Monday, March 9, 2009

Body Shop Brush set for cheap...

So I was reading this thread on SD... and basically the best deal would be...

Buy a $25 gc and the $15 discounted brush set (this brush set is $90 but they are running a promo at the moment, expires March 11th).

use the following two codes
WEL221 -- free shipping on purchases over $30 for first time buyers only
HOLIDAY -- $10 off $40 or more single purchase. Good through 3/31/09.

and go through ebates to save and additional 5%... and you basically pay $30 plus tax for the giftcard and brush set (not counting ebates discount)... so... $5 for the brush set and you still have the $25 giftcard!

Awesome if you use their products and will be using money at their store regardless of discounted freebies...

SD girls said the brush are totally worth it...not the el-cheapos and it's recommended by the "oprah magazine"... well whatever that means! LOL

heres' the $90 brush set...

here's the $25 giftcard..

The brush set will auto deduct to the $15 dollar amount.

Brush Roll

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