Friday, June 5, 2009

Safeway Mix and Match Promo buy 10 save $5 instantly

This promo is running till June 16th and is working in multiples in one transaction.

I uploaded a picture of list of the items from the MD area. It's not a complete list but it's a good starting point. I've also uploaded the list provided by superbob from SD as well. His list is a little more detailed but no pics or prices. Link to lists.

There are a few moneymakers that I'm seeing from the lists.

Joint Juice are $.99 and there is a $1/1 cpn from 4/26ss. So every 10 you buy it's a $5.10 moneymaker!

Lipton Bottled Ice Tea are $1.39 and there are $.50/1 tearpads found at convenient stores. So every 10 of these you buy it's $1.10 moneymaker.

Propel Fitness water are $1.25 and there are also $.50/1 teapads fout at various stores (WAGS is where I found mine). So every 10 of these it's a $2.50 moneymaker.

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