Saturday, January 3, 2009

CVS - Olay Regenerist and Definity Giftcard MIR

hehe... I sorta started up again on CVS... well not really maintaining any ECBS but thanks to the poster for reminding me about the Olay deals (regenerist and definity products)... I used my $5 ecb that I got from the Contour monitors and purchased the Regenerist or Definity products that they had.

So I got enough rebates to do 4 sets of Regenerist Cleansers and 1 set of Definity products (mousse cleanser that was marked down to $5, metal can instead of plastic tube) for the giftcard rebates. So I should have $75 coming back to me at some point. I spent a little less than $14 on giftcard and will turn that into $75 giftcards.

If I can more of those can thingies for the Definity deal... I can do 3 more sets and then that will add $45 more to my giftcard total. So I'm hoping I can find some more. I went 4 cvs today to find what I could at the last minute (yup such a procrastinator lately)...

So the breakdown looks like this...

This is for the Regenerist Deal (expires tonight the buy 1 get 2nd half off and the contour will end tonight)
Transaction 1
Buy Bayer Contour Monitor
use the up to $30/1 contour monitor coupon
Pay $0 out of pocket and get a $5 ecb

Transaction 2
1 olay regenerist facial cleanser $7.99 (they are b1 get 1 half off)
1 olay regenerist facial cleanser $3.99
use $5/2 mft facial cleanser
use $5 ecb from above
OOP $1.98 plus tax

This is for the Olay Definity Deal
2 Olay Definity Mousse Facial Cleanser METAL BOTTLE $5.00 mark down
use two of the $3/1 mft facial cleanser
OOP $4.00 plus tax

Use ECBS to pay if you have it...

These are the rebates...

  • Definity - expires Jan 28th, postmark by Feb 11th
  • Regenerist - expires Jan 14th, postmark by Jan 28th

These are the mft cpns

  • Olay Definity Facial Moisturizer One (1) or any One (1) Olay Definity Facial Cleaners - 12-28-08 PG
  • Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer, Any (1) Or (2) Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansers - 12-14-08 PG
  • Bayer Breeze 2 OR Contour Meter, Any - 03-16-08 SS
  • Bayer Breeze 2 OR Contour Meter, Any - 06-01-08 SS
  • Bayer Breeze 2 OR Contour Meter, Any - 10-26-08 RP

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