Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Safeway - West Coast People!!!

This is too late for the east coast people but is still good for the west coast people (DEAL ENDS TONIGHT)... I read this on SD...

President Brie and Rondele Cheese Spread are part of the buy 10 save $5 instantly. They are on sale for $3 each or less. it was $3 here in MD but I heard on the west coast and other states it was cheaper.

Anyway... the Rondele cheese spread has two coupons... one is $2/1 any brie and the other is $2/1 any rondele excludes garlic & herbs coupon on the back side of the carton.

Well this is a two part deal and has to include propel or joint juice so you could use the overage to buy the cheese. :D

this is what I did...

$.99 - 20 joint juice
$3ea - 4 garlic herb rondele cheese spread
20 joint juice $1/1
$5 instant off
$5 instant off

around $2 OOP

Then i riped the coupons off to use on the next transaction...

$.99 ea- 4 joint juice
$3ea -3 rondele cheese spread (veggies, onion, parmesan cheese etc)
$3ea -3 president brie (logs, rolls etc)

four $1/1 joint juice
three $2/1 rondele cheese
three $2/1 president brie
$5 instant off

oop less than $1!!!

Edit to add: I love president brie cheese!! they are SOOO YUMMY.. I use to get them from costco but I have since canceled my membership. LOL... I never realized how expensive this stuff is when it's not on sale!!! But I have enough to last me a while.

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