Saturday, May 9, 2009


This is a pretty cool deal I found on SD...

Here's a link that takes $15 any purchase at FTD and then through FTD there are 20%-25% cashback on purchases.

This is what you have to do... to get both discounts to apply...

1. click the save $15 link and find the item you want. add it to your shopping cart. Leave that page open.
2. then go here and then click on the birthday celebration cupcake. It shows 20% cashback but when you click the link it's actually 25% cashback... WEIRD but 25% is better than 20%.
3. then leave that page alone and go back to the page that shows your shopping cart (STEP1).
4. check out and pay for your items from STEP 1.

Then in about 10 minutes (or less) cashback will email you to say they credit the amount to your account. :D

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