Sunday, April 26, 2009

Safeway - Ziploc Cat Deal and it's part of LW

thanks to SD for the following...

Ziploc freezer bags are part of the LW promo and it's giving out a $1.25 cat on every two you buy. :D

Not sure when it ends but it should go through the rest of the LW promotion.

So the ones you want to get are these two which are the ones that are working and are on sale for $2.50...
Ziploc Freezer UPC Quart 25700 15606
Ziploc Freezer UPC Gallon 25700 15625

12x$2.50 =$30
-$10 LW
-$2 (10%)
-$6 (six $1/2 - 3/15SS or SC booklet)
=$12 OOP and get back six $1.25 OYNO cats and one LW cat....

So basically $12oop - $7.50 (ziploc cats) = $4.50 OOP for 12 ziplocs... :D pretty cheap!

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