Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walmart - Didj Gaming System $9.97 or less

I have to thank Veronica for this deal. She emailed me a week ago with the details but I had to promise not to share it with anyone till she was able to find what she needed in her area. LOL... So I'm posting it now...

At walmart the Didj gaming system (by Leapfrog) are on clearance for $29.97 or less (some are reporting find it for $15.97 etc)...

There is a coupon for $20 off from leapfrog. Click here for coupon. It's a Bricks coupon so you can only print 2 per computer. :D

With this coupon and a lot of good luck you can get the Didj for $9.97 or less after coupon. The gaming system is in the toy section where all the Leapfrog stuff are OR in the toy clearance section. Worth checking out. :D

Also... this is my personal experience from yesterday... One of my BFFs found the system for me at a walmart that was 45 miles away... so yup I packed all 3 kiddos up and drove to that walmart to buy it. Well when I checked out, the cashier said "NO" to my IP coupon. I asked why and they said they do not take IP's anymore. I said well this is not a posted policy and as far as I'm concerned Walmart still takes IPs. I asked to speak to a manager. Well the front end manager came and said they normal do not take ips and then took my ip and scanned it. It asked for a price and this is when he looked at it more carefully to realize it was a $20 coupon. He then immediately said "NO"... grrr... I immediately got the vibe that he said "NO" because it was a high value coupon... So I asked him why and went into my coupon mode saying this is not a posted policy. So FEM (front end mgr) got on his walkie and talked to another mgr... and they asked for the value of the coupon and he said $20 and they said "NO"... lol... not because it was an IP but because it was high value... so he turned to me and said that the store mgr said no. So I said... well can he come up here and explain to me why because there is no where in his store that states this policy and as far as I'm concerned walmart still takes IPs. I then proceeded to tell him that I drove 45 miles up here to buy these systems for my sons and that I'm not walking away until I get an answer with regards to the IP and where it's posted. So I waited another few minutes an the store manager and an ass't mgr came up... they tried explaining to me about coupon copying and how much they are losing and that is why they stopped IPs at their store. I said great but this is not posted. As a consumer I would not no that if it's not posted. I proceed to tell him about my 45 mile trip and that I would not have done it if I knew his store was like this. I told him that the Walmarts in MD still take IPs... so I was persistent and told him that if he can show me the memo that was passed down by corporate saying no to IPs then I will leave accepting that fact. So they agreed. BTW...they were all very nice...not confrontational at all. So I was able to put my foot down and ask for this. :D If I had confrontational mgrs I would have left. So pick your battles wisely!!! Well I waited and waited and waited... they all disappeared. I got impatient... asked the FEM to page the mgrs over and over again... NOPE NOTHING! So I got bored and remember that on Hot Deals (my other site that I run with BBC girls) that had walmarts coupon policy... So I pulled the coupon policy up from my Palm Centro... WAHLAH!! I hit the jackpot... On walmarts website it specifically states taht they take IPs!!!! so I went to CS desk to wait since I was in the way... I started to get in line but then I saw another lady and asked her if she could help me find the store manager that I was talking to... she asked me if she could help... so I proceeded to tell her what had happened 30 minutes ago and then I told her I found walmarts store policy online on their website and showed it to her... Then she proceeded to read it from my Palm... LOL... that's when I noticed her name tag... SHE WAS ANOTHER WALMART STORE MANAGER (HIGHER LEVEL UP)... :D she was soo nice... she said yeah I'm right and that we should have taken it ... .so she got on her walkie trying to look for the other managers that helped me... and well... the final outcome was... she solved my issue within 5 minutes and I got my money refunded to me ($40 BUCKS) and a $10 giftcard for my troubles!!!... YUP I was excited and I gave her a hug. :D hahaha... I'm gonna write a letter commending her since she made it happen!

So here's the link to walmarts coupon policy.... And finally my Palm Centro came in handy!!! LOL

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