Thursday, February 5, 2009

Giant Food MD/DC/VA (and Stop and Shop)

Feb 6th - Feb 12th

Okie... I got my ad today and this is what I'm seeing...

Buy $20 PG items and get $10 OYNO cat back (select items)

The crest toothpaste are on sale for 2 for $5 (includes pro-health, expressions and plus scope would qualify for the deal and coupon). Use the coupon from 1/18PG for $1.50/1 and this could be a moneymaker if your store base the OYNO deals on regular price. Giant use to base it off of regular prices but I haven't shopped there in forever so I dont know if it's still based off of regular price. I'll do the breakdown based on sale price since I dont know what the regular price would be. LOL

x 8
-12 (8 x $1.50/1) 1/18PG cpns
=$8 oop and get a $10 cat

$2 moneymaker based off of sale prices!!! This would be a bigger moneymaker based off of regular prices!

Cats do not roll at Giant... BUT if the cat does not specify buying giftcards then you can buy one giftcard for $10 and keep rolling it back and forth this way so the cat does not beep. I have yet to do this deal so I dont know if the cat has a limitations. The deal starts tomorrow. :D

Buy $20 worth of Cascadian Farm and/or Muir Glen products and save $5 instantly

So this is what I'm seeing...

The Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes are $2.39 and the Muir Glen Soups are $2.49.. Those are the two products that are listed BUT if it's all muir glen then the tomato paste would be a moneymaker!... There are $.75/1 coupons out there...

edit to add: SD reported that the Muir Glen that are $2.39 and $2.49 are sale prices so these should be higher as well. May work on orginal pricing!

Muir Glen Tomato that is listed in the AD.
-13.50 (9 x .75/1 doubled)
-5.00 instant off
=3.01 OOP for 9 cans of tomatoes

Not Sure if all Muir Glen would work.. .If it does then this would be a good scenario or you can mix and match the tomato paste with the soups to get a differnt type of deal for free.. :D

Muir Glen Tomato Paste
-20.23 ($.75/1 x 17 doubled but no overage just free)
-5.00 instant off
=-5.00 OVERAGE to buy other items in the same transaction. LOL

Combination (not sure if the tomato paste is part of the deal)

paste 1.19 x 7 = 8.33
soup 2.49 x 5 =12.45
total before cpn 20.78

paste 7 x $.75/1 doubled = -8.33
soup 5 x $.75/1 doubled = -7.50
instant off -$5.00

Total OOP -$.05 (add something so it's not negative)

Good Deals
Ken's Salad Dressing is 10 for $10... there are $.35/1 coupons out there to make these dressing $.30 each.

Green Giant Steamers is 10 for $10... there are $.50/1 coupons out there making these free after doubles.

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