Friday, January 9, 2009

SuperFresh Bonus Bucks (Catalina Deals) Jan9th-15th

Superfresh is running some awesome catalina deals this week. :D There are tons that are free or close to free. Well it should be free if you work it accordingly.

The two superfresh that I go to in MD base their catalina deals off of shelf price. From reading HCW, most if not all Superfresh does this. So maybe try a small transaction first to test the waters before going butt crazy! :D

This morning I did the following transaction and I was pleasantly surprised that after my 4th like coupon, the rest continued to double. In my experience during Triples, after the 4th one, the rest are taken at face value. So I was super excited.

I purchased 13 boxes of eggos for $.99 each. Original price would have been $31.07... then base on sale price it's $12.87. I used 8 -$.75/1 eggo coupons (which doubles to $1.50) to take my total plus tax to $.89 OOP and I got my $7 bonus bucks! Can you say MONEYMAKER! :D hehehe

Well the list of items are below. You can figure out your scenarios to see what is free and what is a moneymaker. I can't list them because there are too many variations to list. But if you have questions, you can email me.

Click on the image for larger view...

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