Thursday, February 12, 2009

Target - Fusion Razor giftcard deal

So i'm late in posting this (bargain burn out, lol)... but I just wanted to report that you can do multiple of this giftcard deal in one transaction. I did it in sets of 4.

buy select two Gillette fusion POWER razor and get a $5 giftcard.

The two gilllette fusion power razor that is part of this deal are...

The math works out to this...
-4.00 cpn from 2/8 PG
-4.00 cpn from 2/8 PG
=7.98 oop but get a $5 gc back

So it's really $2.98 for two razors. cheaper than the refill (which is part of this deal too but it's more so I'm not posting about it)

Also... This is a better deal but not part of the giftcard deal.

The Gillette Fusion Phenom (manual and power) are on clearance for $4.98 (YMMV). Using the $4/1 cpn you end up paying $.98 for the razor. So cheaper than doing the giftcard deal. :D So be on the lookout for this razor as well!

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