Sunday, April 19, 2009

Safeway - Diaper Deal YMMV

I'm itching to do the Huggies diaper deal... I tried looking over SD and HCW about diapers but nothing really concrete and then the list that superbob posted wasn't 100% accurate with regards to the products in MD... The list shows the larger Huggies boxes that are supposidley on sale for $29.99. Well we don't have these boxes in MD. LOL... at our stores the ones that are tagged are $20.99 and I was afraid they weren't going to work since it's not on superbob's list...

So yesterday I had a cashier ring up the $20.99 box twice and I paid to see if they would work for the LW. She rang up two and I paid for it with a credit card just to see if it would print the LW. It did and so after that I had her return it since I didnt use any of my coupons. LOL. I was thinking it wasn't going to work and I didnt want her to say it was because of coupons. But the LW printed! She knew I was going to return it right away since we were testing it.

After all that, she gave me the $10 LW!!! freeeee moneyeeee! I gave it back to her with the receipts and stuff and she just handed it back to me and said it's okay... you can have it! YIPEE

This is what I plan on doing...

$20.99 Huggies
$2 x 5 healthy one lunchmeat
$30.99 total
-$1.50 huggies mft
-$.75 x 5 x 2 doubles healthy one lunchmeat mft
-$2.10 - 10% discount
-$10 LW cat
=$9.89 a box!!! freakin cheap! of course I'll use my bert cats to pay this down.

I guess the other cheapies to do would be:
$.59 kraft mac & cheese
$1.50 - $1/1 cpns superfruit cups
$2.50 - B1G1 cpns smart butter
$2.49 - $.75/1 dbled muir glen can products
$4.99 - $3/1 kashi pizza
$2.79 - $.75/1 dbled planters big nut bar
$2.59 - $1.50/1 kraft dressing
$1.25 - $.35/1 dbled Maruchan Yakisoba

These would make your total around $11 or so oop... still cheap! :D

I'm looking at the Huggies Supreme Step 5 Big Pack Diapers - 56 in a Package... so this would work out to be $.18 cents a diaper... this does not factor in the bertolli cats taht I'm going to pay with. SO it will be a lot less for me.

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