Monday, April 20, 2009

Safeway Huggies Deal

Forgot to post this yesterday... My follow up trip to getting Huggies at Safeway...
This huggies deal is YMMV at each store depending if it's programmed into their system!!!!

It worked at my safeway but I went to two montgomery county safeways today and they did not work. The cat did not print after my transaction so I had to go to CS to resolve. At the first store it was easy peasy..he gave me a giftcard. :D

Second store told me I had to call catalina to correct the issue. I said no and that they could just return everything and hand me my coupons back and I would be fine just canceling it out. They said oh... well let me see what I could do and used the healthy ones to ring up to make a cat print out. :D so they gave me that cat instead. We troubleshooted and it was indeed the huggies not programmed into their system. SUCKS...

SO I went back to my safeway (on the way home) and did it twice at my safeway and worked seamlessly! Paid $.22 OOP for 1 box of diapers and 5 healthy one lunchmeat. :D

SO I will be doing this deal at my safeway day in and day out... SUCKS but I know for sure it works at my safeway and not the others... :(

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