Monday, October 6, 2008

Triples at Blooms Oct 10-12th!

Thanks to SD for the heads up!

Limit 20 coupons per day per customer! Triples up to $.99.

Bloom is part of Food Lion but it doesnt seem like food lion will be doing triples.

Glade Oil Warmer Cats reported working elsewhere!

Suppose to work at other various stores as well. If the $2 OYNO cat worked last time then the $4 may work for you as well. Use self checkout to see if the cat prints. If not, just void and move on. :)

on SD these places are reported to work at the following places...
Family Fare
Stop & Shop
Giant Eagle
Dillions (should work at Kroger)
Randalls but only $2 printed
Albertsons but only $2 printed

Not Working

Safeway - Glade Oil Plugin Warmers giving $4 cats!

Thanks to SD (AZJane)...

The glade plugin warmers are now giving $4 catalinas instead of $2!!! So a total moneymaker if you have the BOGO free coupons from 9/28 inserts! Without the coupon then the plugins are $.99... not bad!

Here's the breakdown based on $4.99 price in my area.

x 2
-4.99 bogo coupon
=$4.99 and get tw0 $4 OYNO catalinas!!!!

Then the next transaction use one catalina to pay!

x 2
-4.99 bogo coupon
-4.00 catalina from above or any of the $2 catalinas from last time
=$.99 and get tw0 $4 OYNO catalinas!!!!

I personally tried this deal and did 8 in one transaction. It works fine. The catalina prints as the plugins are scanned.

The deal will be on going til November 2nd!!! WAHOOOO!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kmart - Shopping Trip...

I just got back and that is after an HOUR of checking out with twins in tow!!!! YES 1 whole freakin hour! They were nice but still an hour was insane! The registers didnt apply the coupons to the items and made the cashier select the items to apply the coupon to. It was weird. The cashier didnt know so he just selected the first thing that popped up! OH NO that is where the problem we had to void all 54 items and re-ring which some how became 58 items!!! and this time they had to go line by line by line in selecting the right items for the coupons. INSANE...

I got 54 but it rang as 58 items for $29.82. Total before coupons $210!!! My total should have been less since they scanned some items in wrong but at this point I didnt care. I just wanted to leave. LOL

I just wanted to say that in MD for some reason our prices are higher than some of you girls that posted. cry oh well... here's what I got...

Also used my $5/50 printable for more savings! laughlaugh

This is what my receipt should have looked like...


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