Monday, March 16, 2009

Safeway - Overlapping Juice Deals!!!

OMG my eyes are about to pop from reading SD and it's too late to go out to run these deals. LOL

But here is the summary..

The buy 5 save $5 instantly runs till Tuesday for select juices.

There will be another promotion that is buy 10 and save $5 instantly on 1000's of products throughout safeway that is suppose to start on wednesday but started early. Of these products, some are in the "select juices" for the buy 5 save $5 promo.

SD narrowed it down to these juices that are overlapping.

Ocean Spray Cranberry (46 OZ) - $2
Ocean Spray Cranberry Light (46 OZ) - $2
Ocean Spray Pomegranate (46 OZ) - $2
Motts Apple Juice (64 OZ) - $2.50
Capri Sun (10 Packs) - $2.50

If you do the overlapping deal you have to do it in sets of 10 to have this work!!!! You can do multiples of 10 to have it work also!!!!!

I'm going to base these scenarios without using coupons to show you the effect of how awesome this deal will be. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO DOUBLE DIP!!!!

Ocean Spray Cranberry
$2 x qty 10 =$20 - $5 (buy 5 save $5 first set) - $5 (buy 5 save $5 second set) - $5 (overlapping deal buy 10 save $5) = $5 for 10 bottles. IF you have the 10% off (second post down) take another $2 off so it will be $3 for 10 bottles of OS cranberry. All without coupons!!!If you have coupons then super duper moneymaker!!! Stupid MD area didn't get the OS coupons. :(

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