Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shoppers Food Warehouse - Awesome Q's in their Ad... and Doubles and Triples Maybe in your area!!!!

On SD there are some Shoppers that will double and triple this week. I check my area and none are doing this..So if you have a shoppers, pop onto their website and check it out to see if your area is lucky enough to have it back to back!!!

Also.. .In their sales ad this week there are some awesome coupons....

4 that says "redeemable at Shoppers" but doesn't say "only" if your SAFEWAY store isn't a stickler you can use it there! :D they will be good for the soda deal this week.

Then there is a coupon on the back page that doesn't have "redeemable at shoppers" so it's great to use anywhere! So that could be used at safeway too if you don't have any coupons at all for the pepsi deal. Mix and match it with chips since the safeway pepsi deal is limit 4 per person per household.

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