Sunday, February 1, 2009

Safeway - Awesome RUN!

So I opened my newspapers this morning totally thinking we would get screwed regarding having the $10/50 coupon... but I was surprised we got it and we got the free pizza coupon with $25 purchase!!! and another $7.99 for 4 soda coupon different from the one from saturday...So this is how my transaction went...

10 packs of Coke
7 packs of Sprite
3 packs of Seagram Gingerale
2 lbs or so of bananas
1 safeway pizza
1 O organic ice tea drink

$10/50 from today's ad
$5 off (free pizza) today's ad
$1 o organic coupon from safeway brochure
4 for $7.99 coupon for soda WEEKLY AD (different barcode)
4 for $7.99 coupon from today's ad (different barcode)
20 - $1/1 coke coupons from Kraft booklet

total OOP $22.xx and $2.xx was tax... so basically $20 for all of it...

That would be $1 a pack for soda!!! AWESOME!

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