit, establish an online account via MySprint and log in to register. The offer is available online only. The tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will close April 30 or when all tickets have been claimed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Safeway 3 Pack Orville Redenbacher + 2 Liter Coke will be $.65 AC

Thanks to SD for this deal (nikolasmor)

All Safeway stores will be getting a Orville Redenbacher Display that has an abundance of Coupons to save $2.00 when you buy the popcorn and any coke product. Use it to buy a $.99 2-liter and the popcorn is on sale 3/$5.00 for a super deal!

Popcorn 1.66
+ Coke .99
-Coupon 2.00

I believe the tearpad is a safeway coupon... not totally sure yet but if I see the coupon tearpad, I will post a pic of it...

The coupon is not from our inserts, this is a tearpad coupon for "ANY" coke product. The one from our inserts is for "MULTI-Pack" coke product.

Safeway Shopping Trip Update...

I just got back from doing one run..

20 met-rx bars $1.07ea
10 pure protein bars $1ea

Used 10 met-rx $2/2 and 5 $1.50/2 and my total was $3.90 and got my $10 cat.

I wanted to do this again but no more met-rx bars...

I will mix up the combination so I can work in the oust, windex, fantastik so I'm not paying so much out of pocket... I'm excited that this is a month long deal but I hope these sale prices are month long as well. LOL

Safeway - Living Well Promo - Softsoap Handsoap

There was a $.35/1 cpn from this past weekend 3/30 inserts. I didn't get it so I had to order it from ebay.

use cpn from 1/6V#2 insert for $2/2 bars

-21 mft cpns (you need 30 of the $.35/1 that will double)
=9.00 total and get $10 catalina back

Safeway - Living Well Promo - Met-RX

Met-RX is on sale for $1.07 (checked online didn't verify instore yet) and is part of the Living Well Promo...

use cpn from 1/6V#2 insert for $2/2 bars

-30 mft cpns (you need 15)
=2.10 total and get $10 catalina back

If you do 28 bars then you are a few pennies short... if you can find another metrx that is a few pennies more than the $1.07 then you would only need to get the 28 bars to bring your total as close to $30 as possible! Then you pay nothing oop unless u have tax!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Safeway - Living Well Promo

Lysol trigger sprays are $3.19 b2g1 free
use the $.50/1 cpns and this is a good deal also!

x 10 & get 5 for free
-15 mft cpns (15 x .50 doubled)
=16.90 and get the $10 cat back

So really 16.90 - 10 = 6.90 for 15 bottles which equals out to .46 a bottle
Pure Protein Bars is a moneymaker
$1.00 (sale till 4/8 per online sale)
x 30
-22.50 (1.50/2q x 15)
=$7.50 and get $10 cat back

$7.50 - $10 = -$2.50 overage
Then if you dont want the overage and want to spread it across the other items.. you can do this...

20 x $1 protein bars
4 x $2.50 cleaning supplies (oust, windex, fantastik)
-$15 ($1.50/2 protein bars)
-$4 ($1.00/1 oust, windex, fantastik)
=11.00 and get the $10 cat back

$11-$10 = $1 for 20 protein bars and 4 cleaning bottles.

Safeway - Living Well Feeling Great Promo

Hehehe... i think this will be an awesome promo for cleaning supplies... So here goes the first rounds of what I can think of... It's not free but it's dirt cheap and will do great for reselling...if not, it'll be great to stock up cleaning supplies for the house! :)

The safeway online list is available now and I have worked up some stuff that will be pretty cheap..

As for the inserts...i have no clue, I had to buy all the ones below...

Windex on sale $2.50 and there are $1/1 cpns available
Fantastik Cleaner on sale for $2.50 and there are $1/1 cpns available
Oust Air Spray on sale for $2.50 and there are $1/1 cpns available

Buy 12 to reach your $30 ...

$30 (qty 12)
-12 (mft cpns)
$18 and get $10 back
so basically it's $18 -$10 = $8 for 12 cans/sprays
apprx. $.66 each

off to figure more deals with safeway!

CVS - NEW $5/15!!!

OMG this is so awesome! I was searching SD for more deals and read a post about a new $5/15 ...

I finally found it after begging from those crazy SDers!

Do you thnk it's a scanned copy from a newspaper? I can't tell? Let the bargain shopping CONTINUE!!! NO MORE MOURNING!!!

here you go!

WAGS - Good Deals this week and OVERAGE next week

Softsoap Moneymaker via ESR Rebate link to post on HCW
Softsoap handsoap is on Megasave 2/$3. So you will have to buy 14 to make it work with the 7 day coupon.The deal looks like this:$21 (14 softsoap handsoap $1.5 each)-$4.9 (14 $0.35 manuf coupons)-$7.14 (7 day coupon)= $8.96 submit for ESR Rebate (spend $20 get $10 back) Still a moneymaker
Purchases does not have to be on the same receipt if you want to break this up.

Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Kit via ESR link to post on HCW
$24.99 regular$19.99 sale (3/30-4/5)-$10 manufacturer coupon (3/30 inserts)-$5 ES Rebate= $4.99 which is not a bad price if you have been wanting one.

Cortizone link to post on HCW
Cortizone 10 on sale for $3.67 (all kinds were on sale including the one in the easy save catalog), used the $2 IVC and the $1 IP or you can use the $1 1/13 insert. The regular price was $5.99!


For sales week 4/6-4/12 - Overage on Wrigley's Gum (link to post #164933.699)
4 gums @1.19 = 4.76
2 bogo qs SS 3/2 @ -2.38
esq page 5 @ -.99
7day q page 2 @ -2.76 (this is 3 for $2 so I just subtracted 4.76-2)
=-1.37 OVERAGE


12 pks of gum @ 1.19 = 14.28
- 6 bogo @ -7.14
- 3/$2 7 day q @ -6.28
- .99/3 ESQ @ -3.96
= - 3.10 OVERAGE

Cheap Reynolds Wrap (link to post #164933.699)
It will be on sale 4/$3 and it's for the 20ft variety
Use 3/9SS - 510900100330 Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, any except 25 sq. ft. $1 on 2 (5-11-08) .10 each
and it will be $3-$2 (2 mft q's)= $1 for 4 rolls!!!

Or if you were lucky then you may have gotten the $1.50/2 coupon which makes them all free! BTW, coupon master has some on their site for $.15 a peice~! :)

CVS - EOB Pictures

So most of you know teh deal already...just thought I would consolidate and show you the pics of what people have posted so far...

Thanks to 3boys4Steph for the face scrubbies..164933.240

Thanks to Tiffany529 for the giftbag pics... 164933.518

Thanks to j_essica for the toe seperator thingy... 164933.422make sure the toe seperator says DISTRIBUTE BY CVS and not some other company....
Face Scrub $1.49
Gift Bags $1.49
Toe Seperators $.99
3 Prong Massager $1.99
Make-up Pencil Sharpener $1.99
Make-up applicator tip (like a double ended q-tip used for eyeshadow, the handle is black) $1.99
So the deal is limit 5. You buy 3 EOB items and get $5ECB back. The cheaper the better. All the $.99 and $1.49 items are moneymakers. The $1.99 is not but if you need it, it's cheap! Or you can incorporate the $1.99 with the cheaper item and that too will be free. :)

$.99 x 3 = $2.97 and get $5ecb
$1.49 x 3 = $4.47 and get back $5ecb


Thanks for visiting my site!!!!