Thursday, April 9, 2009

Swagbucks New User Code (PHANSCODE)

Swagbucks contacted me and gave me my own personal swagcode for new users!!! I'm excited to say the least and thought it was pretty cool to have my own code. LOL...

My new user code is PHANSCODE and is good till April 15, midnight.

So for all of my readers that are still on the fence about joining swagbucks... here's your chance to earn 5 swagbuck points instead of the normal 3 points for joining up!!!

Rundown of what swagbucks is all about...
It's a search engine that pays you with points called swagbucks. When you earn enough swagbucks you redeem them for giftcards and other fun free items. All you have to do to earn the swagbucks is use their search engine (like yahoo, google, ask etc...) to search for things that you normally would search for. When you win a swagbucks, a dollar bill will pop up at the top of the screen. It's pretty easy to win swagbucks. Usually when I'm searching, I'll end up winning a buck or two during the first 5-10 searches. Oh and the great thing is... the swagbucks guy usually will release free swagcodes for us to redeem as well. When I'm on and I see them, i'll post the hints to the codes on the blog so hopefully you can get in on the free swagcodes as well. :D

Most of the bargain hunter girls know what I'm talking about and most are cashing in on this new crazy by getting amazon gift cards. For every 45 swagbuck you accumulate you can redeem it for a $5 amazon giftcard! Totally awesome! It may not sound like a lot but the more you accumulate and the more people that joins, the more you earn. It's easy earning to be honest with you.

Swagbucks is totally free and requires nothing to join.

So if you would like to join under me, here's my referral link. Or you can use the little icon I added at the top of my blog page (it's to the right) and the code you want to enter for new users is PHANSCODE (remember it's case sensitive, just copy and paste is the best way to do it). :D This code is good till next Wednesday April 15, midnight. I'm assuming EST. :D It'll give you the 5 points to get started instead of the 3. :D

Oh and I wanted to point out that everyone you get to sign up under you, you get accumulative swag points from them too. But it's only one level removed. So when you sign up and then have someone sign up under you, I won't get those points but you will. :D

I hope that made sense! LOL

So go on...sign up! :D

If you have any questions, just drop me an email.

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