Sunday, March 1, 2009

Safeway - Chill (typo)

I had a typo in scenario 3 in the below post... So I changed it... Please discard the other scenario sheet if you saved it!

the one below is correct now.

BTW... all my scenarios contain the 10% off ... to get the 10% off you can call customer service for safeway & chain M-F and ask them to put a courtesy 10% for various reasons...

1. My friend has the 10% and I wanted to know if I could get it on my card as well
2. There are tons of competition in our area and I wanted to know if I could get a 10% courtesy on my card to stay competitive with other stores around my area. I love safeway and would like to stay shopping at your store
3. If you ahve a new safeway in your area, they usually will give you the 10% if you ask
4. If you know of someone that has the 10% they may share it with you. I asked someone on SD and they are sharing it with me. :D Hopefully I can get my 10% activated but I'm not sharing...sorry... I have a ton of people following this thread and I dont think it's a good idea to spread my number around! LOL

If you ask CS and get turned down, just continue to call day in and day out. Eventually you will get a really nice CS person and they will add it to your card. When I had my very first 10% it took over 10 tries to get it added to my card but I was persistent!!! Oh and remember... be nice...SUPER nice... you catch more bees with honey! :D raving about safeway is a good thing too and tell them how much you want to keep your business there and not shop anywhere else! This seems to work well for the ones on SD. :D

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