Saturday, April 25, 2009

Safeway - Pillsbury Rolls Cat Deal

Thanks to SD...

this is a YMMV type cat deal.

Expiration around May 17th. LOL... we just dont know..but we are guessing this is when it will expire since the other tags are showing this date for the other pillsbury deals.

When you buy 3 pillsbury rolls you will get a $3 OYNO cat back.

This is the YMMV part... the deal is specific to certain products (and the cat itself is vague) but someone on SD figured out that the smaller rolls are working to produce the cat.

I personally tried this deal and it works. I bought in sets of 3 in separate transactions to get the $3 OYNO cat. I got the sweet rolls and the crescent rolls. They are on sale right now for $1.29. The tags may say 2 for $3 but it's actually $1.29. :D

There are $.25/1 crescent rolls and there are $.30/1 sweet rolls out. Just check the below inserts for match ups...

02-08-09 GM
03-15-09 SS
04-05-09 SS

$1.29 sweet rolls
X 3
-.39 (10% discount)
-1.80 (.30/1 x 3 qty x 2 doubled)
=1.68 OOP and get a $3 OYNO cat

$1.29 crescent rolls
X 3
-.39 (10% discount)
-1.50 (.25/1 x 3 qty x 2 doubled)
=1.98 OOP and get a $3 OYNO cat

I'm using my $2 bertolli cats to pay. I'm adding small fillers like single serve spam, banana, fruits, veggies and even donations. :D

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