Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopping Updates for Today (Giant & Safeway)


I did two sets of 3 in one transaction and I got the two catalinas!!! So I'm thinking that you can buy unlimited in sets of 3 and it will print! YIPEE!!!

The Beechnut Life to Grow microwables are $1.55-$1.59 at safeway...after coupon it will be $.05 - $.09 and if you use the 10% off then a little less! :D

Muir Glen Tomato paste are $1.59 as well so $.09 for each can after insert cpn.

the Ester-C is actually being clearanced out per the tag at my store. So they are 50% off until they finish selling them. :( I have a whole load of these coupons! UGH

Giant MD/VA/DC

The beechnut life to grow microwavables are 3 for $4 and after coupon they are free. No overage.

Also the biter biscuts and the arrowroot cookies are $1.79 at certain stores so you end up paying $.29 for a box! I got a few for the twins. The arrowroot cookies are actually pretty yummie! :D I haven't tried the biter biscuts but will sometime today. LOL

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