Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kmart - Super Doubles $2 doubled to $4 - Oct 1st - 5th

Thanks to my girls on BBC...

I have been ignoring all the talks about the super double (up to $2 doubled to $4)since the kmarts near my house didn't participate last time...

THEN one of the bbc girls said that you can force your kmart to participate if you have a flyer stating the super doubles... and... I just found out on SD that all Kmarts are actually suppose to participate!!!

Super doubles will start tomorrow Oct 1 - Oct 5. Dont expect to go on Oct 5th to find anything left on the shelves. It will probably be wiped out by tomorrow evening!

Call your local Kmart to see if they are participating... Most likely they are!

I spent the last two hours clipping all my $2 coupons and some $1 coupons I know that will be good to use. I'll post my finds tomorrow. There are some finds floating around but I'm just not sure if they are true deals or rumored deals...

Oh...and they will double 4 identical coupons up to a max of 74 coupons (or was it 75)... either way... I'M STOKED!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free 3 months of amazon prime!

Thanks to Janie (BBC Girls) for the awesome tip!

Get amazon prime for free for the next 3 months by adding $100 of text books to your shopping cart. On the last page right before you click submit, there should be a link above the shipping offering your a trial membership for amazon prime for 3 months. Click the link (remember to uncheck one click shopping) and join amazon prime for 3 months for free (trial offer). The trial offer should pop up... Oh and remember to empty your shopping cart. You are not obligated to buy anything to join the trial amazon prime.

After you have joined, go back to the first page on amazon and click "your account" in the top right corner. Scroll to the middle/bottom of page and click on manage subscriptions. You should see something saying you joined amazon prime for 3 months for free. Underneath that there should be a link that says "do not auto-renew membership"... click that and the amazon prime will not renew after your 3 months is up.

Now you get to enjoy amazon prime during the busy christmas holiday season with free shipping on a no minimum order!!!

BTW... this is only valid for accounts that have never had amazon prime before. :)

Oh and here is a text book you can add to your shopping cart to do the deal.

Safeway & Shopper Food Warehouse - $6.xx for 4 fridge packs

Thanks to HCW...

In the Shoppers Food Warehouse ad this week there is a MFT cpn for $5 off $20 pepsi co products. The mft is not store specific so you can use this elsewhere.

At safeway, pepsi fridge packs are on sale for buy 2 get 2 free. Fridge packs run $5.xx or so... Grab 4, check out... hand cashier the mft first then after it's entered, scan your club card. Two should come off and you end up paying $6.xx (including tax) for 4 fridge packs.

Coupon is on page 3...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Super Giant - Glade Plugin Deal

edit to add: It's running till Oct 2.

So I was hoping this deal would be exactly the same as the Safeway one but it's not exactly the same but close is good enough!

Buy any glade GEL warmer and get $2 OYNO catalina back. The funny thing is the gel warmers are $1.70 at GIANT!!!!!! LOL... If you have tons of the BOGO cpns that came out this weekend you are golden!!! HUGE moneymaker! :)

The downside... well at safeway the OIL warmers works but it doesnt at Giant. I had to shell out $4 to try this! :(

So here goes a few scenarios...

buy one at $1.70 and get the $2.00 OYNO catalina...

Rinse repeat using the $2.00 OYNO catalina to pay and find a $.30 filler (banana, apple, fruit, veggies) and pay very little oop and continue getting your $2.00 OYNO catalina...

If you have the $4 OYNO catalina from the powerade then you can do this...

-4.00 oyno catalina powerade
=$1.10 oop and get (3) $2.00 OYNO catalina.

-6.00 oyno catalinas from above
=$.80 OOP and get (4) $2.00 oyno catalinas

Continue rolling this using the qty 4 scenario and only use 3 oyno catalinas to pay. You will gain a $2 catalina each time! :)

If you have the BOGO cpn then even better! Your scenario would look like this...

-1.70 bogo free cpn 9/14
=$1.70 oop and get (2) $2 oyno catalina back

x 6
-5.10 (three BOGO mft)
-4.00 (two $2 OYNO catalina from above)
=$1.10 OOP and get back (6) $2.00 OYNO catalinas!!!

x 8
- 6.80(four BOGO mft)
-6.00 (three $2 OYNO catalina from above)
=$.80 OOP and get back (8) $2.00 OYNO catalinas!!!


Super Giant - Powerade Catalina

So... it was reported working for stop-n-shop customers and I just figured out that this includes Super Giant (Giant) as well!!!!

I just tried it... purchase 6 powerade ZERO (only that type) and get a $4.00 OYNO catalina back. The deal runs through 9/28/08. It's on sale this week for $.80 each...

so if you have cpns the deal would look like this...
x 6
-$4.80 ($1/1 7/13ss no overage or 6/8ss $.75/1)
=$0 oop and get a $4 OYNO catalina!!!

There are also tearpads for $.50/1 powerades as well from awhile back at cvs... SO GREAT DEAL

If you dont have coupons don't fret! Still a great deal if you want powerade zeros...

x 6
=$4.80 oop and get $4 oyno catalina

rinse repeat
x 6
-$4.00 catalina from above
=$.80 oop and get $4 oyno catalina

Hotel Rooms for $19.28 on Oct 1 (80 mins only)

Thanks to my girls on BBC...

Pre-registration is required... Linky


Join in the festivities. Celebrate our birth year - 1928 - and eight decades in hospitality.

Just months after launching one of this year's most lavishly expensive holidays in honor of our 80th anniversary - an epic USD 1 million trip "Around the World" - The Leading Hotels of the World turns the tables and embraces its founding year (1928) with an astounding promotion. At 12 noon GMT (8 a.m. ET/Eastern Time) on October 1, 2008, we will release a limited number of the world's most-coveted hotel rooms at the unprecedented rate of USD 19.28 per night. For 80 minutes only, registered consumers will be able to secure the celebratory USD 19.28 rate and experience a multitude of our iconic members. For details be sure to read the Terms and conditions.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shoppers Food Warehouse

Thanks to SD...

In this weeks ad there is a manufacture coupon for $5 off fresh meat wyb 10 rice a roni products. The coupon doesn't expire till 12/31/08 and isn't store specific.

Nice coupon to have in the binder since rice a roni products usually go on sale for $1ea at safeway or giant. If it's at those two stores you can combine it with the $.50/1 cpn (which doubles) to make this a freebie purchase!

So be on the lookout for $1 rice a roni sales and the $.50/1 rice a roni cpns.

Harris Teeter

Thanks to my girls on BBC....

Harris Teeter is tripling coupons on Sept 18-21.

The limit is 20 per transaction per day up to $.99.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Safeway - Buy 5 save $5 instantly

I just got home from doing this deal... :) worked perfectly. I did separate transactions (4 to be exact)... and got the instant off and catalina on all of them. I did a variety of bars. So I'm thinking they all work! :)

Just keep in mind if you continue to roll these from one transaction to another you will have $1 overage to keep in mind from going negative!!!!

this is what I did

1st transaction
12.50 - 5 boxes of nature valley
7.97 - glade oil plug ins
-5 instant off
-5 (qty 5 - $.50/1 doubled)
-3.99 - glade bogo free cpn
-2 catalina glade from yesterday
-2 catalina glade from yesterday
=2.48 oop plus tax and get 3.50 catalina nature valley and two $2 catalina from glade

2nd transaction
12.50 - 5 boxes of nature valley
7.97 - glade oil plug ins
6.99 - neutra air
-5 instant off
-5 (qty 5 - $.50/1 doubled)
-3.99 - glade bogo free cpn
-5.00 - neutra air
-3.50 - catalina from nature valley above
-2 catalina glade from above
-2 catalina glade from above
=.97 OOP plus tax and get 3.50 catalina nature valley and two $2 catalina from glade

3rd and 4th transaction
12.50 - 5 boxes of nature valley
7.97 - glade oil plug ins
2.99 - ground pork
-5 instant off
-5 (qty 5 - $.50/1 doubled)
-3.99 - glade bogo free cpn
-3.50 - catalina from nature valley above
-2 catalina glade from above
-2 catalina glade from above
= 1.97 OOP plus tax and get 3.50 catalina nature valley and two $2 catalina from glade

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Febreze Noticeables - $.97 or $.99 after coupon

So... this maybe old news for most but I've been out of the loop for 2 weeks now so I'll post this anyway...

on HCW they said the febreze noticeables at target was ringing up $5.99 or $4.99. Using the $5/1 febreze coupon from 8/31 pg inserts, it makes these a great deal! Not free but it's cheap and they are nice!

Well I went to my target and they weren't ringing up at that price. They were $7.97 and $9.99. I was disappointed needless to say... But then I remember someone said walmart had them for $5.97 so I drove to walmart and found them!!! YIPEEE!!!

So I did them in sets of 8 and I didnt need CSM approval. I'm not sure how long the $5.97 price will be in effect but I'm glad I was able to use my cpns!!!

Safeway - Buy 5 save $5 instantly

UPDATE - I tried this tonight and it did not work. If you really want these and they are tagged in your store, you can have CS honor the instant $5 off. At my store it was not tagged so I paid $5 for the 5 boxes after cpns.

just saw this on HCW... not sure if it will work since online doesnt have these tagged as part of the promo...

9.95 Cheesy Lasagna Microwave Singles boxes - 5x1.99
-5.00 $1/1 ss 8/10 or you can use ip for $1.10/1 singles box page 3
-5.00 instant off
-$.05 overage

I might try this and if it doesnt work... oh well... but we will know... if someone else tries it before me, please post. I will have to dig through my coupons to see if i even have these cpns. lol...

Safeway - Save $5 instantly on select 5

Taken from HCW

There's a cat on the Nature Valley bars starting 9/12 - $3.50 WYB 5
5 for $12.50
-5.00 (instant promo)
-2.50 (5*.50 coupons or if your's double then -$5)
= $5.00 oop
get $3.50 cat back
= $1.50 (or less) for 5 boxes

Old El Paso Taco Shells (2/$3) and dinner kits (2/$5). All had the peelies for the free Taco Seasoning packets with purchase of 2 OEPaso products (saw peelies at superfresh also).

$9 - 6 taco shells
-5.00 (instant promo)
-$3 - Use 3 of the $1.00/2 10-04-2008 Insert 08-10-08 GM
Total out of pocket $1 !!!

Plus you get three free taco seasoning packets if you have the peelies.

```````If you have the all you magazine cpns`````````````

$11.64 - 3 Crystal Light
$3.00 - 2 El Paso
$2.25 - 9 Kool Aid
= $16.89
-11.64 Free Crystal Light wyb koolaid - all you mag
-1.00 El Paso q $1.00/2 10-04-2008 Insert 08-10-08 GM
-$5 instant off for the crystal light and el paso
-$.75 overage

Bloom Grocery Stores - Triples on Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Limit 5 coupons per transaction but you can do multiple transaction at uscan. Triples up to $.99.

Bloom is part of Food Lion but it doesnt seem like food lion will be doing triples.

Bloom ad's
North Carolina Shoppers
Click here for North Carolina specials

South Carolina Shoppers
Click here for Greenville, Anderson, Seneca, Mauldin, Greer & Simpsonville locations.

Click here for Fort Mill location.

Maryland Shoppers
Click here for Maryland specials

Virginia Shoppers
Click here for Purcellville, Sterling, Herndon, Marshall, Leesburg, Warrenton, Bealeton, Fairfax, Woodbridge, Dale City, Manassas, Dumfries and Lorton locations.

Click here for Stafford, Fredericksburg, Locust Grove and Spotsylvania locations.

Click here for Hampton Roads location.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Free Admission - Shedd Aquarium in Chicago Sept 5-9

In honor of the Wild Reef fifth anniversary Shedd Aquarium in Chicago will give free general admission from Sept 5-9.

This is the last time in 2008 that free admission will be given also on weekend.

After these, they have free admission only on certain weekdays.

Click here for more information.

October: 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28
November: 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25


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