Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Safeway - Living Well Promo

Thanks to Superbob0000 on SD for providing the list to the Living Well Promo. The list is long but it's all there! I posted it to the left hand side of the blog. :D

The hot items right now would be the Bertolli Sauce pouch! They are still part of the promo and will overlap in the $2 OYNO catalina deal (ends April 22nd, sale price $2 will end May 5th). There are tons of coupons out right now. So you should try to snag what you can now. From reading SD and searching ebay..there are $.60/1, $.75/1, $1/1 and $1.50/2 and blinkies (if your store still has it up)... So you decide which would be the better deal for you. But get them soon before they disappear! :D

Here are some other hot items...

  • Muir Glen products - 02-08-09 SS ($.75/1 or $1/1)
    these run $1.59 to $2.99 depending on product
  • Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Product - 03-15-09 SS and 02-08-09 SS ($1/1)
    J&J Butterfly BandAids 99c, price good through 6/24
  • Kashi Pizza -tearpad ($3/1)
    $4.99 till 6/23/09
  • Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt, Any 4-Pack - 03-29-09 SS ($1/1 or $.50/1)
    $2.50 sale price till 7/26/09
  • Dial Hand Pump Soap, 03-08-09 SS .35/1
    $1.00 sale price till 4/21/09
Well this is all I'm posting for now. I'll post more as I get the match-ups...

edit to take out: the Halls. They are not part of the promo but just free and a little bit of overage using the 10% discount.

edit to add: Kraft Salad Dressing - If you have the $1.50 tearpad or even the insert coupon for the the kraft dressing, this may be a good item to buy during the LW promo. Right now it's not on sale..but hopefully it'll go on sale when LW is running. Just keep this in mind. :D

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