Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Safeway $5 off 5 promo - Juices

January 7th - January 13th

Superbob (SD and HCW) released the ad early for Safeway and there is another $5 off 5 deal with juices this time. Sealed

here's Ad Link

Ocean Spray Cranberry (not sure if assorted varieties) $2
Tree Top Juice $2.50
Caprisun $2.50
Welch's $3
V-8 Fusion $3

The Ocean Spray and the Welch's will be a good deal...

Ocean Spray has $.55/1 coupon... if your store doubles up to $1 then this will be free for you. The welches will be free also if your store doubles up to $1.

Non Double Scenario
$2 Ocean Spray
x 5
-$5 instant off
-$2.75 (five $.55/1 12/7RP)
=$2.25 for five bottles

$3 Welch Grape Juice
-$5 instant off
-$5 (five $1/1 10/5SS)
=$5 for five bottles

I'm going to stock up since this is a good price. For some reason in our area we did not get the Cranberry coupons. totally sucks but I ordered them on ebay.

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