Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Safeway - Free Sprite 2 liter bottles!!!

Sprite is b3g3 free at safeway till August 5th.

Use 3 olympic book Sprite BOGO free mft cpn and get all 6 bottles for free!!!

I just did this at my safeway and it worked wonderfully!

Safeway - "Fuel for School" $24.00 savings. Q's expire 09/30/08

Coupons found at safeway that maybe good for upcoming promotions at various stores... so be on the look out for them...

this is how the display looks like

this is how the pamphlet looks like...

this is how the cpns look like inside the pamphlet...

these are the fine prints of the cpns (taken from SD)...

"Fuel for School" $24.00 savings. Q's expire 09/30/08

  • Save $2 on any one Smucker's Fruit spread WYB any one K-Grab n go cereal paks and one K-Graham cracker
  • Save $2 on Jif to Go WYB any one K-town house flip side cracker and one K-sunshine 12 ct.
  • Save $2 on any 2 mead 5-star notebooks or binders WYB on eK Gripz cookies and one K-mini wheats cereal
  • Save $2 on 1 Gal milk WYB one pop tart and one K-eggos
  • Save $2 on store brand juice WYB one K-nutrigrain and on eK-right bites cookies
  • Save $2 on store brand coffee WYB one K-crunchy nut S &S Granola Bars and one K-Raisin Bran Cereal
  • Save $2 on store brand bread WYB any one K-Yogo's Bits and one K- rice krispy treats
  • save $2 on 12-24 pack store brand Water WYB K-Special K Protein water mix and K-Smart start cereal
  • Save $2 on any 1 gal MIlk WYB one K-Eggo's and one K-ceral straws
  • Save $2 on produce WYB one K-take along cookies and one K-kid's cereal

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Walgreens - July 27th...

So there are a few noteworthy deals for Walgreens this week but I'm more so interested in the olay deal and dove deal...

Olay Ribbons or Botanical bodywash will be 3 for $10... WYB $20 worth of this product you will get a $7 rr. Both the Olay Ribbons and the Botanical bodywash have $2/1 coupons out... I can't remember which inserts but they are there! So the math looks like this...

$20 for 6 bodywash (mix and match as you please between ribbons and botanical)
-12 - 6 of the mft $2/1
=$8 oop and get a $7 rr back.

So really it's only costing you $1 for 6 bodywash! :)

If you have RRs from the diaper double dip or the JF double dip then you can work those in so you pay nothing OOP and get a $7 rr back~!!!

as for the dove shampoo deal... It's on sale for BOGO free this week. Some bottles are $3.99 and some are 4.99. You should aim for the $3.99 bottles... There are $2/1 dove shampoo cpns in the past inserts (again I have no clue which since I'm too lazy to go back and look at the moment). So if you buy two bottles for $3.99 total, use two $2/1 dove shampoo cpn, it becomes FREE!!!

Safeway - SSM Promo

Okie this is the last few days of the SSM promo!!!

So the Oscar Mayer Hotdogs are 10 for $10 in some areas this week... You can get some free or cheap hotdogs...

There are $.50/1 q's which double if your store doubles. The hotdogs would be free with an extra $20 catalina...

Or if you have the $1/2 coupons then you would get 26 packs and use your $20 catalina and have $7 overage.

Or if you dont have any coupons then you can get 25 packs of hotdog and use your $20 cat and pay $5 oop!!! Of course if you mix this with kleenex or any other el cheapos then your OOP would be less than $5 for a ton of hotdogs!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Safeway - Fuze Catalina Deal

Got a catalina ad for Fuze yesterday...


Buy Fuze 18.5oz bottles during purchase dates and save up to $3 with coupon on your next purchase of Fuze.

Purchase Dates: 7/17/08 - 9/7/08

Buy (1) & get $1 off 2
Buy (2) & get $2 off 3
Buy (3) or more & get $3 off 4 Fuze Singles

All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash value.

It's on sale for $1 a bottle right now... so basically you will have to shell out $3 to buy the 3 bottles to get the catalina coupon.

Then you buy 4 for $4 and use the $3 catalina coupon. So it's 4 for $1 after coupon for every transaction after the first one and you'll get the catalina again to do it all over again. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Safeway - SSM Promo

So I did my safeway SSM transaction today with the windex and boy this is such a HUGE moneymaker it's insane!

Transaction 1

12 Windex $3.69each (BOGO safeway sale)
13 Kleenex $1.50 each
3 hormel mac and cheese microwavable $1ea
1 gum $1
12 - $1/1 windex cpn
13 - $.50/1 kleenex cpn (olympic book)
1 -$20/1 catalina
OOP $.64 plus tax
Got back 6 - $1.50 catalina for the windex and 1 - $20 catalina for SSM promo

Transaction 2
10 Windex $3.69each (BOGO safeway sale)
15 Kleenex $1.50 each
1 gallon milk $3.99
1 yogurt $.70
8 - 2 liter sprites
10 - $1/1 windex cpn
15 - $.50/1 kleenex cpn (olympic book)
4 - BOGO 2 liter sprite cpn (olympic book)
1 -$20/1 catalina
OOP $.64 plus tax
Got back 5 - $1.50 catalina and 1 - $20 catalina for SSM Promo


I also got a annoucement catalina for fuze drinks... I dont have it in front of me... but it said something like... buy 2 get xx amount off, buy 3 get xx amout and buy 4 get $3 off.....

I'll try it tomorrow and post the results...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Safeway - SSM Promo

AWESOME Windex Deal!!!!
$3.79 B1G1F Windex
x 10 (but really it's 20 bottles total instead of 10)
-20.00 (20 $1/1 coupons on windex or $.50/1 doubled, coming out this weekend)
+ 5.00 mt dew colored ones (anything else that is part of the promo to get to qty 25)
-4.00 (5 $.40/1 mft tearpad cpns doubled)
-20.00 catalina from last trip...
=-1.10 overage and get your $20 cat back and 10 (ten) $1.50 OYNO catalinas

Mission Tortilla Chips
-20.00 - $1/1 ANY mission tortilla coupons 5/18ss
+5.00 mt dew colored ones $1ea or anything else to reach your qty 25 limit
-4.00 $.40/1 double mt dew cpns
-20.00 catalina from last time
=1.40 OVERAGE and get your $20 cat back...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Safeway and Superfresh Shopping Trips Today

So I did one transaction at each store today and made out pretty good! I paid $1.32 OOP for all the stuff below and I'm just so thrilled!

This is the safeway breakdown...

15 Jolly Time Popcorn ($1.99ea)
10 Mt. Dew Colored ones ($1.00ea)

15 - $.75/1 jollytime popcorn (ebay purchased coupon)
10 - $.40/1 mt dew tearpad (doubled to $.80)
$20 - Catalina

Total OOP $.61 and got my $20 catalina back

I'm not going to list the superfresh breakdown since it's long! But you get the idea from the previous post...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Superfresh is Tripling Coupons this week...

So this is what I did...

Click image to see the transactions...

This is what I ended up with...

and I only paid $5.57 total!!!! Awesome Trip!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Safeway SSM Promo Transactions

This is what I have planned. I haven't tried them yet to see if they work but they should since these items are all marked. ;o)

This is what I have planned...

Transaction 1
25 - Mt Dew Colored ones...@ $1ea
25 - $.40/1 Mt Dew Tearpad from CVS (DOUBLED to $.80/1)
= $5 OOP and get the $20 cat

Transaction 2
8 - chex mix 1.99ea
4 - jolly time popcorn (DH RAN OUT OF popcorn!! grr) 1.99ea
8 - trident xtra gum 1.50ea
5 - bc frosting 1.50ea
8 - $.50/1 chex mix doubled
4 - $.75/1 jollytime from ebay
4 - bogo free trident xtra tearpad
5 - bc frosting peelies .50/1 or cpns coming out from sunday doubled
20 catalina
=1.38 OOP and get the $20 cat

Transaction 3
15- mt dew colored ones $1.00ea
4 - poptart (super coupon special 4 for $6)
6 - lysol bathroom cleaners $3.00ea
15 - mt dew tearpad .40/1 doubled
super coupon to make the poptart = $6
6 - lysol bathroom cleaner cpn $.50/1 doubled
20 catalina
=$1.00 OOP and get the $20 cat

Transaction 4
10 - mt dew colored ones $1.00ea
11 - jolly time popcorn $1.99ea
4 - bc cake mix $1.25
10 - mt dew tearpad .40/1 doubled
11 -- $.75/1 jollytime from ebay
20 catalina
=.64 OOP and get the $20 cat

Also someone asked me on BBC what the cost per item we should be aiming for...

Well this is what I'm aiming for...

$.80 or less items (after cpn) are free or overage when you reach the qty 25 mark using the $20 catalina
$1.00 items (after cpn) when you reach the qty 25 will be $5 OOP using the $20 catalina...
IF you do half $.80 or less and half $1.00 items then you will end up paying around $2.xx OOP after the catalina.

Hope that made some sense! LOL...

Safeway - SSM Promo Items

This is what I have gathered so far for the next promotion at safeway (Summer Savings Marathon).... Hopefully I can add more exciting stuff to this list! :)

SSM Promo Items of interest Cost and sale date ends Coupons
Bertolli Pasta Sauce Jars $2.50 (sale price) Various amts off 5/4 RP
Bertolli Pouch Sauce $2.50 (sale price) 5/4RP $1/1
Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.25 (7-22 sale)
Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50 (7-29 sale) $.50 coupons coming out that doubles also there are peelies on the cake mix for the frosting $.50/1
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper $2.00 (7-29 sale) $.75/3 5/4SS
Chex Mix $1.99(7-15 sale) $.50/1 (Q doubled) 6/15SS
Chi-Chi's Salsa is BOGO 4.09/2 6/29 $1/1 or $.55/1 or $1/2
Chinet White Plates 15ct 2.5 6/29 .75/1
Clif Bars $1.50 (7/27 Sale) $1/3 bars 4/27SS
Colgate Advance Clean 2.99 6/29 $1/1
Crest toothpaste Various Types $2.50 (sale price) $1/1 7/6 PG
destin 3.5 $1/1 peelies found at target
Diet Coke 6-pk bottles $3 7/9 super q
Diet Pepsi Max 20 Fl oz $1.49 normal price .40/1 Diet Pepsi Max tearpads at CVS (Q doubled)
Fresh Express complete salad kits BOGO 4.29/2 ( thur 7/15) $1/1 flyer blinkie
jolly time popcorns 1.99
Kelloggs Cereal 1.5 7/9 super q
Kleenex 1.5 .50/1 safeway olympic booklets
Lever Bros Body Wash 3.99 5/18RP $1/1
Lysol Bathroom Cleaners $3.00 (sale price) $.50/1 doubles 6/22SS
Mccormick grillmate CHEAPEST ONE 2.07 5/4rp $.25/1 or 4/27rp $.75/1 or 6/22rp $1/1
Mountain Dew 20Fl oz $1.49 normal price $.40 tearpad from CVS (doubled)
Mountain Dew 20Fl oz New Flavors 1 $.40 tearpad from CVS (doubled)
Oral-B Advantage toothbrush 2.5 7/6pg $1/1
Oral-B Stages Toothbrushes 2.5 7/6 $1/2
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs $2.00 (7-29 sale) $.50/1 (this doubles) or $.55/1 6/15SS
Pepsi 20 Fl oz $1.49 normal price BOGO caps from the Pepsistuff promo
Pop tarts and select kelloggs cereal 4 for $6 with super coupon (7-15 sale) Kellogs Special K coupons from mailer
Ragu Sauce Jars (pouches are included) 4 for $7 (sale price) 5/18rp $1/2 or $1/1 blinkie for pouches
Sierra Mist 20oz. bottles 1.49
Snickers Marathon bars $1.25 (sale price)
Spray N Wash $2.50 (7-13 sale) $1/1 or $.75/1 6/1SS
Stayfree Maxi Pads 4.19 6/29 bogo
Suave Body Wash 2.29 5/18RP $1/1 6/22 BOGO
Suave Hair Care 1.59 5/18rp $1/2
Tava soft drinks BOGO 3.99/2 (free one is counting) $1.50 printable
Trident Xtra Gum $1.50 (sale price) BOGO tearpad found at safeway

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CVS - $5 off $30 Stationary Purchase

Saw this on SD...

Reported that there are $5 off $30 Stationary Coupons found just like the ones from last year. They were on top of the candy aisle. They look just like a regular CVS Q. EXP 9/13/08. They have unique barcodes...

SO keep your eyes peeled for these!!! Will come in handy when the kids go back to school in the fall!

CVS - Rundown of deals...

7/6/08 Weekly Deals
Olay Buy $20 get $10 ecb deal - The olay regenerist scrub and cleansing cloths 30ct are $5.99. Use the $3/1 cpn from 6/22 to make this a pretty decent deal.

Pert Plus 2 in 1 - On sale for 2 for $5. Use the $2/1 coupon from 6/29SS to make them $.50 each.

Febreeze Buy $10 get $5ecb - The big bottles are on sale for $3.99 and the sprays are 2 for $5. The past PG inserts have ... "buy the big bottle get the sprays for free"... So you pay for the two $3.99 fabric refreshner $7.98 and get $5ecb back.

Dawn Deal Buy 2 for $2 and get $1ecb back. In select areas, the PG inserts had $1/1 ANY dawn. This will be a moneymaker for you if you have this cpn! Limit 5.

7/13/08 Weekly Deals
4 X 6 10 Page hardcover photo books ($3.99), Free after extra bucks, LIMIT 1
6 x 8 10 Page hardcover photo books ($7.99), Free after extra bucks, LIMIT 2
use the mft cpns $3/1 cpn from 6/8SS to make these moneymakers! AND if you are lucky enough to find the CVS $3/1 cpns exp 11/15/08, it would be a gigantic moneymaker! ask the photo technician they may have it somewhere!

Sally Hansen nail color will be on sale for $.99 this week. Use the $3/2 mft cpn to make this a moneymaker! Hopefully the coupon won't beep. The mft cpn was found in the CVS flyer booklets or on the beauty advisor website.

7/20/08 Weekly Deals
Trident Xtra Care Gum will be BOGO...with the BOGO coupons (from safeway or supermarket tearpads) they will be totally free...limit 5 per it's a $5 money maker!!!!

Loreal Vive pro shampoo or conditioners are B1G1 during this week. In the upcoming Smartsource on 7-13-2008 there will be a coupon for B1G1 FREE on Loreal Vive Pro Hydra Gloss Product. So if you buy this particular L'oreal line you can get free shampoo and conditioner!

Monthly July Deal (some is repost)
Bic Soleil Razor Deal - Buy two of the following Razor or Razor refill and get $5ecb back. The price for the razor and/or the 4ct refill $6.99. Use the coupon that came out last week (SS 6/22) for $4/1 and it's good on either the razor or the refills!!!Limit 4 sets.

Sure Deodorants for JULY Monthly Deal - buy 2 sure antiperspirant 2.6 - 2.7 oz ($2.79 per get 3ECB Limit 3. In yesterday's paper (this is regional also) there was a B1G1 free cpn on the deo. So your transaction would look like this...
6 sure antiperspirant $16.74
- $8.37 b1g1 coupons ($2.79 x 3)
= $8.37
$9 ecb ($3 ecb x 3)
= 6 free deodorants and profit of $.63

Cortaid is $3.99 and it gives $1 ecb from July Monthly book (page 13). In select areas the 6-22-08 RP has a $3/1 cortaid coupon. Limit is 5! So free Cortaid!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

CVS - Free Cortaid

Saw this on HCW...

Cortaid is $3.99 and it gives $1 ecb from July Monthly book (page 13). In select areas the 6-22-08 RP has a $3/1 cortaid coupon. Limit is 5!

So free Cortaid!!!!

Deal Dead - CVS Hidden ECB Deal - CVS Brand Towelettes

Deal is dead now... only printing $1ecb. :(


For the month of July - wyb the CVS brand towelette you are suppose to get 1ecb back but there is a glitch and it's printing $2.99 ecb wyb 1. The limit is 5. Not sure if CVS will fix this glitch so you should buy it while you can...

There are two that are working for this deal....

CVS Exfoliating Towelettes 15ct - $3.49 (gives back $2.99ecb)
CVS Cleanse and Makeup Remover 15ct - $2.99 (gives back $2.99ecb)

And you can use the $2 facial cvs coupon on this product as well. So big moneymaker!!!!

The exfoliating one looks like this but is 15ct instead of 30ct!


Thanks for visiting my site!!!!