Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Safeway - Cheap Soup, Free halls, other cheapy items...

Here are a few deals list on SD...

Deal 1
If you buy 10 cans of Campbell's condensed chicken noodle or tomato soups you get a free Theraflu or Triaminic product. These soups are on sale for 10/$6 and there are coupons for .40/4 in SS 1/4 and also use the $2/1 coupon for the Theraflu (which would be the best product to get for the most off). Price of the free product will be taken off automatically. It shows you can get any one of these 4 items for free:

Theraflu warming relief 8.3oz
Theraflu Daytime Severe Cold and Cough 4oz
Triaminic children's night time cold and cough 14ct.
Triaminic children's thin strips cough and cold 6 ct.

Theraflu any product
$2/1 10/19SS
$1.50/1 12/7SS
$1.50/1 1/4SS

Triaminic any product
$1/1 10/19SS
$1/1 12/7SS
$1/1 1/4 SS
$1.50/1 bricks coupon

It works out to this for the doublers...
$6 - 10 cans of soup
$5.xx - for theraflu or triaminic product
-.80 ~ $.40/4 doubled
-.80 ~ $.40/4 doubled
-5.xx ~ automatic deduction for triaminic/theraflu product
-2.00 ~ theraflu mft (or whatever mft cpn you have)
=$2.40 for 10 cans of soup and a bottle of medicine
(for the non doublers, you will pay $.80 more)

Large Image

Exp Jan 20 - 30 ct Halls cough drops are 10/$10 use .50/1 from Smart Source 12/7 = Free if your store doubles

Exp Jan 11 -Skippy peanut butter .... use SW super coupon for $1.49 and use .35/1 from Redplum 11/16 = $.79 each if your store doubles

Exp Jan 11 -Nature Valley Granola Bars..... use SW super coupon for $1.50 each and use .50/1 SS 1/4 = $.50 each if your store doubles

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