Thursday, April 23, 2009

DivaCup through

Well thanks to the BBC girls for making me buy yet another item. I hope this one is a good item to invest in though...

This is my way of saying Happy Belated Earth day by leaving less of a carbon footprint! :D

The divacup... well if you dont know what it is...then you should google it... actually I should say this is a feminine hygiene product... so if you're a guy... skip this post. LOL...

I've heard rave reviews about this... and so I'm giving it a try!

The cheapest place I have found this item is at (thanks to ihavefreckles)... If this is your first order with then you can use this promo code "XOB209" to save an additional $5 off. Shipping is only $1... so a total price of $20.70 shipped!

Not bad! I searched high and low and this is the cheapest (thanks BBC girls for finding the sale).

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Fannie said...

Just wanted to do a follow up and state that I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I will never go back to the "other" feminine hygiene products again! I did have a little mishap (posted it on BBC) lol but other than that I'm super happy about purchasing it and I'm glad I actually tried it out.

It's not a messy as one may think it is... actually it's a lot cleaner than the other two options (the T or the P)... go figure huh?


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