Thursday, April 16, 2009

Safeway - Living Well Deals

Here's a good one if you need water...

Deer Park (Arrowhead, Orzark etc) is still running their $2 OYNO cat till 4/22. The below water is part of the LW promo while qualifying for the $2 OYNO for every two you buy. :D

$1.99 Deer Park Natural Spring Water - 6-23.67 Oz

So your transaction would look like this...

$1.99 x 16 = $31.84 - $1/2 peelies - $2.18 (10% based off of 31.84-10lw) - $10LW = $11.66 OOP but use your bertolli cats to pay this down.

You will get back $10LW and eight $2 OYNO catalinas!!!

So a $4.34 moneymaker!!!
Smart Butter
Using the B1G1 free coupon "Smart Balance Butter Blend Sticks, Any With The Purchase Of Any Smart Balance Buttery Spread - 03-01-09 RP - valid up to $4.70", this will make a great deal. It's not free but it's cheap and nice to have butter on hand. Butter also freezes well (thanks BBC girls for the tip).

$2.50 x 6 smart butter tub
$2.50 x 6 smart butter sticks
-$15 ( 6 b1g1 free coupons for sticks)
-$2 (10% based off of the $30-10LW)
-$10LW cat
=$3 OOP and get a new $10LW cat

Smart Balance Original Butter Blend - 16 Oz
Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread With Flax Oil - 16 Oz
Healthy One Lunch Meat
$2.00 x 15 smart butter tub
-$22.50 ($.75 doubled)
-$2 (10% based off of the $30-10LW)
=$5.50 OOP and get a new $10LW cat

Remember use Bertolli Cats to pay down your OOP

Insert: Healthy Ones Packaged Lunch Meat, Deli Pre-Sliced Or 1 lb. of Deli Meat From The Deli Counter - 02-01-09 SS $.75/1

Healthy Ones Honey Roasted Turkeky Breast - 5 Oz
Healthy Ones Honey Ham - 5 Oz
Healthy Ones Oven Roasted Chicken Breast - 5 Oz

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