Saturday, January 3, 2009

SuperFresh is tripling this week...

So I saw it on HCW and the ladies there said it's tripling again. There are a few good OYNO deals but no one posted any scenarios and I haven't been couponing much lately to know what to do with superfresh at the moment...

But here is a compilation of stuff to get you started...

GG valley fresh steamers 4/$5 less .50 tripled (12/7ss) = FREE or overage
BC mashed potatos 5/$5....less .35 tripled (11/16ss or 12/14ss) = FREE or overage
Sobe Lifewaters- $1.49 - .50 tearpad's (cvs, gas stations) = FREE
Pounce soft canned cat treats were on sale for $1.59 - .75 q's (12/7RP) = FREE or overage
Lipton Tea Small boxes were $1.29 - .60q's (11/16rp) = FREE or overage
Loreal Kids Shampoo on sale for $1.99 use $.75/1 (1/4/09) = FREE or overage
Natural Arnold bread is on sale for $1.99 use .55 q (10/5ss or 11/9ss)= $.34
Blue diamond almonds $1.99 -.75/2 (10/19ss)=$1.73 for 2
Lean Pockets- some were on sale for $1.79 - .40q (All You mag) = .59
Whiskas temptations $1.89 - .50 (12/14rp) = .39
Nesquick singles $1.69 reg price, $1 sale price - .50/1 (tearpad) = FREE or overage .50

things that maybe good... well they are usually good during triples...

Daisy Sour Cream - 12/14ss - usually free or overage depending on if they are on sale.
Coffeemate Creamer - free with the $.50/1 tearpads found in CVS and gas stations
Muir Glen tomotoes - 10/26ss or 12/7ss - prices varies but they should be very cheap with the $.75/1 cpns
Franks Red Hot - 12/14ss - close to free with the $.75/1 cpn
Healthy Ones lunch meat - free with overage $.75/1

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