Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free 8 GB Ipod Touch form Bryn Mawr Trust Bank

Open a checking account with Bryn Mawr with Direct Deposit and get a IPOD Touch!

So I'm reading this thread on SD and it seems that someone confirmed that out of town residents can open a bank account with them as well but getting the IPOD Touch has to be in person (SUCKS). It was reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

With this deal, you should call and confirm yourself if you are an out of towner to see if you are eligible. I would note the customer service reps name that helps you just to be on the safe side.

For East Coast people... this would be a good deal if you are on your way to Alantic City! Philadelphia is just around the Alantic City Expressway and bank A on the map below is their headquarters bank! LOL


  • Two direct deposits by May 15, 09 (Direct deposit of payroll or govt checks only, no Paypal deposit, reported you probably can get your Fed and State direct deposited to fullfill their requirements!!!)
  • Open the account by Feb 28, 09.
  • Min Deposit $250
  • Acct Remain Open for 1 year or get charged $250.
  • you will get sent a 1099-int for interest on $250
  • must go in person to pick up IPOD Touch around May 15 thereafter (at select locations)...

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