Friday, February 13, 2009

Free Office Home and Student 2007 on 3 PCs + Cash back

Thanks to SD for the great deal!

Microsoft Equipt is being discontinued and Microsoft is offering a prorated refund + a Free copy of office Home and Student 2007 with a 3 household pc license.

The best possible deal is if you purchase Equipt at Circuit City since they are offering 25% off at this point (retail value $69.99). But if you want to, you can purchase it anywhere else and just pay the full amount. Whatever you pay, you get the full amount back if you register it and then immediately (within 30 days) request for your refund.

Link to read about the refund.

Page to start the refund process.

Side note: personally I have not done this deal so I cannot tell you how painful/painless it is. That being said I will try and find equipt at circuit city since it's the cheapest there and reading microsoft's refund page, they will refund the full retail value prorated (well if you do it within 30 days, the full retail value would be refunded), so that should be a little bit of a moneymaker! :D I'm buying office this way because any other way is just too darn expensive! It's also good to have this on hand just incase they come out with yet another version of Office (you know it's coming so why not). LOL

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