Friday, April 3, 2009

OLD NAVY COUPONS - 40% and 50% off one item still available!!!

I totally forgot about this last night..but this morning I checked and there are still 40% off one single item and 50% off one single item...

40% off - click the barbeque grill a bunch of times until steam comes up... then click the steam.. the coupon will appear

50% off - vote for the legs in the bottom of the page. doesn't matter what you vote...just make sure all the stars turn solid blue. then wait for a kite to fly in the background. Then when it reaches the middle girl, click the kite and the coupon will appear.

There are still tons of coupons left because these are not one time use coupons. Even though the verbage says that the coupons are all the same for the 40% and 50%...

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